A Date (Shivika OS) by Archiya

Hi Everyone, back with an OS, it’s not related to IB , it’s a simple dialogue story

He typed at a very fast pace on his laptop, he had to complete this presentation before today client meeting, so that he could present it before them and get the contract. He was deep at work when he heard a laughter, it sounded as pure crystal music to his ears. He turned around from where he sat,and saw a beautiful girl entering the café .
She wore pencil fit jeans, and a pink tank top. Dangles from her ears reached her shoulders an occasionally kept caressing her hair. Her shiny and silky hair kept moving with the direction of the air, but the most beautiful was her smile. It lit something within him.

She came in and sat at one of the tables, with her friends, laughing and chatting with them. He could not move his eyes from her, and he just kept staring at her; his laptop and presentation forgotten.

She looked at him at times, and their eyes met and stayed there for a few secs

Finally, he saw the beauty coming towards him, he kept staring at her till she finally came and stood before him

“Mr!!! why are you staring at me? “ She asked in full anger

He instantly liked her boldness, Seeing deep in her eyes he responded “ because you are beautiful”

That line caught her off-guard , she had not expected such a blunt reply from him. She blushed in spite herself, but tried to appear serious and asked “So , will you keep staring at me?”

He showed a thinking expression an just said Hmmmm,,,

“It’s making me uncomfortable, don’t do it” She said and walked away

She went back to her friends and he went back to his laptop.

She kept looking at him in between her chat with friends, but he did not lift his head even once.

She started missing his stare all of a sudden, she used this opportunity and studied his profile. It seemed like he wore business suits all the while, they fitted his body perfectly. He had his arms well built, must be having a six packs too, looks like he hit the gym regularly. His long fingers kept great pace on the laptop. He looked so elegant and professional. His hair were well kept to a side, must have emptied an complete gel bottle on them, that got a smile on her lips.

Suddenly he turned to see her, an even though their eyes had met last few times, this time she felt drowned in those beautiful blue eyes, she blushed and turned towards the friends who were asking her something.

They were asking her what she wanted to have.

She asked the waiter what was the best dish for today

“We have Sorted vegetables in a exotic tomato sauce, topped with cheese, an served with spiral shaped penne” said the waiter

“Can you simply say the thing in plain English please” she asked raising his eyebrows at him

“It’s Pasta in tomato sauce mam” the waiter said, a hint if smile on his lips

“Get that one for me” she ordered.

She kept seeing him in between her meal , but he did not see her even once, he honored what she said about her being uncomfortable, that impressed her.

They had finished their meet an it was time to go, but she did not feel like leaving an kept seeing him in between

Finally, she asked for the bill as it was her treat, for finally fulfilling her dream.But she was told that the bill is paid by the guy on the laptop.

She just walked to him and showed fake anger, but there were butterflies in her stomach as she was approaching him.

“Who do you think you are Mr, paying my bill like that” she asked him

“Mr.Shivay Singh Oberoi, MD of Oberoi group of industries” he said with full attitude

She had heard his name, but had never seen him, the famous Businessman and the most eligible bachelor, who ran his own company and owned so many business. Now that she saw him , she felt he did complete justice to his name and his eligible bachelor status. He was so handsome, girls must be falling all over him.

“Whoever you are, why did you pay my bill.I am capable of paying my own bill, I don’t like being dependent on others” she said with an equal attitude

He just smiled an got up from his chair.He seemed to be the same height as hers.

“Will you come on a date with me” Shivay asked directly

“A Date” she was surprised by his directness, “you don’t even know me”

“Anika Anand Bajaj, daughter of an renowned doctor. Completed your M.D from US, it just been over 6 months you completed your internship in your father’s hospital, and are now working serving people in a village located on the outskirts of Mumbai, came to treat your friends for your dream is fulfilled. You like reading novels an playing badminton, you love dancing” is this enough Anika or should I tell anything more

Anika just stared at him and her mouth was a big O

Shivay came closer to Anika “But this was just your introduction, I want to know the real Anika”

“So, will you come on a date with me Anika” asked Shivay, his voice full of hope

Anika just smiled, there was no need of an answer
“After you” he said an they both went on their first date together, but not the last one.
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  1. Ahaana

    so cute…?

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dii…. Simply superbbbbbb….

  3. Mehakchalag

    This is too cute.Aww.Love SSO(search,sweet singh oberoi) version and Shivika.

  4. Mehakchalag

    This is too cute.Aww.Loved SSO(search,sweet singh oberoi) version and Shivika.

  5. Awesome, amazing, fabulous, superb.
    Please continue writing.

  6. Awesome yr. Keep writing OS like this.

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    Its ammmmmmmaaaaaazzzzziiinnnggggg archii
    Soo beautifullly wrttnn..
    Loved it

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    So cute very nice and awesome and I liked shivay and he is genuine and so much lovely nice dr

  10. Awww!!! That was such a cute os!?????…..
    Really loved it ?…..
    I really loved this Cute Singh Oberoi.. ?
    You know while I was reading your Os I couldn’t stop smiling ☺☺…..
    Keep writing dear…..
    And dear can you continue this story further please,as an ff? …. ?

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    Soooooo cute, awesome fabulous lovely part

  12. Awwww…Its sooo cute nd adorable..
    Loved it to the core!!

  13. it is really awesome…..
    u know what after reading it, it brought a very big smile on my face…..
    it was really sweet story…….

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    I love this sso very much and Anika’s thinking way .

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    Aww… That was awsm di. I loved this Os. It was so sweet of Shivaay bhaiya I just wanna give him these to him ???..

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    Plz continue dis…

  18. Awesome…
    The SSO here is so cute….
    Shivika r adorable…
    Keep writing…. 🙂

  19. Soo cute. Totally loved it. Anika’s intro by Shivaay was superb. Loved it to the core

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