Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 40)

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Can’t reply all the comments but thnx everyone for your comments

Dastan …ishq ya nafrat ki

Recap..property in the name of swara

After the party
At night swara was sleeping when she heard some noise she wakes up and sees one shadow than she gets up and sees sanskar was not in the room she goes out and starts calling
Swara,…sa..nskar sanskar
Someone comes from background and holds swara’s neck swara shouted till than all the lights open and the person runs from there all comes there
Laksh runs to her what happen swara..
Ragini…ya why were u shoting..
Just than ap comes..
Ap…what happen swara kya hua why wrere u shouting
Swara..someone tried to kill me
Just than sanskar comes and sees everyone there
Sanskar what happen why are u standing here any problem
Ragini..bhai someone tried to kill swara
Sanskar …what??really
Ap…we will talk about that tomorrow swara u go and sleep
Swara..ji mummy ji
Sanskar takes swara to there room
Swara..where were u
Sanskar ..gone to my friend home
Swara suspiciously sees him
Sanskar close the light and goes from there

Swara sleeps
Sanskar in the lawn
Sanskar..who could be who tried to kill swara I have to find out soon
At ragini’s room
Ragini…who tried to kill swara now
Laksh comes there]laksh..i guess theres not your hand in it..
Ragini..please laksh I don’t wanna fight ryt now..
At shraddha’s room
Who tried to kill swara now kahi kavita..
Kavita’s room…who tried to kill swara now who is the new vilian in this…

Next morning…ragini comes to sanskar room
Sanskar was getting ready..
Sanskar looks towards her
Sanskar..Ragini hm what
Ragini.. io was thinking about yesterday incident your were there and swara u know na what I am trying to say
Sanskar..see ragini this time I am no where in this please I don’t know about anything about yeaterday incident but I was thinking about u
Ragini..bhai how could u suspect me
Sanskar … I can only suspect u what u have done 5 years ago I can only suspect u
Ragini..bhai (she has tears n her eyes) please
Sanskar…please ragini and he goes from there
Ragini in tears gets some flashes..

Sanskar goes to the office and to his cabin he was going to sit there when swara comes inside
Swara…o mr malhotra fix the meeting soon
Sanskar was about to sit but stop listening the voice
Swara sees him…
Swara..what r u doing here
Sanskar…I guess u forget this is my office
Swara…I guess u forgot that now this is mine..
Mr kasup u can go I want to talk something to sanskar
Kayshp…ok mam
Swara..so mr maheswari…
Sanskar…. What do u want
Swara comes and sits on the main chair..
Swara.. I was thinking about yesterday incident u were not there and I was attacted It can’t be a coincident
Sanskar…u r doubting me
Swara.. yeah I am
Sanskar..ok whatever u want to do so do (and he goes from there)
Swara sees in anger
Sanskar goes to his car and starts it and gets a flashback

Flashback starts…
One day before swasan anniversary
Sanskar bthinking..
Sanskar.. i..i can’t do this with my swara she is my life.. I can’t do this..
Sanskar…ragini I can’t do this with swara I am stepping back please..
Ragini..no bhai u have to do
Sanskar..ragini…no what is her mistake tell me
Ragini..her mistake is that she is adarsh’s sister and how could u leave her like this..
Sanskar…so what I will do stab her no I can’t ragini I can’t
Ragini..bhai u have to do this if not then u will see me dead
Sanskar..ragini sanskar..no bhai I want swara dead in any cost I don’t wanna listen anything and she goes from there
Sanskar.. I can’t do this
He was going somewhere when he listen
Laksh…I have to save swara at any cost I know sanskar will betray her I should tell her everything

Sanskar thinking it will be nice if he tell everything than she will not come to me plz laksh tell her he sees laksh going to swara’s room
There he listened that swara has blind faith on him which makes him more guilty he want to tell her that what laksh was saying is truth but ragini’s words comes to him..and he stops than he saw laksh coming out and all he can listened that
Laksh..at any cost swara I will save u..
Sanskar also planned to save swara at any cost
He goes to his friend or u can say a doctor
There he tells everything
Ajay…u know sanskar what r u talking about if there will any mistake it can be harmful to swara she can die if u stabbed in the wrong place..
Sanskar..i will do anthing u just tell me what to do were to do I have to save her and I can’t loose ragini too please ajay help me please..

Ajay..ok sanskar listen if u stab her left side of the navel it will not so harmful yes she will become unconscious but for half an hour she will not die…(I don’t know about it I have just made it myself)
Sanskar..hm ok thanx
Ajay..but sanskar be careful
Sanskar.. hm I will
Next day at night..
After stabbing swara when they were on the jeep
Sanskar…oh shit I guess I have forget something there I have to go ryt now
Laksh..um sanskar u go I will go and get the thing
Sanskar..no laksh u all go I will get it I guess its faller near the wood
When the jeep goes from there he run towards the hut but hears the foot steps of someone and sees someone taking swara
Sanskar…thank u laksh u saved my swara
Only sanskar’s shadow is shown..
Flashback ends…

Sanskar goes to his room
Sanskar..but who tried to kill swara yesterday why I have a feeling that its ragini I have to find out once I have diched swara but not now I have to save her at any cost…
At ragini’s rom
Ragini..bhai why r u dobting me I have not done anything how how can I hurt my swara bhai how and she cries her heart out
Scene ends with
Angry swara crying ragini and sad sanskar

Precap…whoops whats this now sanskar also saves her but ragini said she can never hurt HER swara whats the mystry than who is the 6th one in this who is the culprit now…guess guess

Prologue of forbidden love story set on 1985 and 2017
A girl is shown in a dark room
a boy is shown in a sunlight
A girl waking towards light
A boy walking towards dark
A girl and boy is running
Swara..a girl abducted at a small age but finds a way out from the dark world…waiting for her prince charming.

Sanskar…a rich boy have everything but not love..but gets love..but it was a sin…

Sooon the story will get start no revenge only love
If u want me to start so tell me soon thia story is going to be end

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  1. Interesting

  2. It is getting interesting day by day..continue soon..tc..

  3. Simi

    Is that Ap??

    1. Drishya

      U will get to know soon

  4. Ap is culprit???

    1. Drishya

      U will get to know soon

  5. SNY

    Amazing dr…
    Plz nxt one soon…

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear I will soon

  6. Is the person ap

  7. Arshaanya

    Tell me where shall i stab so dat she cud b fine ??? not done… for me u can’t justify dere sin wid any means…
    Sorry if i hurt u wid my comment m so sorry for dat… btu can’t justify dis all simply lyk dis dats my POV
    So its bttr not to hurt or trouble u wid my comment frm nw on… sorry once again

    1. Drishya

      No dear m not at all hurt you really

    2. Drishya

      Although I like it when u comment

  8. Mica

    omg… the flashbackkkk

  9. Shreeyu

    Nice… Post next soon

  10. Interesting….post next part

  11. who put fire in the hut and then if sanskar had stabbed in the right place then why was swara in coma
    nobody is the culprit then who is this new villain
    what about parish
    i am so curious

    this episode added fuel to my curiosity

    and now ur prologue
    i just love ur prologues
    written in riddles
    but before starting the new story pls solve this mystery

    1. Drishya

      Thnx a lot dear parish story will soon out I will solve the mystery soon

  12. Soujanya

    Awesome… I think it’s ap

  13. Swarna01

    Where is shrradha’s hubby? N thank god sanky n ragini innocent.

  14. Vyshu10


  15. awesome .lots of twists and turns .

  16. Nice.

    Prologue is interesting

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