Dastaan riansh ki #akansha #riansh (Part 2)

Hello sweeties am back!
So let’s start
Their vansh and everybody was waiting for ridhima
Suddenly a nurse came inside
Nurse : hello mam, it’s some juice and snacks for you and mam, ridhima madam is coming in 15minutes. Please be comfortable
This made uma and others very impressed
Scene shifts to OT
A beautiful figure came out of the OT
Wearing masks and OT dress
She straight went to a couple who seems to be of village
“Madam shahiba, hamare ladka thik toh haina ? ( madam, is our son fine) The lady asked who was very worried
That girl took of her masks
And just smiled widely and said ” Apka ladka ekk daam thik hai, abb woh baki saare baacho keh tahrah chal payega ” (you son is fully fine, he can walk like other children)
The lady was very happy hearing it she holded her legs and started thanking her
“Apne hamare upar bohot baara eshan kiya hai, app hamare liye bhagwaan ke saman hai, meh neh kabhi socha bhi nahi ki hamare ladka thik hojayega ” (You have done a big  thing for us, you are equal to God for us, I never thought that my son will be fine)The lady thanked her by crying.
“Aisa maat khayi yeh, yeah mera kaam hai, aur app roh kiu rahi hai, app ko toh kush hona chahiye ki app ka beta thik hogaya hai”, (please dont say like this, it’s my work and why are you crying, you should be happy that your son is fine) the girl said making that lady stand and wiping her tears.
“Beti , iss operaation meh kitna karch hua”?(daughter in this operation how much money spended) the man said in worry.
“App mujhe apni beti mante hona toh bass iss baat ki koi chinta nahi ” (You said na am your daughter so no need of thinking)The girl said keeping hand on that man and giving a smile
The man smiled and tears rolled.
“Toh abhi koi rona dohna nahi, jayiye aur apne beta seh mileye”(So now crying and all, and now go and meet your son”) The girl said…
The couple smiled and folded the hand and ran to the room..
Then the girl turned and the nurse came
Congrats mam ..
Interupted by the girl
What nisha, how many times I will tell you to not call me “mam” Call me Ridhu Or ridhz
Okay ma.. M .. I mean ridhu “nisha said with a smile
That’s like my friend.. ” Ridhima said with a cute smile
 See! I forget to tell you that, uma mam has came.. Nisha said with tension
 Okay baba chill! No worries.. They are just papa childhood and now business friends.. And they are very nice and I have met them last when I was in class 1or 2 .. … Okay leave that.. Does sejal has done with her appointments? Ridhima asks nisha while walking to changing room..
Ohhh aacha, yes ridhu .. Seju has just completed with her appointments  . Nisha told ridhima..
Okay so tell seju to come in my cabine in 10-12mins as uma aunty has arrived..and tell seju to inform this to papa too. Ridhima said nisha
Okay ridhu, you change and go am informing it to seju.. Nisha said to ridhima making ridhima not to worry about it
Thanks nishuuu, so now let me go and change .. Meet you in lunch time bye! Ridhima said cheerfully
Okay ridhu bye ! Nisha said and went to inform it to sejal
Scene changes to another cabin
A girl is sitting in a chair and talking and laughing and cracking jokes with some nurses…
Nisha enters
The girl : come nisha, sit let’s have some talk.
No seju.. Ridhu told that uma aunty has come so you go and meet them and inform this to deep sir.and she will come after changing.. Nisha told to sejal.
Ohh uma aunty came ! Wait lemme inform it to papa! Sejal told while dialing deep ‘s number
Sejal informs this to deep
Okay guys you ‘ ll carry on, I  will go and meet them ” Sejal told with smile
Sejal goes while other nurses also goes…
Sejal enters
“Hello, am sejal raichand, ridhima ‘s sister and Welcome to love life hospital, Sorry for  waiting! ” Sejal said with a cute smile
Ohh! No problem dear, well this is siya! This is angre and it’s my VANSH. Uma said and meets with everyone
Ohh nice to meet you all!  . Well ridhima is coming in some minutes. Till then let’s start the session! Sejal said wiwith a smile
Sure beta! Lets start.. UmUma said.
Tip takk tip tatakk!!
It’s was sound of someh high heels
A girl enters
She was dressed in light pink shirt type fork
Hello! That girl said with her with sweet voice
This attracted vansh like a magnet
And their eyes met!
To be continued..
Hope you all like
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