Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff (episode 53)

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Recap – Kaurwaki get shot

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Kaurwaki is still busy in preparing the batter without using her left hand while he is continuously staring her.

Kaurwaki (think) : Damn ,doctor told me that my hand remain numb for some hours but here already more than half day passed & it is still in same condition.If something happen to my hand , then I am not going to spare that doctor.

Kaurwaki : Mr. Oberoi , Can u please pass that bowl.

Background song –

Tum jaane nahi ye dard mera ya jaan ke bhi anjaane ho

Ek pal ye lage apne ho tum , Ek pal ye lage begane ho – 2

Yagya : Sure but What happen in ur left hand ?

Kaurwaki : Why are u asking ? Nothing much …just lil bit pain.

Dil na ye paheli boojh saka ,
Tum kon Piya ,Tum kon piya

Yagya : You are alright or else I will make it . You don’t have to do this.

Kaurwaki : No, I am alright . Actually this hand got fracture in my childhood that’s why it pain lil bit sometime.

Ye bhed tumhi ab kholo zara

Tum Kon Piya, Tum kon Piya

Tum Kon Piya , Tum Kon Piya

Yagya : I understand but how did fracture happen. I am sure you are trying to do some stunt .

She give deadly glare to him. She pick a spoon to taste the batter . She taste it while he snatched spoon from her hand & she get shocked.

Yagya : Let me taste it . I know this cake is not better than me.

Kaurwaki : You can’t taste from that spoon…Take this one.

Bin bole jo tum kehte ho , Bin bole hi wo sun loon main

Bharke tumko inn aankhon mein , kuch khwaab naye se bun loon main

She said while giving another spoon.

Yagya : Kyun aap naagin hai, jo mujhme zehr phail jayega ? .( You are any Naagin that i get poison from u , then why are u stopping me)

He jokes.

Kaurwaki : Stop these lame jokes.

Yagya : Okk, then what is the matter. Is it that u already taste with this.

He ask suspeciously while she nods her head in negative.

He is about to put the spoon but she intentionally throw that.

Yagya : What the hell u did ? Abhi saaf kiya tha aur aapne phir raita phaila diya.(I clean this now only & again ur create mess).

Kaurwaki : I am sorry ….I didn’t do it intentionally.

Yagya : You liar , you did it intentionally.

She looks on & sneeze . He pass tissue box to her.

Yagya : Did u get cold ? How?

Kaurwaki : Ye jo kal aapne mujhe pool mein dhakka mara tha ye uska natija hai.( This is the result of that you pushed me in pool yesterday)

She said annoyedly.

Bin bole jo tum kehte ho ,bin bole wo sun loon main

Bharke tumko inn aankhon mein , kuch khwaab naye se bun loon main

Yagya : Guess what ! Your immune system is very weak. Nothing happen to me.One more thing that I didn’t push u , u only said to leave.

She look at him tensedly.

Kaurwaki : Huh….Aur ye kon si kitab mein likha hai ki jab aapko cold hoga tabhi mujhe hoga.( On which book is this written , that when u get cold , then only I catch cold)

Yagya : Ha wo toh hai.( Yeah , it is )

Kaurwaki : That’s why I was telling u not to taste from that spoon or else u also get cold.

Na apna aap dikhayi de jab dekhun khud Ko darpan mein

Yagya : Then why didn’t u tell first .

Yagya : Aapko meri fikr hai mujhe pata nahi tha …..( I don’t know that u also do care for me)

He ask while smiling & she look down.

Ye main hoon ya phir tum hi ho man uljha hai iss uljhan mein

Kaurwaki : I have to put this in oven.

She said while directly ignoring his question & move toward oven to put the cake while he look at her annoyedly on her behaviour.

Mujhe apne rang mein rang liya

Tum kon Piya,Tum kon Piya

Yagya : Ek free ki advice doon aapko.(Shall I give free advice to u )

Kaurwaki : I don’t need .

Yagya : Phir bhi main bataunga . Please aap kabhi bhi America mat jayega warna sach mein wo aapko pakad lenge aliens samajhkar research ke liye .( Then also I will tell. Please u never go to America or else they will caught u after thinking as alien for research )

He said laughing while she look at him while frowning.

Ye bhed tumhi ab kholo zara

Tum kon Piya , Tum kon Piya

Tum kon Piya, Tum kon Piya

Kaurwaki : Shut up ! It’s not funny.

She is about to move toward other direction then suddenly current went . She start panicking & shivering because of darkness.

Yagya : Miss rathore , Are u alright?

Dil se hai jude ye dil apne, kehne Ko koi rishta hi nahi

Iss pakiza se bandhan ko duniya mein koi samjha hi nahi

He said moving his hand here & there to feel her presence. A water droplet from her eyes fall on his hand. He understand that she is crying. He hold her wrist & pull her in his embrace.

Yagya : Sshh….Nothing happen to u. Calm down .

He said while caressing her hairs.

Dil se hai jude ye dil apne , kehne Ko koi rishta hi nahi

Iss pakiza se bandhan ko duniya mein koi samjha hi nahi

Kaurwaki : No one can help me.

She muttered under her breath

She dig her nails in his neck from fear. His shirt collar start becoming wet from her tears.

Yagya : Stop crying please ….I can’t tolerate your tears.

He said while pacifying her.

Jab ghao lage koi tumko toh dard yahan bhi hota hai

Jab nam ho tumhari ye aankhein toh Dil ye mera bhi rota hai

Yagya : Fine , I am going to check how the lights get off.

Kaurwaki : Please don’t leave me alone ….

Yagya : Relax, I am not going anywhere.

Tumne bhi magar ye pooch liya

Tum kon Piya , Tum kon Piya

Lights again came .She immediately realized her position & move backward.

Yagya : I think Yug & Yog maybe did some fault in lightening connection.

Kaurwaki : I am sorry …..I was ….

Yagya : It’s alright.

He smiled at her awkwardness.

Kaurwaki : I think my work is done & your cake get ready.

She said taking out the cake from oven.

She is about to leave but he hold her hand.

Ye bhed tumhi ab Kholo zara
Tum kon Piya , Tum kon Piya – 2

Yagya : Can I ask for one more favour .

She turns & nods her head .

Yagya : Thank you !

Kaurwaki : For what….

She counter back.

Kaurwaki : I don’t do any favours but if u still think that it is favour then think like that I am returning that which u did in hospital for me.

He slightly smiled as she repeat his sentence.

Yagya : Hmm….You got sharp memory .

Yagya : One more thing Please don’t tell Shree that u make this cake . I know it’s wrong to take your credit & I am really sorry for that.

Kaurwaki : I don’t help u for credit . Shree is just like Sona for me . If this brought smile on her face , then it’s enough for me.

She said & leave from there . He stare her leaving for a while & then get busy again in decorating cake.

Yog & Yug came there & get surprised.

Yug : Somebody please pinch me ….It can’t happen.

Yog : Even I also can’t believe on my eyes.

Yug : Really,u made this cake . I thought u will create some mess.

Yog : Yeah & then we have to order cake for Shree.

Yagya look at them with deadly eyes.

Yagya : Shut up u both & u both only create mess while doing lightening connection.

Yug : It’s looking delicious.

He is about to grab it but Yagya patted on his hand.

Yagya : Don’t u dare to touch this or else I will cut ur hand in pieces ?.

Yug : This is very bad ….You never bake cake for me on my birthday .
He said annoyedly .

Yog : Let him left with his miserable life . Let’s go We both have to give surprise to Shree in morning.

He said dramatically.

Yug : You both go to hell…

Yagya : Haan toh tujhe bhi saath le challenge ( We will also take u with us)

He said while side hugging him after looking him annoyed . Trio hug & leave from there .

In morning –

Shree was very angry on her brothers & her face shows that she is ready to kill anyone who come in her way. She is marching from one place to other & waiting for her brothers to come while Anu is praying for her brothers from Shree’s anger.

Swadesh : Why are u this much angry .

Shree look at him with deadly glare .

Shree : Don’t ask me anything or else I will kill u.

Swadesh : What ! What I did.

Yagya : Yeah, Why are u talking rudely with him without any fault .

Shree : Don’t u dare to talk with me Bhaiya .

Yog : What happen Choti ? Is any problem to u ?

He add more fuel in fire.

Anu patted her own head while Sona & Siya stading there clueless.

Anu : Seriously , you three don’t know what is today ?

Yug : Not at all.

Shree look at them angrily .

Siya : What is today ?

Sona : Don’t know .

Kaurwaki : Today is Shree’s birthday .

She whispered while coming from behind.

Swadesh : Ohh….Then why they all troubling her . It’s not good to make birthday girl upset.

Sona : What is the matter ? You understand Shree very well.

He asked while teasing her .

Swadesh : Nothing is like that .

Kaurwaki : Yeah, he had brain to understand facial expressions unlike u .

She said while defending him.

Sona : What do u mean di ….I have no brain .

Siya : Any doubt in this .

Sona : Look Bhaiya, Siya & di calling me stupid .

She complain annoyedly to him .

Aicchik : Grow up princess & solve ur own problems .

He said with a chuckle while she frowns.

Shree : Fine, you three don’t know anything . I never talk to u three.

Aavya is coming downstairs from the noises which disturb her . She slip but a protective hand hold her . She winced in pain as her hand is still very weak.

All look toward them while they three get chance to bring cake .

Anu : Are u both okay ?

She nods her head .

Kaurwaki : Where is your concentration nowadays .

She shout on her .

Aavya : Mumma, Don’s shout please or else I become deaf .

Kaurwaki : This is not the answer of my question. You become much careless…right .

Aavya look at her with puppy face & pleading eyes to melt her

Kaurwaki : Don’t look at me like this . I am not going to spare u .

Aavya(murmur) : Huh…..Jailor.

Shree : It’s ok di , she is just a child . Sometime mistake happen.

Siya : If something happen to her , then we will blame Vrisha for her. Don’t support her.

Aavya : Siyu Maasi , you become like Hitler in the company of Mumma.

Everyone chuckle while Kaurwaki nods her head in disbelief at her antics .

Suddenly Yagya closed Shree’s eyes from behind & sign everyone to be quiet.

Shree : Who is here ? Open my eyes now.

Yagya removed his hands & they three shout ‘Surprise’ .

Yagya : Happy Birthday choti . Always be choti like this .

She slightly hit his arm with smile.

Shree : You three remembered my birthday.

Yog : How can we forget ur birthday ?

He said while side hugging her .

Yug : Can u believe that this cake is especially made by Bhaiya for u ?.

Anu & Shree look at astonishment .

Shree : Really , Bhaiya you made this .

Anu : Yeah, when u become this much good cook.

Yagya : What the hell guys ? Here I did this much hardwork for u & u guys are making my fun.

Kaurwaki (think ) : Such a liar he is . He didn’t do any single thing except decorating the cake.

Shree cut the cake & feed them all.

Swadesh : Happy Birthday . Sorry,I didn’t know about ur birthday .

Shree : Thank you but I have to say sorry for my rude behaviour. I was angry at that time.

Swadesh : It’s ok,I can understand .

She smiled & he too smiled.

Shree : Kaurwaki di , you didn’t taste the cake made by my Bhaiya.

Yagya chocked on his own gulp while she smirk.

Kaurwaki : I am very desperate to taste it.

She take a lil bite while he breathe in relief.

Anu : You know , there is one more surprise for u . There is a grand party of ur birthday in Mansion.

Yog : How do u get to know ?

Anu : What did u three think, that u can hide ur plan from me. I already know ur plan that’s why I sent all the invitation to make ur less work & u three did all preparations.

Yug : What di ! You ruined her surprise.

Shree : It’s ok Bhaiya….I am very happy with this much only .

She said while pulling his cheek.

In evening –

All are getting ready in their rooms for party . Kaurwaki was busy in cleaning her room when Aicchik enter.

Aicchik : Kya hua hai tumhare haath mein.( What happen in your hand)

Kaurwaki : Kya ….kuch bhi toh nahi.(What….Nothing happen)

She said while scratching her ear.

Aicchik : Tum sach bataogi ya pata lagana padega.( You will tell truth or I will do something to get to know)

Kaurwaki : Come sit here.

He make him sit on bed & bend down on her knees.

She start narrating him everything while his anger reached on its peak.

Aicchik : Didn’t u think to tell me before . If anything happen to u then what shall I do ? I will kill those murderers.

He stand in anger to move but she hold her hand.

Kaurwaki : Don’t waste ur energy . Look at me , I am standing in front of u . Nothing happens to me.

He hug her while she too reciprocate .

Meanwhile Sona enter in the room.

Sona : Huh….Hug without me.

She said annoyedly while they both smiled & pull into hug.

Aicchik : I will talk to u after party.

She nods her head as she know his scolding didn’t complete in this much time.

He leave from there while Sona again start complaining.

Sona : Di , Look Siya snatch my earrings.

Kaurwaki : I very well know my bestie . She don’t know how to snatch things from others.

Siya : Yup, you know very well . This girl only told me to wear those earrings as they are matching with my dress.

Sona(bit her tongue) : I thought to test ur friendship.

Siya : Buddhu….You need eye checkup as there is no place of doubt in my & her friendship.

Sona : You both always make my fun . When I will go far from u then u get to know my value.

Siya : Aww…Where u will go without us darling ?

She said teasing her more .

Sona : Huh …When I will die or I will get marry.

Kaurwaki : Shut up ! Just shut up ! How many times I told u not to talk like this . I will surely slap u if u again say this.

Sona : Haww di….You want that I will remain unmarried forever.

She said side hugging her with a wink while she twist her ear.

Kaurwaki : Stop being over smart with me ….I never think of losing anyone from u .

Siya : We always be with you only .

She too joined the hug.

Sona : Btw di , You gave ur jewelleries to me.

Siya(while laughing) : Seriously , from whom u are asking about jewellery . If she have any jewellery then it will surely in black colour.

Kaurwaki give her deadly glare.

Sona : Chill , My gown is white that’s why asking from her.

Kaurwaki : Take whatever u want from almirah . I am going for changing.

Siya : Statue …I mean stop ? ? .

She give her questioning look.

Siya : Let me choose ur dress.

Kaurwaki : Not at all….Don’t interfere in my matter.

They both move toward her almirah & start searching her clothes.

Kaurwaki : What the hell ? There is something called privacy guys.

Sona : You know di privacy is nowhere between sisters.

Kaurwaki : I clean this few minutes ago. Don’t create mess again.

Siya : Then , Clean once more time.

Kaurwaki : Don’t u both dare to mess my room or else I will throw u out .

Siya : There is nothing to wear on functions except ur formal dresses.

Sona : Yeah, u are very boring di.

Siya : Fine, I will choose something for u from my wardrobe.

Sona : Stop joking . You already know that di never wear any colour except black.

Siya : No problem , we can choose anything black from our collection.

Sona : Nice idea.

Kaurwaki : Not at all….You both are not going to do anything like this.

Before she complete her sentence , they both flee from there.

Kaurwaki(think) : Aaj toh teri watt lagi Kaurwaki .( Today you are gone Kaurwaki)

She sneeze & keep her hand on her nose but notice blood . She take a tissue & rub it . She take some pills from her almirah.

Sona : Di, Which medicines are u taking ?

She looks on tensed.

Siya : What ! Is anything happen to u.

She asked coming later while holding her dress.

Kaurwaki : You both don’t want to show ur choice.

She said while diverting the topic .

Sona : Yup, Look at this.

She said while showing a black colour saree with high slit on sleeves of blouse .

Kaurwaki : I am not going to wear this .

Sona : If u don’t wear then never talk with me.

Kaurwaki : Stop blackmailing me .

Siya : Fine , then we are not going to attend the party .

Kaurwaki take dress from her hand to escape from their question about medicines & move toward washroom.

Siya : Let’s go, we also have to get ready.

Sona : Wait for one sec…let me take earrings.

She start searching earrings in her almirah . Suddenly , a box fall down from the locker . She open it & found a antique piece of earrings .

Sona : Look Siya , Di is very clever that’s why she kept this aside in the locker as she don’t want to give .

Siya : They are lovely….Now, please stop cursing ur di & come.

She closed her almirah & they both leave from there. She came out after changing & look herself in the mirror.

Kaurwaki : Ajooba bana diya hai inn donon ne mujhe.( They make me look weird)

Her sight fall on her messed room.

Kaurwaki : Urghh….I am not going to clean this now .

She determined in herself but again get busy in cleaning because of her OCD.

In Shree ‘s room –

Shree is wearing a beautiful green gown & her hairs are open while Anusha is wearing a dark blue colour anarkali & her hairs are curled.

Shree : How I am looking di ?

She asked in excitement.

Anusha : Beautiful but not more than me.

She said with a wink .

Shree : Ohh Please di , I am birthday girl so don’t compare with me.

She said sadly with a pout while she just smiled.

Anu : You are looking most beautiful.

Shree : Aww, Let’s go.

They both come downstairs where all are waiting .

Sona is wearing white colour indo western outfit & her hairs are in half updo.

Sona : You both are looking beautiful.

Shree : You too .

Anu : Where is Kaurwaki & Siya ?

Sona : They are coming.

On the other side –

Siya : What the hell are u doing . Clean your room after party.

Kaurwaki (frowns) : Shut up & help me .

They both managed her room together.

Kaurwaki : I am ready , Let’s go.

Siya look at her messed hairs.

Siya : Sometime I get alien vibes from u in reality. Look at ur face girl. You didn’t wear earrings yet & u are ready .

Kaurwaki : Ab kya joker banaogi , ajooba toh pehle hi bana diya.( Now u want to make me look like joker, already I am looking weird)

Siya : Let me make u ready.

After sometime, they both come downstairs . Yog who was completely mesmerized & lost in Siya. She is wearing a peach colour saree & her hairs are in ponytail with minimal makeup.

Yagya notice his brother & see in same direction but lost in the beauty who is busy in talking with Siya.Suddenly she is about to slip & he move toward her to hold her but she compose herself . He just smiled seeing her concentration at two place at a same time.

Background song –

Khwaish meri aatish bani ,

Kya kya magar sazish bani

Yog move toward Siya while she understand their privacy & move from there.

Yog : You are looking pretty.

He said while staring her lovingly & she looks on. They both share a cute eyelock which is broke by Shree’s voice .

She come in her senses & move to leave but he immediately hold her wrist . He pull her back.

Khwahish meri aatish bani ,
Kya kya magar saazish bani

Siya : They might be need my help.

She said while trying to take out her hand from his grip. He pulls her more closer.

Yog : Hmm….What about my needs ? You forget me fully after coming here.

He complain huskily . Her cheeks turn slight red.

Siya : You start feeling jealous , then it’s ur problem not mine.

Cheene koi saansen meri,
Loote mera chaina

Yog : Yeah , Go to them , they might be need ur help.

He leave her hand & mimick her statement annoyedly.

Siya : There needs are limited but yours not.

She wishpered in his ear with a wink & leave from there while he smiled like a maniac.

Kaurwaki is searching Kittu in party but she get collided with him who is busy in staring her.

She move in left direction but he too move in same direction while blocking her way.

Kaurwaki : Mr. Oberoi , Can u please give me side.

He don’t give any reply & she snapped her fingers in front of his eyes.

Soona lage manwa mera , bujhne lage naina

Kaurwaki : Mr. Oberoi ,Are u present here?

He nods his head.

Kaurwaki : Then stop blocking my way.

Yagya : Aaj kiska katl karne ka iraada hai.

He said while staring her.

Jaise Sitara, taqdir haara karta raha iltejaa

Kaurwaki : Excuse me , What did u say ?

She asked him while shooting daggers from her eyes.

Yagya : I am talking about Kittu….

He sign her to look back . She turn & see Kittu while entering.

Yagya : What did u think ?

Koi Chaand rakh, meri Shaam par

Mera Dil Jale tere Naam par – 2

He whispered in her ear from backward while she get scared with his sudden closeness & about to fall when he hold her hand .

Yagya : Be careful or else ur next arm also get broken .

He said while suppressing his laughter & pull her back.

Rukhe Rukhe se Lamhe , Aawarapan ka sila

Sookhe Sookhe se rishte ,bheega bheega gila – 2

Kaurwaki : It’s none of ur business whether my hand get broke or not .

She said & move from there while pushing him.

Yagya : Hey….How dare u to push me ?

Kaurwaki : Jab raste mein yun khamba bankar khade honge toh dhakka toh lagega na. ( If u stand in between like a Pillar, then obviously you get pushed)

She turn & said while looking straight into his eyes & leave from there.He follow her.

Shab o roz ka milna tha kya

Murjha ke youn khilna tha kya

He is gawking at her who is busy in talking with Kittu. Yog notice his brother.

He came there & put his one hand around his neck.

Yog : Isn’t she beautiful.

Yagya(not in his senses) : She is gorgeous.

Dil tha mera toota hua ,kehta tha bujhta hua

Yog : Is it so ?

He realised what he said.

Yagya : I am not talking about Kaurwaki .I was saying that to Kittu.

He tried to cover his mistake .

Koi Chaand rakh ,meri Shaam par
Mera dil Jale tere naam par -2

Yog : Okk…..Btw when did I take her name.

He asked teasing him more while he escaped from there.

Anu : Party is start getting bore . Let’s dance.

Shree : Yeah Find ur partner fast or someone else snatch them ? .

Yog move toward Siya & ask her to dance with him . She smile in agreement.

Siya move toward Swadesh .

Shree : Can u please dance with me if u don’t have any problem.Actually it’s my birthday today & I have not any partner.

Swadesh : No problem ,Well I am not a good dancer.

Shree : Who told u that I am very good dancer.

She hold his hand & move toward dance floor.

Aicchik is still tensed about the incident which Kaurwaki told him.

Anu notice this & move toward him.

Anu : What happen ? Is any problem.

Aicchik : Nothing.

Anu : Then,why are u looking tensed. Let’s go,you need to do dance to stop yourself from taking stress.

She dragged him for dancing.

Sona & Yug look at each other like enemies .

Sona : What! Don’t u dare to think that I am going to dance with u.

Yug : I am also not dying to dance with u.

Sona : You go to hell .

She said while giving him deadly glare.

Yug : Whatever…

He royally ignore her while she frown.

Yagya : Dance….

He asked while moving his hand forward.

Soona Soona wo rasta kab meri Manzil hua

Khoya khoya wo milna Kitna mushkil hua

Kaurwaki : Ask from Kittu or else u mistaken me again.

She said with attitude .

Yagya : You are jealous from her.

Kaurwaki : Ohh please ,I don’t have to feel jealous from anyone.

Kaurwaki : Ye Jo aap mere saath kar rahe hai na isse pehle main aapka sar phod doon usse band kar dein.( Stop that which u are doing with me before I break your head)

She said while giving deadly glare.

Yagya : Maine kya kiya…(What I did)

Soona Soona wo rasta kab meri Manzil hua

Khoya khoya wo milna Kitna mushkil hua

Kaurwaki : Ye toh aap behtar jaante hai bas mein ye nahi chahti ki aapki family mujhe aapka sar phone ke liye blame karein.(You know that better ,I just want that your family don’t blame me for breaking your head)

Yagya : Manna padega aapko mere ghar mein khade hokar mujhe dhamki de rahi hai aap.(You are threatening me while standing in my home)

He said while gritting his teeth.

Kaurwaki : Dhamki wo log dete hai jinke paas karne ki himmat nahi hoti . Main toh bas warn kar rahi hoon aapko.(Those people threatens who have no guts to do that work . I am just warning you )

Yagya : Dar nahi lagta aapko.( Didn’t u feel scared)

He ask while holding her hand tightly.

Do jism thayy , roohein na thi

Kaurwaki : Kyun darungi main….Hai kon aap mujhe darane waale.( Why will I feel scared….Who are u to make me scared)

Yagya : Aap janti nahi ki Mumbai ke log kitne khatarnak hote hain.( You don’t know that here people are very dangerous)

He said smirkingly.

Milna agar mumkin nahin

Kaurwaki : Accha , toh zyada se zyada kya kare sakte hai aapke shehr ke log mujhe darane ke liye .( Then What they do maximally for making me scared)

She said in her challenging voice .

Yagya : Jaan le sakte hai aapki.(They take ur life)

She smile with a smirk.

Kaurwaki : Bas,itna hi …..Jaan Lene waale se Jaan bachane wala humesha bada hota hai . Aapke shehr ke log kisi ke liye Jaan de sakte hai….Nahi na , Main de sakti hoon toh phir main un logon se kyun darun Jo mujhse kamtar hai.(This much only…..Those who save anyone’s life is more greater than those who take life . Did ur city’s people give their life for anyone ….No, right but I can give my life for others then why would I get scared from those who are weaker than me)

He proudly smiles & look at her intensely.

Tu chod de iss haal par

Sun le magar ye duaa

Yagya : Baatein bahut jaanlewa karti hai aap lekin sher ke mooh mein haath daalna akalmandi nahi hoti.( Your talks are deadly but it’s not any intelligence to put ur hand in lion’s mouth & make ur life in risk)

Kaurwaki : Aap shayad nahi jaante jab Kaurwaki chahti hai toh Sher ke mooh mein haath daalke uska dil nikal kar bahar phaink sakti hai .(You maybe don’t know when I want, then I can take out lion’s heart & throw it )

She said & move aside from there. He gazed her .

Koi Chaand rakh ,meri Shaam par
Mera Dil Jale tere naam par – 2

Sona is annoyedly walking & she get collided with a lady.

Sona : I am really sorry Aunty.

Lady : It’s ok.

Suddenly,someone tap on that lady shoulder.

Kittu : Mom,I need to talk with u now.

The lady turn out to be Mrs Rekha Rajput.

Mrs.Rajput : What happen to u ?

Kittu notice earrings which Sona wear & come in between them to hide her from her mother’s sight.

Sona leave from there after apologizing .

Kittu : Mom, I am also a part of this family . Then why u all keep secrets with me.

Mrs.Rajput : Shut up & Behave normal here. Don’t u dare to do any drama here.

She leave in anger while Kittu sighed in relief.

Kittu (think) : Thank God, she got save . But how did those earrings came in her ears . I have to inform Kaurwaki .

She turn to see Sona & found no one.

Kittu : Wher did she gone ? Oh no, i have to find her .

After dancing, all are talking with each other while others are busy in wishing Shree.

Kaurwaki is feeling restless . She move upstairs & enter in Aavya’s room who is in deep slumber .

Her book are scattered here & there , it seems she slept while doing studies.

She gathered her all things & keep them on their place .

She pick her in her arms & make her lie down on bed. She covered her with duvet & peck her forehead.

Kaurwaki : You have to forget me . I have not much days to live. Sorry ,your Mumma can’t live with u forever.

She said while caressing her hairs . A teardrop fall down from her eyes. She wiped her tears while she get more cuddled in her hand while sleeping .
She adored her cute acts & smiled.She closed the lights & walked out from her room.

Kaurwaki (think ) : Why I am feeling that anything is going to happen very bad .

She think while coming downstairs . She sit on nearby chair & start drinking juice to stop thinking about her restlessness .

Yagya : This is your gift .

He said to her while passing a box which is wrapped in wrapping paper.

Shree notice some scratches on his neck.

Shree : Thank you Bhaiya . Btw who is your new girlfriend . She is much wild I guess .

Yagya : What …..

He asked cluelessly while she give naughty grin.

Shree : Don’t behave like that u didn’t understand anything . There are some nail marks on your neck & I am pretty sure that girls only have long nails.

Shree : So, tell me that name who is this much close to u.

Kaurwaki spits her drink & badly choke on her statement . She is continuously coughing .

Siya : Oh God Vrisha , This is any manner to drink .

She pass her water glass & pat on her back to make her feel comfortable while she look at him embarassedly .

Yagya : Lioness also has sharp nails .

He said while surpressing his laughter . He move from there leaving confused Shree who is trying to figure out the meaning .

Siya : You are scolding Aavya for being careless . Well, u are not at all less than her in carelessness.

She said with angry expression on her face.

She stand from her place & move from there.

She hold his hand & dragged him to a corner with burning eyes.

Kaurwaki : What the hell u did ?

Yagya :Sorry ,I couldn’t understand .

Kaurwaki : Don’t be oversmart with me . What did u say to Shree.

Yagya : Then ,I will tell truth to her.

He said innocently while she frowns.

Kaurwaki : Not at all.

Yagya : Kamal hai khud sach bolti hain aur mujhe chupane ke liye keh rahi hain.(I wonder you tell always truth & now saying to me hide the truth)

Her phone beebs. She read the message & leave from there.

Yagya : Where are u going without answering ?

He ask from behind .

She pull Kittu behind the pillar .

Kaurwaki : Huh….What’s that important thing u want to tell.

Kittu : You told me that u forget every single thing which related to us . Then, Why u didn’t throw those earrings which belong to us.

Kaurwaki : How did u get to know . Because they are with me as a proof but What happen ?

Kittu : Now,ur proof is enough to give reason to kill Sona .

Kaurwaki : How dare u to say like this . Nothing happen to her till then I am alive.

Kittu : Open ur eyes , those earrings are now in Sona’s ears. I am searching her only but she is not here.

Kaurwaki : What do u mean by she is not here . Where she will go ?

Kittu : I hope Mom didn’t do anything with her.

She hold her hand mercilessly while she look at her scared.

Kaurwaki : If something happen to my sister , then ur family has to face my real wrath .

She leave from there angrily .

Kaurwaki : Where is Sona ?

Siya : We didn’t see her from much time.

Anu : Oh God, Actually we are this much busy that we didn’t notice that she is not with us.

Kaurwaki : Why u all are so careless?

Shree : Sorry di, she might be here only . Is anything happen ?

She saw Aicchik who is busy in talking with boys . She move toward him without giving them any reply.

Kaurwaki : Aicchik , I wanna talk with you.

Aicchik : Yeah , tell & Why are u so worried.

Kaurwaki : Sona is not anywhere.

Aicchik : She will be here only maybe with her gang .

Yog : Yeah , Even we didn’t seen Yug . Don’t worry , they were busy with their Tom & Jerry fights .

Aicchik : Kaurwaki is like this only . She get worried on small things .

Kaurwaki : It’s not any small thing . Do u understand .

She first time talk to him with high voice.
She hold his hand & move upstairs.

Aicchik : What’s wrong with u ?

He asked while get amazed on her behaviour .

Kaurwaki : Sona….

Aicchik : Ohoo…Why are u still worried for her .

Kaurwaki : No , she is not here . Rajupts did this . They might be kidnapped her .

Aicchik : Are u lost ur mind ? There is not any reason to harm her. You are helping them in business.

Kaurwaki : Because Sona wear those earrings which I used to wear in childhood when I met with Baba.

Aicchik : What ! But u burned those things with ur identity . Then How those earrings came . Do tell me , did u chose this identity with ur heart.

Kaurwaki : What are u asking ? How could u think that …..Kaurwaki is only identity nor a name for me , it is my reason to live .

Background song –

Dhoop cham cham barasti rahi raat bhar

Acchik : Jhoot ….Dad sahi kehte the ki Insaan Apne khooni rshton ke aage majboor hota hai . Wo unhe maaf kar deta hai chahe phir uske khooni rishte uska hi khoon kyun na karde wo unhe phir bhi maaf kar deta hai . Isme tumhari galti nahi hai , tumhare upar khooni rishte bhari padne lage hain.( You are lying …..Dad was right that human is very helpless infront of his blood relations. He always forgive them whether they kill him , then also he forgive them . There is no mistake of yours , your blood relations start becoming stronger on other relations)

Kaurwaki : Ye kya bakwas kiye jaa rahe ho tum . Pagal ho gaye ho kya .(What rubbish u are talking about . Have u gone mad)

Ghar mein sab hai magar phir bhi khaali hai ghar

Aicchik : Ek Baar mein do kashti par sawar nahi ho sakti tum . Ya toh is Pehchan ke saath reh sakti ho ya phir us Pehchan ke.(You can’t stand over two boats at the same time. You can live with this identity or that identity)

Kaurwaki : Maanti hoon meri galti hai . Insaan hoon main aur mujhse bhi galtiyan hoti hai lekin iska matlab ye nahi ki tumhe koi haq hai mere aur Baba ke rishte par sawal uthane ka . Koi bhi rishta itna mazboot nahi hai ki mere aur Baba ke rishte par bhadi pad jaye . Sach toh hai ye Aicchik ki tumhara khoon ka rishta jo Sona ke saath hai wo humare rishte par bhadi pad gaya hai .( I accept that it is my mistake . I am also human & I also do a lot of mistakes but it didn’t mean that u got any right to raise question on my & Baba’s relation . No relation is this much important to me , that it will become stronger on my & Baba’s relation . Truth is that your blood relation with Sona become stronger on our relation Aicchik)

She said with tears .

Apni chaal palatne laga raasta

Paon chalte rahe Ruk gaya hai ye Safar

Kaurwaki : Sona Ko kuch nahi hone dungi main chahe phir meri jaan kyun na chali jaaye .( I can’t anything happen to Sona whether I have to give my life for her)

She walked out & move toward her room. Tears are rolling down from her cheeks .

Rabba ve Ki Jaana main Kaun

Rabba ve ki Jaana main Kaun

Rabba ve ki Jaana main Kaun

She move toward the washroom & changed in ripped jeans with one shoulder top.

She come outside & saw her family photo .

She hold the frame in her hand & touch the faces from her fingers.

Mujhe to kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki di aapko aur Bhaiya Ko twins hona chahiye the , kitni milti hai aap donon ki pasand.
( Sometime , I feel di that you & Bhaiya had to be twins , both of your likes & dislike match with each other .)

Sona’s voice echoed in her ears.

Kacche khwabon ki baaton mein neend aa gayi

Iss mohabbat ko apni nazar kha gayi

Her eyes welled up after remembering their bond . She is very hurt from Aicchik’s words.

Ishq dar dar phira ya hawa ki tarah

Din mein waada kiya aur raat aa gayi

She wiped away her tears thinking of their bond which is start breaking.

Rabba ve Ki Jaana main Kaun – 3

She compose herself & move downstairs.

Kittu : I also want to come with u .

Kaurwaki : No need to risk ur life . Enough of your favours on me , I couldn’t return your favours when u ask me to do so.

She run toward the exit but unfortunately get collided with Yagya .

Yagya : Kahan Jaa Rahi hai aap itni raat ko.( Where are u going in late night )

Kaurwaki : I don’t have time to explain you.

He hold her hand .

Yagya : You are not going anywhere without telling me.

Kaurwaki : I don’t want to tell . Do whatever u want but u can’t stop me.

She shout angrily on him.

Yagya : Fine , You go & I will tell everyone.

He replied calmly

Kaurwaki : You can’t do this.

Yagya : Then tell me the matter .

Kaurwaki : I can’t find Sona anywhere . You remember I told u about my business rivals , I am scared if they did anything with her to harm me.

Yagya : What do u want to tell ? Say clearly .

Kaurwaki : They might be kidnapped her to harm me .

He hold her hand & dragged toward a room.

Yagya : Let’s check the cctv footage.

They both start checking it.

They see Sona is walking annoyedly . She notice that she get collided with Mrs.Rajput & this increase her tension more .

Yagya : She was here only . Let’s forward this .

Yug & Sona are fighting on any topic .

Yagya : Look these both are impossible . They start their cat fight anywhere.

He said to her noding his head in disbelief.

She notice that Sona move outside angrily followed by Yug .

Kaurwaki : They didn’t come inside after this . It means that something happen outside the mansion.

They both run outside the mansion.

Yagya : I will try Yug’s number . You try Sona’s number .

Kaurwaki : This is all because of me . I put ur brother life too in risk with my sister .

Yagya : Can u stop blaming yourself . There is not any fault of yours.

He said while dialing his number & it is non answerable.

Kaurwaki : Sona’s number is switched off .Is anything happen to them because of me , I will never forgive myself.

She said with tears . He cups her face.

Yagya : There is no mistake of yours in this matter . Don’t u understand that we can’t stop which happen. It’s not in our hand .

Kaurwaki : But it’s in our hand to save them & one more thing stay in your limits.

She said while moving a step back & removing his hands.He give unbelievable look to her.

Yagya : Do u want to complain in police ?

Kaurwaki : No,they can’t do anything . They don’t want to help public inspite of helping the people those idiot are busy in taking bribes.

Yagya : Then , what will u want to do.

Kaurwaki : To track the location from Yug’s phone as u tell that it was ringing.

Yagya : So, why are we waiting here . Let’s go.

He said while moving toward driving seat while she block his way.

Kaurwaki : I want keys …

She ask while he know that there is no use of arguing with her.

Yagya : Do u know ways .

He ask while giving keys to her .

Kaurwaki : I know everything that also which u don’t know.

She said making him confused .
She sit on the driver seat .

Kaurwaki : We have not much time . Sit inside fast .

He nods his head & sit inside the car while thinking about the meaning of her statement.

Precap –

Kaurwaki get injured while saving Yagya…Kaurwaki warn Kittu to stay away from Yagya …..Yagya realised his feelings toward Kaurwaki without knowing about her truth.

Why Kaurwaki warn Kittu to stay away from him. Is she jealous from her ?

To know the answers of your all questions , wait for next update .

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Ki Jaana main Kaun –

Tum kon Piya –https://youtu.be/xNctDNgWKfY

Koi Chaand rakh –

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