Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 4)

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In RM (rathore mansion)-

Oberois entered in the RM and were awestruck by beauty of mansion.
They were sitting in dining area.

Dadi : Puttar, Your house was beautifully decorated .

Aicchik : Thanks aunty , but the designing was done by my sister.

Dadi : Call me P.d & Good job Sona. You are really a good designer.

Siya split out water & start laughing . She finally realized that she split out water on Yog. Yog was hell irritated with this but he didn’t said a single word.

Siya( Sanyukta) : I am really sorry .Actually …….. I was just shocked from p.d’s statement.

Yog : It’s OK . I don’t say to give any explanation .

Siya : Thanks.

Yug : Siya, Why were you shocked ?

Siya : Because , It was done by Vrisha (kaurwaki). Sona only done one thing that is Shopping .

Everyone laugh at this while Sona fumes in anger.

Yagya : Who is Vrisha ?

Aicchik : Siya call kaurwaki as vrisha. She is my sister & ………..( cut off by Shivay in between).

Shivay : & CEO of Rathore Industries . If I am right she is the same girl who refused to take our help.

Aicchik : Yes Uncle. Kaurwaki had dobe this because she didn’t like anyone’s help. Her self- respect come first for her.

Yagya : Self- respect or Tadi .(ego)

Shivay : You never know about difference between self- respect and ego.

They continue their dinner and move toward their respective rooms.

At night –

Kaurwaki returned from her business trip.

Guard : Mam, You here on this time.

Kaurwaki : I am returning from trip. No need to tell anyone . Let them sleep. I met them in the morning .

She enter the house. Yug come downstairs for water. He see a shadow and run in opposite direction. He collided with Yagya.

Yagya : What happen? Kyu marathon bhag raha hai.

Yug : Bhaiya ! There is a ghost in the house. I saw a shadow .

Yagya : Are you out of your mind ? He might be a Intruder or thief . Come with me , don’t worry. I will not leave him.

Yagya & Yug move toward same direcrion. Yagya hold a glass rod. He see a shadw and about to hit while person break the rod.

Everyone wake up by noise and come downstairs.

Yagya : Thief ! Thief! Thief !

Aicchik : Siya , switch on the lights.

Siya on the lights and all are shocked.

Yagya turn toward person and shock to see a girl with big & beautiful expressive eyes but now those eyes were filled with anger.

Yagya( in mind): I never saw such beautiful eyes.

He was mesmerized by her beauty. His trance was broke by Aicchik’s voice.

Aicchik : Sona, Go & get the first – aid box fast.

Yagya realized that her hand is bleeding beause she broke the rod by her hand.

Aicchik : Kaurwaki , What’s the need of breaking the rod.

She was lost in her thought. Aicchik shake her.

Aicchik : I ask you something. Why you break the rod?

Kaurwaki( her trance was fixed on Yagya ) : Don’t Worry. It’s a small cut. It was the mistake of him ( pointing toward Yagya.)

Yagya ( full tadi) : Why you enter like a thief?

Kaurwaki : Who the hell are you? Iam owner of this house . I am coming from balcony or terrace. It doesn’t matter to you.

Yagya : Then , It was not my mistake.

Kaurwaki : So, It was my mistake.You want to say that.

Yagya : I didn’t mean that .

Aicchik : OK Kaurwaki . Just stop this. Thay are Oberois .

She turn toward the others giving a angry glare to Yagya. She took the blessings from elders & about to leave .

Yagya : I am sorry.

She gave victorious smile but her smile faded when she listen next statement & all were shocked.

Yagya : I realized that it was my mistake a well as yours Miss J.K.R.( jhansi ki rani ).

Kaurvaki (irritated ) : Kaurwaki never done mistakes. Call me Miss rathore. How dare you to call me like this . Not tried to call me again by this name.

Yagy : Which name ? Jhansi ki rani.

Kaurwaki : I said shut up.

Yagya : You don’t have your name . Why I call you by your surname.

Kaurwaki : It was my decision . Why I am noticing your stupid talks.

Yagya(smiling) : So, you were noticing me .

Kaurwaki : Shut up ! I said ur stupid tallks not u . I have no interest in you .

Kaurwaki was hell irritated from him . She leave from there giving a angry glare to him.
Everyone move toward their rooms.

In morning –

All were sitting & enoying their breakfast. Kaurwaki enter in the house after jogging.

Sona : Good morning di. This is for u (forwarding the cup of coffee).

Kaurwaki : Today is something special, Sona.

Sona : No , di.

Kaurwaki : Hmmm…….bata de kya chaiye tujhe

Aicchik: Tumhe khatirdaari acchi nahi lagti. kitni pyaar se banayi hai usne.

Siya : Vrisha( kaurwaki is right) . She never done anything without her own profit.

Sona : No, It’s not like di . I want only anew dress for outing .

Siya : Hmm……I knew it.

Kaurwaki : But you buy a dress last week only.

Sona (maing puppy face) : Please! please!please!

Kaurwaki : ok

Sona : Thanks di. You are best . But you accompany me in my shopping.

Kaurwaki : No way . I have important meeting today . Take siya with you.

Siya : NO, I a not coming. Marna thodi hai mujhe. Hum aaj jaayenge toh ye maharani humein ek saal baad waapas laayengi.

Sona make faces.

Yagya : Kyun nah hum sab jaayein .

Kaurwaki give disgustig look to him

Sona : That’s really a great idea Bhaiya. So, everyone is coming with me.

Everyone( except sia & kaurwaki) : Yes, of course.

Siya : If all were going , then I also come.

Sona : Di, you also.

Kaurwaki : Sona I already told you …………(cut in between by siya).

Siya : Cancel the meeting .

Kaurwaki : Not at all.

Siya : please for me.

Kaurwaki : OK . I will try to come after meeting .


Shopping in the mall…………………….. Terrorist attack.

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