Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 2)

Hii dear readers, here is the second episode.
In OM-
In Kitchen, All Oberoi bahus ( Bhavya,Gaur & Anika) were prepared for dinner.
Bhavya : Bhabhi, I heard today is Yagya’s concert. I think that concert is over now . Why he is not coming?

Anika : Bhavya, You know about Yagya. He might be busy in parties. How many times I told him to join business like Yog. Shivay always angry on him for that.

Gauri : Bhojai, He is interested in singing . Don’t praise Yog . He never listen anyone infront his business.

Bhavya : Yug is not at all lesser than them. Today he hide the remote.

Anika : Kya hoga inka zindagi mein ?

Gauri : Shankar ji jaane .

Dadi enter in the kitchen.

” Jeet jayenge zindagi ki har baazi,
Jab hogi takkar ki Ishqbaazi”.

All of them smiled at this & remember their old moments.

Dadi : So, You are done with dinner.
Anika : Yes dadi. Bhavya call everyone.

All oberois are in the dining area (except Yagya).

Shivay : All of u start dinner. Now wait for whom.
Yog : For Yagya bade papa. He is not coming yet.
Shivay : No need to wait for him. He might be in any party.
Yug : But we don’t start dinner without bhaiya.
Shivay : As your wish.
They start their dinner. Shivomru admire the bond of their son.

After 15 min, Yagya is entered in mansion. He is humming a song.

Yagya( to dadi) : Hey babes! Today you watch the concert . How was it ?
Dadi : It was awesome.

He smile & look toward his brothers who never started dinner without him.

Yagya : OK. So let’s start dinner. You guys are waiting long.

Shivay( in a angry tone ) : If you are worried for them . Why would you come late ?

Yagya : Sorry dad. Next time It was not happen.

They start their dinner with everyone.

Shivay: Yog I am really glad for our company
Om : For what?
Shivay: Our company is best in India.
Rudra : Really bhaiya .
Yog : Bade papa Our company was on second position.
Shivay ( shocked) : I think that our was on first . Who occupied first place ?
Yog : Rathore empire owned by Kaurwaki Singh Rathore.
Shivay : Hmm. Let’s continue the dinner.

In Jaipur ( P.S Rathore Industries)-

A girl was entered wearing a black jeans and top layered with jacket. Her hairs were tied in a bun & sunglass on eyes .All the employs stop their talking & greet her.(She is kaurwaki ).

Rohini ( her P.A) : Mam, Our company was occupied first place. Congrats.

She forwarded her hand to handshake.Kaurwaki didn’t done handshake .

Kaurwaki : Well I am glad , but I want our company best in World . So, Everyone move to your work.

Rohini ( in her mind ) : How rude she is ? Hitler.

Kaurwaki : I listen that . What were you saying?

Rohini : ( oh no, she read mind too). Nothing Mam.

Kaurwaki : Hmm. Ramlal take my coffe in cabin.
Ramlal : ji madam.
She move toward Cabin.

Rohini : She is always like that.
Neha (a employe) : Yes, you are new here. She fired almost ten P.A this year. Be careful.


Oberois get invitation………. Oberois planned to go jaipur.

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