Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 10)

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Hii guys Thanks to all for your comments & support. Here is the next episode.

In RM –

Yagya was thinking about her.

Yagya : What’s wrong with her. She is ignoring me. She is really TADIBAAZ.

Suddenly Yagya collided with Yug.

Yug : Bhaiya ! Why were you lost.

Yagya : Nowhere.

Yug ( smirk) : Future bhabhi’s though.

Yagya : Shut up !

Yog : What are you guys talking about.

Yug : Our future bhabhi.

Yog : Oh !

Yagya : How many times I told you Yug that I don’t think about Kaurwaki.

He realized that what he said. Both were Smirk.

Yog : Yug didn’t take the name of her.

Yagya : Ok guys I am done with this. I actually think that she was too egoistic . You know about me I never live with same girl.

Yug : Why you give the explanation. We don’t want.

Yagya patted on his head. They three share a obro moment. Yog get a call & he leave from there. Girls are busy in gossiping .
Siya ‘s phone rings.

Siya : Hello ! You should talk with Vrisha(kaurwaki) about this.

P.o.c : Who is Vrisha?

Siya ( in mind) : Shit! Sudhar ja siya.

Siya : I talk about Kaurwaki .

P.o.c : Miss Rathore phone was busy.

On the other side-

Yog : What the hell Samir ( I hope you remember his P.A) Why are you wasting my time.

Sameer : Sorry sir but I talk about Rajputs.

Siya & Yog walked in same direction & they collide. Their phones were fell down . They pick up phones in hurry & didn’t notice that phones are exchanged.

Sameer : Rajput want to deal with us.

Siya : Who are Rajputs aur ye beech mein kaise tapak pade.

Sameer : Sir, What’s wrong with your voice.
Siya noticed the phone of him.

On other side :

Yog : What about Rajputs .

P.o.c : Who are Rajputs. We talk about Aavya.

Yog : Oh god ! Sameer I will kill you Now who is Aavya?

P.o.c : I am not Sameer.
Yog saw the phone.

Yog : This girl is really Psyco.

Siya : You should take my phone.

Yog : It was your mistake.You don’t know about your phone.

Siya : Oh really ! If you know about your phone, then why you take mine.

They were really forget about call & start argument. After some time, Siya realized & snatch the phone from his hand.

Siya : Take your phone.

Yog : Who is Aavya? Person on the call talk about her.

Siya become tensed .

Siya ( in mind) : Kahi ise sab pata toh nahi chal gaya.

Yog : Where are you lost?

Siya : It’s none of your business.

Yog ( notice her tension) : It’s ok. if you don’t want to tell me. I forgot about deal.

He leave from there.

Siya : I have talk to Vrisha( kaurwaki) about Aavya. Her phone was busy. Where are you?

In office ( at night) :

Kaurwaki still thinking about yesterday’s incident.

Guard : Mam, It’s too late . We want to close the office.

Kaurwaki : Keep the keys here.

She is still thinking. She close her eyes.

Flashback ***

A small girl is sitting near the pool. She is Kaurwaki .

Purushottam Rathore : Do you still thinking about your past.

Kaurwaki : Baba, We can’t run from our past & future.

P. Rathore : But we live & enjoy the present.

She smile at him & hug her.

Kaurwaki : You are my pain killer.

Flashback ends******

A small smile crept on her face. She open her eyes . Some tears were shining in her eyes.

Kaurwaki : Today, I also live in past. Sorry Baba.

She saw the watch & leave for RM ( Rathore Mansion).

She enter the house while others were doing their dinner. Yagya look at her .She ignore him.

Aicchik : Why were you so late?

Kaurwaki (in mind): I don’t tell lie.

Aicchik : I ask you something.

Kaurwaki : I want some time alone.

She notice Siya’s pale face. She text her.

Kaurwaki : Why are you so worried?

Siya : I want to talk about Aavya.

She reads the message & choke . She leave from there & text siya to meet after dinner.

Yagya : I ask to her Why she is ignoring me.
He follow her. He saw her talking on phone near the pool. He tried to place his hand but he lost his balance & * splashed*. Both fall in pool ( O jaana plays).

Kaurwaki : Are you mad ?

Yagya : I am just try to talk.

Kaurwaki : Really you want to talk me like this.

Yagya : I am sorry I lost my balane.

Kaurwaki : If you can’t walk properly. Why you walk.

Yagya : I am only asking you Why you ignore me?

Kaurwaki : Beacause of your stupid things. I have on important call . You destroyed my phone.

Yagya : Take mine.

Kaurwaki : I don’t want.

She leave from there & he is cursing himself for doing this.

Siya : You talk about her.

Kaurwaki : Actually …..

Siya : Why are you wet ?

Kaurwaki : I just fall in the Pool.

Siya : About you ? ( pointing toward Yagya).

Kaurwaki (in mind) : Don’t give the same answer.
Yagya notice her & smile.

Yagya : Nothing, just they both devils(yog, yug) throw water on me.

Siya : Oh….. Vrisha you come with me.

She look at him in confusion & they both leave from there. He smile seeing her innocence.

Siya : You don’t give answer.

Kaurwaki : I am giving that only but you cut in between because you are interested in stupid questions.

Siya : Why are you angry ? I am only asking why you both were wet in same time.

Kaurwaki : What do you mean?

Siya : Nothing. Tell me about her.

Kaurwaki: Actually my phone is also fall in the pool . So, I didn’t talk but you don’t worry I will talk tomorrow .

Siya : Hmm.

Kaurwaki leave from there. Siya is still in thoughts.

Siya :I hope everything will be fine.

PRECAP – *New entry*

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