Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Twelve years leap

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The Episode starts with Anarkali convincing the man to take her letter to Salim. She says I will give you this fragrance in return. He asks who has made this. She says I have made it. He says fine, I will send your letter once, you have to make a perfume for me. She agrees. He asks her to tell address to the bird. She agrees. The hawk flies away with the letter. Salim gets the fragnance and smiles. He sees the hawk and runs. Hawk delivers the letter. Salim smiles and recalls Anarkali.

He also writes letter to Anarkali. Akbar comes there with Jodha’s letter. Salim thinks dad has come to take me back. Anarkali gets happy getting Salim’s letter. She runs. Rukaiya comes in her way. She gets the letter. Anarkali gets the flower fallen from the letter and hides. Rukaiya reads letter. Anarkali

gets scared. Rukaiya returns letter. She asks Khanam to explain Anarkali that this is their palace, not her village. She goes. Khanam tells the flower and warns. Akbar says I have come to give Jodha’s message, she has sent laddoos for Salim. He goes. Salim gets sad. Anarkali thinks why did Salim send a blank letter, why didn’t he reply.

Khala says maybe he is busy, you write a letter again. Anarkali shows the flower sent by Salim. Khala says he has sent this reply, it means he misses you, thank him. Salim thinks of Akbar. He finds a thief in laddoos. Rukaiya planned this to create differences between Akbar and Salim. Salim thinks to fulfill Akbar’s dream and become a warrior. He kills people and gets trained. Akbar and Jodha start having differences. Salim and Anarkali exchange letters. Salim fights with Maan Singh. He cries for Jodha and gets angry on Akbar. Salim becomes a brave warrior and wins many battles.

After 12 years, Jodha’s wait gets long. Akbar says 12 years passed, your wait is over, Salim is returning home. She cries. He says I m saying the truth, I have sent Abu Fazal to get him, you didn’t talk to me, I m your culprit, I have snatched your son’s childhood, Salim got away from you and you got away from me, will I get my Jodha back now. They cry and hug. He says its time to meet Salim. Rukaiya makes new plannings. Rukaiya and Salima meet some men and ask them to kill Salim. Rukaiya says Salim has become a minister now, you know what to do next. The man nods. Salim is with his soldiers. He comes to the village and finds the village vacant. Salim asks them to find out the matter. They get attacked. Salim fights with them. Anarkali waits for Salim’s return. Anarkali runs somewhere. Salim gets her letter.

Salim writes a letter for Anarkali. Anarkali is seen. She says I m waiting for you since 12 years. Salim sends a shocking gift for Akbar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Swarna494

    Wow shaheer, fantabulous look.. Seeing you after 1yr..
    BTW any krpkab fans here?

    1. Chinnu21

      I am here diii..😊

  2. I am huge fan of KRPKAB and I luv Shaheer Sheikh, he is of of the most handsome and most talented thespian of this gen. 4ever Dev&Sona. I am also liking this series so far. The kids r damn amazing actors.

  3. Chinnu21

    Finally shaheer is back🤗🤗…
    Episode was nice

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