Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Salim goes away from Mewar

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The Episode starts with Akbar asking Abu Fazal to take the shameless prince and keep him away from sight till he becomes good. Jodha cries. Rukaiya thinks my plan is right. Jodha begs Akbar to change decision, but fails. He apologizes. Rukaiya celebrates her victory. Abu Fazal takes Salim with him. Jodha recalls Salim’s words and cries. Anarkali meets Salim and says I m upset with you, does anything go this way, my Khala is still here, I feel bad that you are going, keep this jug with you, its fragrance will attract lightning bugs and won’t let you stay alone, I will wait for you. He bids her bye and goes. Everyone looks on. Jodha cries.

Ammijaan says you have taken the right decision. Akbar gets sad. Rukaiya thinks Salim can’t come back. Anarkali and Salim hold hands and get sad. She asks him to take care. Salim cries. Jodha says I couldn’t stop you Salim. Rukaiya laughs and drinks. Salim recalls Akbar’s words. Maan Singh, Aamer’s king and Jodha’s brother comes there. He asks Salim why didn’t he sleep, is he crying. He says your dad has sent you here to become a warrior, you shouldn’t cry, Akbar became India’s king at the age of 14, people swear on his bravery. Salim says he has no time for me, I regret that he didn’t remember a father’s duty. Maan says I understand why Akbar punished you, I have to teach you discipline, you will have no friends here, it will be just you and desert, sleep now. Maan goes. Salim thinks of Anarkali and cries. He says I have my friend, Anarkali.

Anarkali comes to Jodha and finds her sad. Jodha says my Kanha has gone away from me. She cries. Maan asks Salim to behead the traitor. Salim gets tensed. Maan asks Salim to punish the man. Salim says I can’t kill him. Maan says don’t talk like coward. Salim says fine, why is it necessary to kill people. Maan says its imp to win battle. He kills the man. Salim gets shocked.

Khala says Salim can’t be annoyed with you. Jodha says I broke his heart, I want to talk to him, my voice can’t reach him. Anarkali asks her to send letter. Jodha says I can’t send him a letter, I m not permitted. Anarkali says but a mother has a right on son. Jodha goes and unlocks the tiger. Anarkali asks her to stop. Jodha closes eyes. Tiger roars. Akbar comes and stops her. The tiger gets locked. She says I m not even permitted to write a letter to my son. She threatens to die. He promises to send her letter to Salim, along with his fav laddoos. She smiles. Khanam looks on. Anarkali says we have to help Jodha. Khala asks her not to worry. Anarkali asks what if Salim ends his life by sorrow. Khala stops her. Khanam informs everything to Rukaiya. Khala says you can write letter to Salim, you can give him a hope. Anarkali smiles. Rukaiya says Salim will get the message from my side.

Anarkali and Salim are seen after 12 years. Salim sends a gift for Akbar.

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  1. Nice episode.. So we are going to see Salim, anakari pair… The children are so cute

  2. With eager to see the pair

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