Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Akbar punishes Salim

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anarkali swimming in the river to save Salim. Khala worries. Daniyal and Murad get good news for Rukaiya. She blesses them and says I will make you the king. Salima says he is maid’s son, how can you say this. Rukaiya says he won’t have any right on throne, we shall celebrate now. Khala cries for Saifu. Salim sinks in waters. Anarkali shouts to him. She sees the Gopal idol inside waters. The men save Salim and idol also. The man says we got this idol in water, Jhillan was ousted because of this.

Jodha checks Salim and says what wrong did we do, Lord. Akbar sees Salim. He gets angry on Abu fazal. He reminds his responsibility and scolds him for his carelessness. He says I feel I m not a good father and good king. Jodha says Salim is fine, don’t worry. Akbar

says if we can’t protect Salim, Abu Fazal has no right to be a protector, and I have no right to be a king. Abu Fazal apologizes. Akbar says I want to know if this is a mistake or someone’s planning, go and find out. Abu fazal nods. He takes permission and calls servant. Servant gets the idol. Jodha prays. Abu fazal says we got the idol in Yamuna, Anarkali risked her life once again and tried to get Salim out of river. Jodha smiles and says maybe Kanha wanted this. Akbar says but I had punished them. Abu Fazal says I have stopped them. Akbar calls them. Anarkali and Khala come. Abu Fazal says no maid went out of palace Jhillan can’t take it to Yamuna. Jodha says I knew this. Akbar says you are free from all blames. Jhillan gets glad and thanks him for justice.

Akbar I have done injustice unknowingly. Anarkali says there is no need to worry, Lord will forgive you. Akbar says bless you, you are good hearted and brave also, you saved Salim twice, how to thank you, I will gift you a wish. Khala says we don’t want any gift. Akbar says I m giving this gift to myself to get rid of this guilt, I m requesting you to accept this gift. He says Anarkali, you can ask me to fulfill your one wish, I promise I will never refuse. Rukaiya looks on angrily. Akbar and Jodha do puja. Rukaiya says Salim will die, everyone will be in Kanha puja, Salim is alone. She asks Daniyal to feed Salim till he falls unconscious. Daniyal and Murad go and make servants out. Salim gets up and says I don’t remember anything. Murad says thank God you got saved. Salim says Anarkali. Anarkali comes to meet Salim. Murad says Anarkali left. Salim says I want to meet her. Daniyal says there is one way. Anarkali comes to his room and calls him out. She doesn’t see anyone. Daniyal asks Salim to drink magical water, he will get what he wants.

Salim drinks it. He sees lightning bugs and says they are witness of Anarkali and my friendship, I feel she is around. Anarkali comes. Salim smiles seeing her. He gets drunk and asks where did she go. Murad says if you drink more, you can talk to her. Salim asks for more. Daniyal says we shall go to some safe place, come with me. Akbar and Jodha pray. Salim gets drunk. Akbar is with Abu fazal. Akbar praises the throne. Rukaiya says Akbar loves the throne, he will see Salim insulting the throne today. Salim goes to throne and lies on it. Daniyal and Murad hide on hearing sound. Akbar and everyone get shocked seeing Salim lying on the throne. Anarkali looks for Salim.

Abu Fazal asks Salim to get up. Salim asks how dare you touch me, I m would be king, you are my servant. Akbar walks to them. Abu Fazal says you are not in your senses, come with me prince. Salim slaps him. Akbar gets shocked and angrily shouts Salim. Salim sees him. Jodha and everyone hear Akbar’s voice. Everyone comes to see. Salim stumbles and goes to Akbar. Akbar slaps him. Salim falls down. Rukaiya smiles. Akbar commands to send Salim away from them and palace for 12 years. Everyone gets shocked.

Anarkali cries for Salim. After 12 years, Salim returns to the palace. Anarkali dances.

Update Credit to: Amena

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