Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Anarkali ready to die for Salim

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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Anarkali stops Salim and Akbar. Salim asks her to go. Anar says to Akbar that I am surrendering, she asks Salim to stop for her love. Salim throws his sword and says to Akbar that see what your force couldnt do, love did it. Akbar captures Salim and Anar, he orders to capture them and keep them in cells till their punishment is announced.

Salim is in cell, he says to soldier that ask Akbar to hang me fast.
Anar is in another cell and says people who dream big have these walls surrounding them.

Akbar comes to Jodha and asks if she wont welcome him? I promised to not shed his blood, see I didnt do it and brought him back. Jodha says but you put him behind bars. Akbar says I fulfilled my duty as father and king. Jodha says you didnt hurt him but put him behind bars? I trust you but you have forgotten everything in your hate for Anarkali. Akbar says I dont hate her, I respect her love, I have heart like Salim but my duty comes first, he wipes his tears.

Servants bring Anarkali to Akbar and throws her in his feet. He says so capturing broke your ego? Anar says my love made me win. Akbar asks what she wants? She says freedom.. he says you think I will free you? Anarkali says I am asking to free Salim and you have to make me marry Salim. Akbar gets angry and shouts at her, he says how dare you, why didnt I kill you? if it was possible then my heir wouldnt be behind bars. Anar says its his dream and I wont let his dreams break, you have to fulfill your promise. Akbar asks what? Anarkali says years back you promised to fulfill my one wish in life. Akbar says so you are doing a deal with me? Anar says no a dancer is giving up her life. Akbar says If I promised then I will fulfill it, if you want to marry Salim then it will happen but this nikah will remain pure and keep it a secret from Salim and others, you will hide it again because of my saying. Anar says I accept. Akbar says then I will punish you in a way that nobody got it before, look at this palace, you saw dream of these walls? you will get it, you will be buried in these walls after your nikah. Anar doesnt blink and says I accept, if I remain alive then I wouldnt get my wishes, thank you for making me a dastan. Akbar says your death will be an example so no servant dare do it again. Anar says it will be an example for kings to love, this fire of love wont stop, you gifted me death but I gift you forgiveness, I dancer Anarkali give permission to Akbar to kill me.

Soldier comes to free Salim and says Anar is free too by king. Salim is stunned.

Anarkali thinks that God help me make Salim listen to me. Salim comes to Anarkali and says I will thank king later as we are together. Anar says I was waiting for you, I wanted to request you something. Salim says order me. Anarkali says I want to marry you right now, he says what? She says I want it. He says okay what you want will happen, you said that you want nikah with respect, I will announce it in darbar. Anar says no, only Rustum will be in our nikah, I am tired of fighting from world, I want to get my love, I just want to marry you.

Scene 2
Servant tells Jodha that Akbar has announced to bury Anarkali. Jodha shouts that he cant do it, she did so much and he is doing this?

Anar says to Salim that I want to live remaining days of my life with you. Salim says you have attitude of a queen now, I love you even more now. Anar says I love you a lot. Anar thinks I am sorry to lie but this is important for this country.

PRECAP- Anarkali is getting buried behind a wall. Akbar says to Anar that people write about kings but I pray that when they remain mughal sultanat, they will remember Anarkali and dastan-e-mohabbat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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