Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rukaiya frames Anarkali

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The Episode starts with Salim telling Anarkali about Meena bazaar, where Moghal wives keep their stalls. Maanbai comes to Jodha and expresses her wish to become Moghal’s wife. Jodha hugs her and says I will talk to Akbar about it. Salim and Anarkali see the stall space. She acts like selling the products to him. He smiles. Honton pe mere…plays… She gives her heart, which is the most precious thing. He gets emotional. He says I can never pay for this heart. She says price of heart isn’t money, but another heart, which you have given me, price is paid, now this heart is yours and even I m yours. They hug and smile. She says if anyone sees me with you, it will be an issue. She runs away. Guard asks Salim you here… Salim asks him to be careful while guarding.


says I spoke to Maanbai today, I got to know that she likes Salim. Akbar says great, Rukaiya spoke to me about this matter. She asks how does she know this. He says Rukaiya knows it all. He laughs. He asks do you like this alliance. She says yes, I m very happy, who can know Salim better than Maanbai. He pulls her leg. He says I will talk to Bhagwandas. She says not now, we didn’t know Salim’s wish. He says fine, just hurry up, its good for everyone. Everyone is at the market. Maanbai’s mum thanks Jodha for giving a chance to Maanbai to participate. Jodha says even I m happy. Maanbai has toys and says its memories, Salim will get our memories from this shop, why didn’t get come, I want Salim to come here first. She smiles seeing Salim.

Salim goes. Maanbai calls for him. Jodha feels unwell. Anarkali asks are you fine, I will get water for you. Jodha says I m fine. Salim sees Anarkali and signs her to come. Jodha asks where is your focus. Anarkali says sorry. Salim signs Anarkali to come, else he will come. He gets a flower and walks towards her. He gives the flower to Jodha. She asks what do you want. He says I will just the precious thing. Jodha gets dizzy. He asks what happened. She says I m bit tired. Anarkali asks Jodha to go to palace. Salim takes her. Anarkali stays at the stall. Maid says Maanbai has invited you at the stall. He says tell her, I will come when I m not busy. Khanam comes to Anarkali and asks what happened to Jodha. Anarkali says she was unwell. Khanam offers help. Khanam drops something and signs Rukaiya. She smiles.

Akbar comes there. Anarkali greets him. He asks where is Jodha. Anarkali says she was unwell, so Salim took her to palace. Rukaiya sees the non veg bones and says who has kept this near Jodha’s stall. Akbar gets shocked. Rukaiya says someone has made fun of Jodha’s purity. Akbar says who did this. Rukaiya says I don’t see anyone except Anarkali. Akbar scolds Anarkali. Maanbai shows the childhood toys to Salim. He says I remember this. Salim learns the news and leaves. The toy falls and breaks. Anarkali cries. Akbar asks her to answer.

Salim comes. He says sorry, I don’t think Anarkali has done this, you know her, she can give life for Jodha, she can’t hurt Jodha, its someone’s plan. Akbar says I want to hear this from her. She says I can’t even imagine doing this. He says then who can do this. Maanbai comes to give broken toy to Salim. She leaves. Akbar asks Salim to see what happened to Maanbai, keep her happy. Salim thanks Akbar for believing him.

Rukaiya says I will send this matter and kamarbandh for Maanbai from Salim’s side, Salim and Akbar will get against. She laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Getting irritated by This khanam dramas..
    The Show is very interesting ..but don’t spoil the show of Salim Anarkali ..like other shows of colors like triangle between Salim ,anar,mannbai
    Keep Mann bhai away..

  2. Thanks Amena for the update

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