Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ammijaan dislikes Anarkali

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The Episode starts with Rukaiya Begum asking the servant about Salim’s death. She says I m here to rule, not to make plans like maids. Akbar gets Salim to Dargah baba. Baba says your heir will fulfill your every dream. Salim smiles. Baba says he will break every dream too, he is your life’s biggest happiness and sorrow too. Everyone gets worried. Akbar says Salim is my only son, he is a blessing for me, whatever he gets for me, happiness or sorrow, I accept everything. They leave from Dargah. Baba sees Salim with Saifu/Anarkali. Salim says we shall go and play, you are brave. Baba says people bend down to Moghals or get beheaded, but this girl will raise her hand, it will be a disaster.

Salima comes to Rukaiya and asks her to pack her bags, they will go and worship. She says you won’t

become the queen of India. Rukaiya asks what are you saying. Salima says Salim is fine, your dreams shattered. Rukaiya asks servant how did Salim get saved. Salima says Anarkali came in between and saved him, she is a poor little girl, Akbar has given her shelter. Servant asks them to kill Anarkali first. Rukaiya agrees. She says we shall see who dies first, Salim or Anarkali. Akbar prepares Salim to fight with elephant and asks him not to step back.

Salim gets scared and hugs Jodha. Jodha says what you are doing is… Akbar says its upbringing. She says you are risking his life. Akbar says he has to go towards death to learn this. She says I don’t want this, there are many people for war, why Salim, don’t you love him. He says I do, but I love my country a lot, I m the King, he is not just my son, but a deposit of country, a father can be helpless, but a King isn’t permitted for this. She smiles and says I m understanding you well, but I have a mum’s heart, what shall I do. He says don’t forget Salim has Rajput and Moghal’s blood, you should be proud of Salim. Abu fazal comes and gives info about enemies. Akbar asks him to send their soldiers, if the enemies want a war, we will give them a war, prepare to leave for Agra. Salim sits on elephant and calls out Akbar. Akbar says great. Akbar says I told you, you should have pride in eyes, not worry. Salim sees Anarkali and calls her out.

Salim stops them and says I want my friend to sit with me, if she doesn’t come up, I will get down. Akbar says its fine Abu Fazal, Salim is thankful to his life savior, be careful that Anarkali gets down the elephant before reaching Agra, if mum knows this, she will take it as Anarkali’s mistake. Khala asks Saifu to greet everyone with respect. Anarkali greets everyone and goes to Salim. Salim holds her hand. They play on the way and laugh. He asks her not to laugh, he is a prince, play and lose this time. She gets hurt. He sees her wound and cares for her. He says I m a prince, I m not taught how to apologize, else I would have apologized. She asks really. He says yes. Abu fazal says we reached Agra, Anarkali you can come down now. Salim asks Anarkali to come to play at his palace. She nods and gets down.

Akbar and everyone come to palace. Rukaiya welcomes Akbar. Rukaiya blesses Salim for long life and does a drama. She gets kheer to feed Salim. Abu fazal stops Rukaiya and says sorry but I will taste the food first before Salim eats it. She asks you think I will feed him poison. He says no, this plate has come here passing to many hands, let me fulfill my duty. He eats kheer. She asks can I feed him kheer now. He says sure. She feeds kheer to Salim. She asks Salim to rest, then make her meet the angel who saved his life. Akbar asks where is Ammijaan. Maid tells Ammijaan about their arrival. Ammijaan meets them and asks about Salim.

Jodha says Salim is with his friend, the girl saved his life. Ammijaan says a maid saved my life, she isn’t my friend, I didn’t know I have to explain this to you, give reward to that girl and send her, I don’t want to know her name. Anarkali sees some fishes and misses her uncle. She falls in the pond. Salim laughs and cares for her. Ammijaan comes to him and hugs. She signs the maid. The maid takes a knife. Khala asks her to show mercy. The maid gets Salim’s cloth from Anarkali and burns it. Ammijaan says you both can’t stay here. Salim says she is my friend, let her stay here, don’t send her away from me, please. Ammijaan says I can’t refuse you, fine they can stay here, but this girl won’t be your friend, but as a maid. Khala nods. Ammijaan looks on angrily. She takes Salim with her. Khala hugs Anarkali. Rukaiya blows off the candles. She asks servant to send Salim to bhool bhulaiyya, he needs rest. Servant agrees.

Salim and Anarkali dance as Radha Krishna. Ammijaan scolds Akbar. Rukaiya says let Salim die, then I will gift pearls to you. She laughs. Salim and Anarkali fall in trouble.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. the kids acting was cute waiting fr shaheer and sonarika 😍

  2. Yesterday episode introduction of all characters is so nice . And today episode also so cool. The children playing Saleem,Anar were so cute …

  3. Chinnu21

    negativity started…..
    today i liked abu fazal …the way he spoke to rukhaya was awesome.

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