Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rukaiya makes evil plan

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The Episode starts with Maanbai asking Jodha about Anarkali. Jodha praises Anarkali and says she is Salim’s friends. Maanbai insults Anarkali. Jodha asks Anarkali to be with Maanbai. Maanbai asks her to serve. Anarkali says I m here to serve you. Akbar blesses Maanbai. He asks Jodha to start Bhaidooj rasam. Jodha does the rasam. Maanbai sees Hassan coming and thinks he has gained weight. Salim smiles and thinks she will be shocking knowing the truth. Anarkali thinks Salim looks happy, since he is meeting his childhood friend after a long time.

Maanbai says so he has come even here, I heard a lot of stories about his bravery, I think he can’t even kill a mosquito. Anarkali praises Salim’s bravery. She says he had killed 20 robbers recently. Rukaiya taunts on Maanbai’s attitude. She says I hate sweets, lets see if I like her. Maanbai says you didn’t see bravery ever, you believe his bravery stories, what will he pick the sword, its enough if he holds his weight. Jodha completes the rituals. Akbar says Raja Bhagwan Das has come and made the ambience more better, Salim has held the sword, but Maan Singh gave the skills to him, lets test them today, Salim will fight two brave warriors today. Maanbai says this laddoo is gone, now everything will be clear. Salim makes Hassan back and steps ahead. Maanbai gets shocked seeing him.

She asks who is he. Anarkali says he is Salim. Maanbai thinks it means Salim was fooling me until now. Rukaiya says I will decide the girl for Salim. Salim chooses the sword. He gets ready for the fight. Everyone smiles. Salim fights bravely. He wins the fight. Maanbai claps for him. Akbar says I m proud of you. Maanbai thinks Salim has to compensate for this. She goes away. Anarkali runs after her. She asks what happened, why are you leaving. Salim stops Maanbai, holding her hand. He asks her not to have anger. She says you tricked me, I wanted to meet you so eagerly, don’t follow me. He says I have forgiven you many times, can’t you forgive my one mischief. He ends her anger. She laughs and hugs him. She says I will call you Salim now, not Motu. Anarkali turns to go. Salim holds her hand and signs her. Rukaiya and Khanam look on. Jodha praises Salim and Maanbai’s friendship. Rukaiya agrees with her.

She stops Akbar for a talk. He asks what’s the matter. She says I m worried about Salim, his age is of marriage now. He asks is there anyone in your sight. She says Salim and Maanbai’s jodi will be great. He says yes, I agree, but I can’t decide in haste, I don’t know if he likes each other. She says our ties with their family can get stronger by this alliance. He agrees. She tells Khanam that Maanbai is her target now. She says I will make Maanbai wear this kamarbandh, Jodha will see this and have a misconception, Jodha will think he wants to marry Maanbai, Jodha will say this to Akbar, he will announce Salim’s marriage, then Salim will confess love for Anarkali, Akbar won’t accept this, relations will break. She laughs and says when Akbar refuses, Salim’s life will be burnt. She says just see how one small misunderstanding changes their fate. She laughs loud.

Jodha says Salim has chosen Maanbai. Akbar declares Salim and Maanbai’s marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. If directors made Salim marry mannbai then the beauty of the show will go..

    As per history we know about Salim wife’s and children names also.. But in this show
    I really don’t wish to see some third person will come in between Salim and anarkali lifes.
    After all show and is “Dastaan-E-Mohabbat Salim Anarkali “

  2. ya that’s true

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