Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Hakim alerts Salim

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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts Nargis slapping Husna and scolding her for coming. Husna says Jhillan is arrested. Nargis says all relations end here, Anarkali is just a dancer, not anyone’s relative. Anarkali tries to run. Nargis asks the women to stop her. Anarkali gets beaten up and falls down. Nargis says she can die, but not leave this Husn mahal. She asks Husna to go, else she will become a dancer too. Anarkali asks Husna to leave. Nargis warns her and asks her not to come again. Salim asks Mahabat about Anarkali. Mahabat says no, news is about Hakim Mirza, he wants to come and meet you, you should refuse. Salim says I can’t refuse to enemies, prepare to welcome him.

Hakim’s man says you shouldn’t go to Salim, he is our enemy. Hakim says I got ready now, Salim is my nephew first, then

my enemy, Salim has Anarkali in his life, Salim is a lover, he is Akbar’s son but has my habits, I m happy, Akbar will never bear Salim and Anarkali’s relation, this love will become a rebel, Salim will rebel against Akbar, Akbar and Salim will learn, its time to tell Salim about Akbar’s past, so that Salim kills Akbar and makes me glad. Husna says just Salim can save Anarkali. She asks Hassan to give the letter to Salim, its very imp. They get shocked seeing Khanam coming. Khanam picks letter and says what if Akbar knows this. Maan Singh gets sindoor to Akbar. Akbar asks what’s the matter. Maharaj Bhagwandas says injustice happened with Jodha. Maan Singh says you have done this injustice, so we have come to complain against you. Bhagwandas says you didn’t respect Jodha. Akbar shouts.

Maan Singh says you got hurt by truth, you have caged Jodha, you punished Jodha and insulted entire Amer. Akbar shouts Maan Singh, I can give away my life, not my principles, whoever goes against my province will get punished, be it any maid or queen, I respect relations, you are alive in front of me even after saying so much. Rukaiya comes and says sorry to interrupt, Amer is Jodha’s Maayka and Akbar’s Sasural, I didn’t know Amer people behaves such with son-in-laws. Maan Singh says we have come to get justice. Rukaiya says we do keep promises, Salim’s marriage will happen with Maanbai, Akbar is doing this and you are speaking against him. Akbar says I want Anarkali to go away from Salim and Maanbai’s lives, till she becomes a dancer, I have to stop Jodha, you can meet her any time, her status won’t get less, she will always be my wife. Rukaiya says I promise, that maid will become dancer soon, Jodha will get her freedom soon. Khanam says I m helping Anarkali, I have done all arrangements, just go fast, no one shall know about it. Khanam jokes and laughs. Husna thanks and hugs Khanam. Khanam prays for Salim and Anarkali.

Anarkali cries and thinks of Salim. Rukaiya comes to meet Anarkali. Anarkali says I had promised Salim that I will wait for him, I won’t wear ghungroo. Salim meets Hakim and asks him to have food. Hakim asks do you really regard me your uncle. Salim says yes, by heart. Hakim says I m thinking which plate has poison. Salim says I will tell you before taking your life, I m a prince, not a thief to steal your life. Hakim says I don’t fear you, but Akbar. Salim says fine, have my left over good today, maybe it increases love. Hakim says you made me glad, I knew you won’t cheat me. They have food. Hakim says I heard you are getting married, and Akbar has sent you for battle, I can’t bear the torture on you, if you are a prince, you have to obey the king, that’s why become a king, I will help you.

Rukaiya says Jhillan is in prison, Jodha is caged in her palace, you don’t care. Anarkali says I do care, I tried to talk to Akbar, I m waiting for Salim. Hakim says Akbar has no heart, whoever stayed loyal to him got punished, if he can’t understand loyalty, what will he understand love, you think he will let you marry a maid, never. Salim gets angry. Rukaiya says I felt Anarkali lives for others, I was wrong, do you know I wanted to get you and Salim married, you don’t care. Anarkali says I can’t break my promise to Salim, I can give my life for Jodha, but I m not permitted to meet Akbar. Hakim says Akbar will kill you and your love, don’t worry, if Akbar is your enemy, then I m your friend. Anarkali says I m ready to become Raqasa, but I have a condition, I want to meet Akbar in private. Rukaiya asks what are you saying. Anarkali says agree to my condition, I will listen to you.

Akbar says I will end your story. Anarkali asks how will you stop Salim, he will rebel. Salim gets the letter and gets shocked reading it. He says don’t worry Anarkali, I will battle Akbar now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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