Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Salim denies Akbar’s request

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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Maan Bai throws water on Anarkali and wakes her up. Anarkali says you kidnapped me? you wont get any gain because you can kidnap my body but not my soul, you wont get Salim by keeping me here. Maan Bai says if bee loves one flower and its gone then bee will go to another flower, I will win this war. Anarkali says loving someone is losing yourself, you are playing wrongly. Maan Bai says I will catch Salim from you. Anarkali says he is my fate and you cant get it. Maan Bai says I can snatch anything, Salim will be mine now as you wont be inbetween, you will die here alone. Anarkali says wish you had a heart and would see love is like prayer and you cant snatch it. Maan Bai angrily leaves from there.

Akbar comes to Jodha and says you wont do my tilak today? Jodha says this war is to shed blood of my son. Akbar says he is a betrayer. Jodha says he is a son for me. Akbar says you should follow your duty before your motherly love, do my tilak. Jodha says I know you are a father too, we can find another way, accept Anar. Akbar shouts at her and says you want me to take favor from a mistress? I need a strong son, not some lover. Tell me what do you want? son or husband? Jodha looks on. Akbar asks her to do tilak.. she doesnt. Akbar says you won as a mother but not as a queen, he wipes her sindoor and says I free from you being my wife and as queen, if I comeback alive then you will decide if you want to be queen or my wife. He turns to leave but Jodha stops him and does tilak of his sword tearfully. She does his tilak and says I am your wife and will remain your wife, please protect my son. Akbar says protecting a son is father’s duty but I have to fulfill my duty as a king.

Servant tells Salim that King is coming with his force for a battle. Salim says let him come, it had to happen.

Anarkali breaks cell and starts running, goons stops her.

Salim’s friend tells that we saw Maan Singh’s goons near Anarkali. Salim says send him message to return her otherwise I will come there with my force.

Scene 2
Maan Bai comes to Anarkali and says you try to fly? she makes servants tie her feet and hands. Anar says you cant stop love with these chains, if Salim knows this then you will remain waiting for him. Maan Bai says you will die here. Anarkali says let me go otherwise he will come here and then he wont listen to you. Maan asks her to stop her tongue and leaves. Anarkali says who can tell her that lovers can bring doom’s day easily.

Akbar comes to Salim’s den. Salim says you in enemy’s den? Akbar says if anything happens to you in this war then I will be hurt, Salim says you are talking to an enemy? Akbar says I am giving you a chance to say sorry and forget about Anarkali. Salim says make her my queen otherwise take my life in war, you have Danial and Murad to make them kings. Akbar says you think I dont love you? you dont care about your father and nation? Salim says is this father or king talking? Akbar says both, I have heart too, its not easy to win against me. Salim says then I am ready to die. Akbar says okay then I will see you in battlefield.

Maan Mai comes to Anarkali and says oh you are in pain? Anar says I have love with me. Maan Bai says king has come to take Salim and he will be mine. Anarkali says please let me go, they wont bow down, if I go there and give my life then they will stop. Maan Bai says he will not kill his son. Anarkali says all blood shed in this war will be because of you, because I could stop it but you didnt let me.

PRECAP- Akbar and Salim are in battlefield. They both run to attack each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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