Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Salim and Anarkali meet

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The Episode starts with Husna saying you are so shy. Salim comes there and asks everyone to leave. He stops Anarkali. Husna says I will go. Anarkali tries to stop her. Salim’s friend also goes. Anarkali gets tensed when everyone leaves. Salim walks to her and calls her out. He asks her to turn to him. She refuses. She thinks how to tell him that I can see him after seeing the moon. He says I m not saying, but giving a command. She turns to him. The flash from mirror falls over his eyes. He turns away. She runs. Someone attacks Salim. Salim holds the sword.

He sees Daniyal and Murad coming. Daniyal says Mamu has raised you well, lets see if you can face dancers. They fight with Salim. Salim defeats them. His friend stops him from killing Daniyal. Salim says my sword just gave you a sword,

didn’t take your life, I have come after 12 years and had to give a gift. Daniyal and Murad leave. Anarkali goes to Salim’s room and checks arrangements. She hears him coming and hides. Salim comes to his room. Jodha and others come. Salim asks her to take rest. She says its time for celebrations, I m fine, what I got for you. Anarkali runs out. Jodha asks Salim to get ready and come on time.

Salim doesn’t see anarkali again. Rukaiya makes a plan. Salim says Anarkali was here and didn’t come in front of me. His friend ask how do you know. Salim says I know it, her fragrance expresses everything, what does she think of herself. His friend says maybe she didn’t like your face, leave it, we have to go in celebrations, you will get answers and Anarkali there. Husna asks Anarkali to get ready for Jashn. Anarkali says I won’t go. Husna says Salim is giving us a look. Anarkali says I have to pray Salim comes in the Darbar. He recalls Akbar’s slap and words. Akbar smiles seeing Salim. Salim touches some money plates. Akbar says donate this in poor. Salim’s friend says everyone is waiting. Salim gets seated. Akbar says start the celebrations. The girls dance. The dancer gives a rose to Salim. He looks for Anarkali. Salim sees Akbar and turns away. He gets up and leaves. Everyone gets shocked.

Anarkali sees moon and prays. Salim comes there and sees her. She senses his coming. He walks to her. She gets tensed. He goes to see her face. He holds her and turns her towards him. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. She closes her eyes. Dargah baba says today, this silent moment will bring a big storm, just Lord knows this. Ishq khuda hai….plays…. Salim smiles happily. Dargah baba talks about love. Salim does shayari, and says moon has come in my sky after 12 years. Anarkali opens eyes and sees Salim. Ammijaan says love teaches to lose heart, I wish Lord keeps Salim away from all defeats.

Anarkali says ordinary servant can’t have answers for a prince. Salim says you are my friend. Khanam sees them and informs Rukaiya. Rukaiya angrily hurts Khanam. Salim’s friend says Anarkali left, she gave this letter for you. Salim gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Devga

    Awww how beautiful these scenes of salim anarkali….

    1. Chinnu21

      Hii devga😊..kaise ho?

      1. Devga

        Hey chinnu…. Fyn yaar… Thum keise ho 😍

  2. Salim, anarkali first meeting is very beautiful
    I like their bonding.. No overaction at all
    Simply smooth.

  3. Thanks you so much Amena for the update. I have been waiting to read it as am not able to watch the serial. Nice episode. And very nicely written. Thank you once again 😊

  4. Perfect.. just perfect.. picture perfect 1st meeting

  5. Atleast this show is better than those stupid serials
    I mean this is very different I like the way it started and I still love the show
    Hats off to the producers

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