DARLING!!! LOVE ME Chapter 1

Beautifully covered like bride Gadodia mansion has his own charm which is screaming just every inch of money and arrogant of the Gadodia family India’s richest family .today is most important day for this family after all its anniversary OF Shekhar Gadodia the business tycoon and Janki Gadodia beautiful actress of the Bollywood.all guest arrived mostly famous business people and celebrities and media have gotten the permission to captured this function but with ease nothing problem should occur.
Shekhar smirk seeing the crowd from upstairs having the feel of arrogant and power ” this is what I always desired to have immense power and money “as he didn’t noticed a slim beautiful covered diamond bangle hand slipped into his arms.
” I am so happy Shekhar that you are enjoying my surprise “said Sharmistha bose stand beside him with slight smile.

Shekhar look at her then jerked off his hand angrily – How dare you Sharmistha don’t forget this place is now of janki ,my wife.
Sharmistha laugh lightly then said with seriousness- oh i should known how can i hold my ex husband arms but what can i do shekhar when your own the so called wife is dancing with someone else.as she said and left with smirk.
Shekhar walk downstairs looking around there he found his wife at bar drinking champagne and having too close with one of his business client.as he walk to them.
” you looks so much handsome Mr Singh as you see after the party we can have a small drive.”smiling flirty Janki gadodia lightly kiss the old man on his cheek but with roughly pulled away by her husband hand as give her warning look and turned to guest who was totally shocked by Janki offer .
Shekhar said polite – Mr Singh sorry if you felt bad my wife is like to do joke isn’t jaan !

The warning was simple winch made Janki to nod quietly.
As they left the guest and come into corner.
Shekhar said angrily- How many times I said stopped your blo*dy act specially in front of media !!!
Janki jerk off his hand replied in equal anger – then stopped your ex wife to come into my house and have with my husband!!
Shekhar shook his head in disappointed and said quietly- if for once will you trust me Janki ! You know very well Sharmistha is having good relationship with Maheshwari family and i wanted to get hold in politics but for that I need to get their Daughter Ragini married to one of my son .

Janki barked – I don’t see a reason to involved your ex wife still , Ragini is good friend of My both sons .and there is no need to invite that witch in my house Mr gadodia.
Jamki left leaving Shekhar who was totally destressed by her and Sharmistha daily drama.As he look around for his sons .he called his son Sanskar…
Scene shift of Happy nursery.
Green,he never know how much he love this place something he never found any where else a peace and unknown happiness as he gaze at the new small planted plant of rose he smile again thinking about his dream of his Darling well he never saw but still she come in his dream clad in yellow saree like sunshine coming towards him murmuring something inaudible with beautiful full rose like lips then he see her eyes which take his breath away like anything oh my DARLING !!!!

” you Sanskar again started your darling !”said his boss and the owner of happy nursery Aarohi bahl(role play by dhrashti dhami )
Sanskar frown – no boss just like that!
Aarohi stood infront of him wearing white simple suit and braid hair – I know what are you upto Mr gadodia you and your lost dreams no one can save you from that .
Sanskar stood up dusting his hand – I don’t want to be save boss.said with intense look.
Aarohi smile – now go and clean your self you have to look like India’s richest man Son today!
Sanskar smile wiped away and said with frown – Aarohi how many times I will say you not compare me with that Richie rich.

Aarohi laugh – please go and clean and get me a autograph of your mom and closed the shop and last thing your today half salary cut one for calling me by my name another for your half day as she said with stern voice and walk away.
Sanskar look at her open mouth but then who can say anything else Lucky have given her a good name “fairywitch” as he remembered he laugh slightly then he thought about his brother still didn’t came to pick him up.Lucky where are you bro!!

“Lucky man there are too much people you know its new year eve and our ” love food ” restaurant is just made for occasion man those women’s are going crazy for your food now in anyway I can’t tolerate them !!!” Manager Khushi who was running from here to there look at the head chef the most handsome and her boyfriend Laksh Gadodia sitting on kitchens slab having walkman inhis ears and listening some stupid songs.she slapped her palm on head and shook her head “sometimes I can’t believed he is same serious chef when it comea to cooking!! And then next moment careless flirty!!”
As she go close to him he who was totally distracted in his musicworld as her eyes fall on icecubes kept in water glass she grin ear to ear and then

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh bhaiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed laksh his lung out .and jump out of slab .
Khushi laughing shaking totally as Laksh finally eased but when he heard sweet mingle laugh he went still as he stared her can’t stop himself “uff lucky you are gone man !! What are you doing to me khush !!” But then he come back to sense .
Khushi who was laughing felt something sticky at her head and then she smell and ” lllllucccccckkkkkyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!”
Laksh give wicked smirk at jalebi syrup covered Khushi – what happened GF not like Jalebi but you are my Jalebi Queen isn’t??!!!
Khushi clench her fist ready to give 1kg punch on her oh so sweet boyfriend!!as she taken one step forward but Laksh was fast then her he run out from the kitchen as she run behind him but coming out in sitting area of restaurant she looked through crowd still can’t find him but then she heard her naughty boyfriend voice..

Ishqa ishqa badmaash kare ishqa
Ishqa ishqa jag se na dare ishqa
Dil ki chori hai kaam yehi iss ka
Ishqa ishqa badmaash kare ishqa
(Love makes you naughty
Love is not afraid of the world
The task of love is to steal hearts)

Laksh stood one of customers table holding mike and very naughty smile while singing the lyrics helding out his hand for then pouting making her laugh as others pushed her towards him .she held him and then she danced withhim while singing.

Zyaada main toh nahi kehti
Thoda sa yaar bigad ja
Honthon se kuchh na karna
Aankhon se kuchh bhi kar ja
(I am asking you to be at least a bit naughty, not much
Don’t do anything with your lips
Do anything with your eyes)

Laksh look at khushi with wicked glint taking her hand tightly he grabbed her waist listening her lyrics and thinking about meaning dancing more close as she held him close drawling her arms around neck as his nose touching her .

Haan zyaada main toh nahi kehti
Thoda sa yaar bigad ja
Honthon se kuchh na karna
Aankhon se kuchh bhi kar ja
Kar ja
Kuchh bhi kar ja
Kar ja
Kuchh bhi kar ja

In split of second laksh climb out of another table taking another pretty lady in his arms but looking at Khushi singing again swinging the lady but the message was clear for Khushi what he said as she look amused.

Pal do pal ki sharafat hai
Baaki bigdi si aadat hai
Bach ke rehna zara hum se
Jahaan hum se salaamat hai
(I am innocent for a couple of moments
After that my habits are bad
Stay safe from me
The world is safe because of me)

Khushi jump towards him as pretty lady move out of his way looking at khushi who came close to him when she heard him clearly what he was his future plans for tonight in his shameless lyrics

Laksh- Pal do pal ki sharafat hai
Baaki bigdi si aadat hai
Bach ke rehna zara hum se
Jahaan hum se salaamat hai

Khushi murmer against his lips songs lyrics as he too come close to her .

Zyaada main toh nahi kehti
Thoda sa yaar bigad ja
Honthon se kuchh na karna

Laksh whisper- I am going to kiss you Darling don’t afraid people are watching us like owl.
Khushi smile slightly and whisper back – Will you shut up and Darling please love me !!
As she said he was kissing her wildly making her toe curled up.

Aankhon se kuchh bhi kar ja
Haan zyaada main toh nahi kehti
Thoda sa yaar bigad ja
Honthon se kuchh na karna

All gasped then sounds of whistle and clapping surrounding the restaurant and they all enjoyed the evening of “Love food new year Eve”!!!!

Aankhon se kuchh bhi kar ja
Kar ja
Aankhon se kuchh bhi kar ja
Kar ja
Kuchh bhi kar ja
Kar ja
Aankhon se kuchh bhi kar ja
Kar ja
Kuchh bhi kar ja

Scene shift of Maheshwari mansion

Sujata get inside the study room look at her Daughter who was too much beautiful like goddess but then after all she gone on her mother….it left bitter taste that how much she hate her own for getting what she never get so easily she brushed off the thoughts and strode inside.

Sujata said in clipped tone – When you are getting time to move Gadodia mansion I am not your blo*dy servant to wait all evening its already late!

” First and last time I am saying this to you My jealous mother don’t use that tongue otherwise it would not take me a minute to tell my own dad how many mens you have f**ked behind his back with proof ” the simple and straight way tone of Ragini Maheshwari wearing beautiful white saree with her hair open looking sophisticated rich women from every angle sat at her father place seeing some file when she heard her so Dad wife voice making her go stiff.

Sujata give her grave dead look then said in control tone now – Dp give fifths call he is really embarrassed due to my absence so that’s why i am here because its my bad luck he ask to come with you who just known how to blackmail her own mother! ”

Ragini shook her head and closed the file – next time knocked the door Mrs Maheshwari and yeah if it is not my father who loved you i would have made you out of my dad life fifteen years before. And come outside soon.
Ragini walk past to Sujata while Sujata clench her fist knowing how deeply she is being controlled by her own flesh!!!

Ragini sat behind backseat and look at her mobile having selfie with her both loving friends and bless by her Dad always this is her life but then her eyes went next photographs of her childhood she would have stopped smoking isn’t? A smile came over her lips thinking about her Beastie who would be thought that nine years of girl can kill twentyfour year of man with vase and safe her Ragini being molested and then they were easily sitting at school terrace and sharing secret which they steel from that man pocket.woah….that is what they both were …..firecrackers..

A laughs came out from Ragini throat while Sujata look beside knowing too well whom Ragini thinking about only that small little b*t*h can make laugh her no one else like that still can’t forget after so many years.
They drove away towards Gadodia mansion…

Sanskar -Swara
Laksh- Ragini
ASR- Khushi
Arjun -Aarohi

Precap – here we have some more drama with our lioness said Arjun with devilish smile while Arnav smirl at the site said quitely ” little sister is too much some time devil”

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