“DARKNESS” short story on THAHAAN

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Hey lovely peoples,
This is Vinni, back to torture u ??
Hope u missed me….?
We’ll I missed u all so much…so I decided to write this short story as soon I got time… ??
I’m waiting for ur comments badly ?
Bear me with this ?
So here we go….
“Darkness” many of us only knows its literature meaning n some of us might had faced it, literally!!
It seems like heaven is angry, a stormy night, a heavy rain. The rain drops between few flickering street lights were seemed like needles piercing the earth. The electricity cut off. N the cloud screamed to the core as, in a motive to swallow everything

In a small house, a small boy, sitting on knees, crying n is wet not bcoz of water…..suddenly the cloud again roared n thunderstorm passed lightening the scenario. There seen the boy crying, violently shaking two bodies, a male n a female, to seek a response. He was wet of blood flowing on the floor of the house. N was constantly trying to seek some response to the bodies. His innocent eyes filled with tears n fear, his trembling hands trying to take stand on his thighs, he pinched his thighs tightly n then noticed his hands red bcoz of blood.

“I…. I..I can’t do this…..I di…didn’t…. mean it. I just wanted to see outside world for once”

The boy was constantly uttering.

“U murderer!!! U monster!! What have u done!!”

A harsh scolding voice came from the main door.

A tall man with moustache with an angry expression seemed standing on the door followed by two three men. His face couldn’t be seen bcoz of the darkness.

The boy, in a sudden action, stood up with his shaking legs n widened eyes full of fear, escapes from the window nearby him, without even looking back at the house.”

“Wake up …..bihaan… R u fine ?? What r murmuring?? Bihaan” she said patting his cheeks in hesitation.

“No…no..no….” He screamed holding her hands more tighter. Wrinkling his forehead more n more.

“Bihaan” she yelled irritatingly

He suddenly opens his eyes. Takes a breath of relief. N sees thapki glaring at him annoyingly n he holding her hands. He suddenly takes his hands back with jerk.

“What happened?” She inquired with her eyebrows liften up furiously.

“Nothing” he answered standing up n ignoring eye contact, n turned his back towards her.

She grabbed him holding his wrist towards herself
“What do u mean by nothing?? After our so called marriage, I’m seeing u constantly murmuring something in sleep n disturbing urself n me too!! What is the problem??” She questioned harshly, holding his arms n shaking him slightly.

He ignored the eye contact.

“Say” she asked trying to contact with her eyes.

“Just leave me. It was a bad dream that’s it” he said jerking himself away from her. “U don’t need to take interest in my matters” he continued.

“I’m even not interested….” She glared

She lied fuming n he lied thinking on their floor beds.

What would had he told to her!! To that girl who’s her wife not bcoz of love but bcoz of hatred. Will she trust him?? Why would she?? N why he even care about her trust on him??

She gets up “can I say something” she looks him n glares.

“Hmm” he said

“The person who always did wrong in his life is always punished” she taunted

He widens his eyes in fear, in anger stared at her, he wasn’t actually looking at her, he just stared her thinking something.

She lies back on her floor bed, turned her back towards him.

She closes her eyes. He gets up with an uneasiness. He goes to balcony, places his shivering hands on the railing n looks in the sky with tears “I didn’t mean that. I just wanted to see the outside world for once.” he uttered.

“What!!!” A voice from behind grabbed him out of thoughts.

“U didn’t slept yet??” He yelled

“Neither u slept yet!!” replied she,”what u keep uttering always??” She continued. “U wanted to see outside world??….!!! What do u mean by that??” Questioned she.

“Listen chuk chuk gadi…..I’m not in mood to fight!! Leave me alone” he said splashing his palms together which takes thapki a jerk back. “Fine” she gasps her teeth in anger n goes.

This wasn’t the first time they were fighting bcoz of bihaan’s murmuring.

Thapki was now sure that it was not just a dream….it was something else….he was not telling her. “But what!!” She was question marked.


It’s Dawn, the sun is rising above the horizon, with the light spreading around. Thapki smiled looking in sky, closing her eyes to feel the light.

“So beautiful” she said to herself.

There was darkness, darkness inside bihaan.He, in the washroom, looks at mirror, splashes water on his face, n stares himself with teary eyes.

“How could u do this?? U r a murderer. U r a coward. U can’t face anything in ur life. Such a coward!!” He says staring at mirror n gnashing teeth in anger, eyes rolling tears of hatred…..Hatred from self. “U r so fainthearted that u can’t even say I love u to her!! R u scared?? What r u scared for haan!! What if she didn’t accept u!! So!! So what haan!! Who had accepted u??? No one right!! Then how can u except her to accept u!! How dumb!! I just hate u…. I hate u got damn it!!” He cries n moves his right hand to punch the mirror. When a voice stops him “Ouch” thapki screamed.

He rushes to her n sees her fallen on the floor “what happened??” He asked worriedly.
“I slipped bcoz of water on the floor” she explained
“Can’t u be careful!! Stupid” he yelled but looked concerned
“O hlo….Mr. Bihaan Pandey….look at water” she said glaring him
He sees n finds water on the floor is coming from washroom as he left the tap opened. “I’m sorry” he said in a big guilt.

She sees him “why r u so serious!! It’s OK it’s not a big deal!!…I’m fine don’t worry” she said looking at him confused n he looked so “sorry”.

She tries to get up when she again slips screamingly.

He, then, carries her to bed in his arms. She sees in the depth of his eyes whereas his eyes were focused on the bed, to keep thapki safe.

“R u fine now??” He asked

“Yes I’m much better….don’t need to worry” she said. “Maa will call for morning aarti…I should go” she continued.

When she moved her leg, her ankle was paining.

“Wait a sec” he said searching something furiously.

“What r u doing?” She questioned

He comes to her with a balm. “It’ll give u relief” he said massaging her ankles.

“What r u doing!! It’ll be fine. Just leave me.” She jerked her ankle away n it again pained.

He holds her legs tightly “just let me do what I’m doing” he said applying balm forcefully.

He was very concerned n was in a guilt, not only for this pain, but for every pain he gave her.

She felt asleep while he was massaging her.

“I’m sorry thapki ….I’m so sorry… for whatever I did!! I know I don’t deserve forgiveness…. I’m just made for punishment” thought he rolling tears passing his cheeks. He closed his eyes tightly to remove the blurred vision of teary eyes.

Thapki opened eyes when she felt something. It was the drops of his tears. She saw bihaan in tears for the first time, but didn’t interrupted. She just noticed him silently. Don’t know why, but she kept silence.

Both positive n negative thoughts were floating in her mind.

“Tears!! In his eyes!! Is he so much guilty for this pain!!” She thought confusingly. “But why?? For this pain?? Seriously!! N what about my lifetime pain he has given me!! ……Is he acting or what!!” She thought staring him which was unknown to him.

He opens his eyes, she suddenly closes her eyes, he looks at her ……

Slowly he feels asleep n lies behind her unknowingly n sleeps holding her leg, unknowingly. She opens her eyes n sees him “something is wrong” she thought while moving her legs to get free of his grip, carefully,”he didn’t slept whole night. I should not wake him up” she thought while covering him from blanket.
Days were passing like this.
She had always noticed about bihaan being ignored by his family members, it was the thing which tightened her chest “it might be, coz he did such a big mistake of marrying me!!” She thought once. But her heart was not accepting that he’s getting “only” punishment of marrying her.
One night
When it was raining hard, thunderstorms shouting on their peek…… The rain water was entering through window in the form of drops.

Thapki was sleeping on her floor bed when bihaan entered drunk !! Yes he was drunk as it was the only one way to get some relief of his darkness. She ignored as she hated to argue about his drinking habit.

He entered waggling n slowly blinking his eyes to see the environment of his room, n sees thapki sleeping, he slowly goes to her when he feels something, he bends to see the floor n widens his eyes in fear.

“The floating water on floor, seemed like blood to him.”

He jerked a step back in fear.

“Thapki” he screamed madly n ran towards her. “Thapki wake up” he screams n shakes her wildly

Thapki opens her eyes suddenly after listening his screams. She suddenly gets up n arranges her duppatta in embarrassment.

Bihaan, who was on the cloud seven after seeing thapki fine hugged her “I knew it thapki…u will never leave me alone” he cried hugging her tightly, “everyone left me n I thought u will also leave me in this darkness” he continued.

She jerks him back with a full force, which made bihaan confuse. She suddenly gets up to yell at him properly. Meanwhile he too stands up waggling.

“R u ma-ad!!!!!” She shouted

Bihaan looked at her in tears, confused.

“What u think of me??? I’m not ur wife Bihaan Pandey!! U r a cheater to me that’s it!! “How can u cross ur limit!!” She continued.

Bihaan, when somehow lil able to understand the situation, replied “I…I’m sorry….I didn’t mean that….”

Thapki interrupted “I just wanted to see the outside world for once” bihaan looks her with his teary eyes.

“How do I know!! U r thinking right??” She shouted n he remained silent.

“What happened?? Did he again fought from u??” Someone standing on the door of room asked.

The vision was not so clear, as room was dark, n the man was followed by two men. Which made bihaan shiver more n more.

“No…no…” Bihaan cried n escaped from the window.

“Nothing bauji, we again fought that’s it!!” She replied.

The man was bauji n the two men following him was Sanjay n Ashwin.

“Where did he gone?” Thapki asked bauji worriedly.

“Leave him n sleep thapki bitiya” bauji said patting softly on her shoulder.

“But bihaan……” She asked. “Don’t worry he’ll be back soon” bauji interrupted.

Everyone goes out the room.

“Where bihaan would be this time!!” She asked herself.
“Let him be wherever he is!!” She replied to herself n lies on bed.
“But what was that?? Why he hugged me!! Why he cried seeing me??” Number of questions were rushing in her mind. “Don’t worry thapki….bauji said bihaan will be back then why am I worried!!” She again gets up. “But weather is very bad today, where would he go!!” She starts roaming in room while thinking these.
She went out with an umbrella to find him anyhow. “How could be they so normal!!!” She thought to herself fuming n confused.

She saw n heard something while passing out the gate, she took some steps back to confirm whatever she has seen.

Sound of snivels could be clarified between the sounds of heavy rain, lightening, thunderstorms, n winds. She entered in cowshed, follows the snivels n saw bihaan sitting down in the corner, a dark corner, which may be his partner for so long.

Her tears were uncontrollable when she saw someone so broken, she saw him,sitting, holding his knees surrounded by his arms, his head was bent down, trying to hide his pain n tears from the world, but his painful snivels could grab anyone’s attention towards him, even he never want to.

She sits down towards him, which was unknown to him. She, then, manages to place her hand on his arms.
“Bihaan” she spoke anyhow. He, who was shut in shock as if his big secret was revealed, managed anyhow to move his head to see her.

“What happened??” She asked softly, looking in his eyes who were the only witness of his punishment.

“Stay…stay away from me, stay…away…” He said managing himself to stand, waggling. Meanwhile she tried to hold him but he stood taking help of wall. “I don’t deserve u….I just don’t deserve anyone!!” He said laughingly.

He starts walking, anyhow. “I’m a culprit!!! Ur culprit, everyone’s culprit!!” He said while she was following him, to make sure he didn’t fall.

“Bihaan…..” She said holding him when he was about to fall.

“I said leave me!!” He said taking his steps back.

“OK ok fine….I’ll leave u, come in ur room first”

“No, they’ll catch me stupid, u go.” He said in a low voice.

“No one will catch us” she explained “let’s get in fast”

The thunderstorm roars in the middle of their conversation, which makes bihaan rush to the corner of the cowshed. He sat again in the same position.

“Bihaan….. It’s ok… It was just a thunderstorm” she explained consolingly .

He sees her with his frightened eyes. “I just hate rain, just hate.” He said gnashing his teeth “n u hate me…right!! I’m in a relationship with hatred” he said with his painful smile.

“Why u hate rain?? See it’s so beautiful…. U need to feel every drop with ur heart closing ur eyes…. U will definitely feel it n love it” she explained softly.

“This rain is very bad, always scares me” he said like a innocent child.

“Why u think so??” She asked

“It is a top secret.” He said “so I can’t tell u” he continued.

“I’m ur friend ….plzz tell me” she pleaded.

He looked so happy after listening the word “friend”

“Friend!!!” He asked cheerfully

“Yes friends” she smiled n they shook hands.

She holds his hands asking him continuously to tell her about his fear, about his utterings, but what he would tell, about the pain he was been hiding from the world!! Even though he was drunk but yet he wanted to hide everything.

“I….I can’t tell u….” He said standing up suddenly.

“I’m ur friend bihaan…. U can tell me” she pleaded following him.

“U r no one to me” he said ignoring eye contact to her.

She, then, said crying “Fine then… I’m leaving u …..forever….I’ll never be back to u….like everyone left u …I’ll too leave u.

Her crying words was unbearable to him, he never wanted anyone to leave him, how could his love can leave him in this darkness!!! “Nooooo……” He cried.

Thapki smiled in tears.

“Don’t leave me in this darkness…. I can’t live without u” he cried. “What u want to listen?? About how coward am I?? I didn’t killed them, I just requested them that I want to see the outside world for once, that….that was my crime….they never let me go outside….. He used to beat her badly…n punished me….he always pu….punished me…” He breaks down on his knees.

“I’m a culprit…. I …I should be hated from everyone… Everyone hates me…..n this ….this darkness is my reality…. My…real place.” He cries hard.

She runs towards him, sits n hugs him tightly.

He too hugged her back, unknowingly. He was crying continuously, she was consoling him “I’ll never leave u…never bihaan” her voice could be heard in snivels of both.

“I knew it…I knew it bihaan…. I just wanted to listen all this from u….it’ll reduce ur pain” she thought n remembered about –

In the room,
She was roaming, “where would he gone!!” She thought n was roaming in tension.

“Ouch” she screamed slowly when she get hit to the cupboard. Something started falling on her.

“What’s all these!!” She thought picking them hurriedly from floor as it would be spoilt when water lying on floor will soak it.

They were the sketches made by bihaan, when no one was there to listen him.

“A small boy shivering n crying, when a man is hitting a woman with a stick”

“A small boy trying to stop the man n he slaps him hard”

“A small boy trying to wake up two bodies lied on the floor in a rainy day”

“A small boy getting scared of seeing men on the door”

“A small boy escaping out the window”

“A small boy met a man”

“A small boy got home n family”

“A small boy trying to seek some luv n attention of his new family”

“A small boy playing with his brother, both looked happy”

“A small boy hiding behind the wall to see a woman kissing his brother”

“A small boy crying n grew up”

“A young man holding gun”

“A young man fighting”

“A young man again standing behind wall to see his mother blessing his brother”

“A young man weeping in the corner of the room”

“A young man talking to woman n his brother lying unconscious on the lap of the lady”

“A young man wearing sehra by the lady”

“A young man marrying”

“A young man arguing with a girl”

“A young man saying I love u to the girl”

“A young man massaging the girl’s leg”

Thapki now felt as floating in air n trying to find a floor to take a stand. Her mouth opened in shock n tears n her hands automatically reached to cover his opened mouth, in shock.

“Th…..this…is bi…bihaan….!!!” She spoke anyhow. “But he…he…. al…always showed himself as a strong fighter man!!!….. He’s so broken !!! I didn’t knew” she said to herself, sitting on the floor, in shock.

“He…….he’s…… He’s not a culprit!!” She tightens her eye lids to release tears. “I was wrong!!!”

“He loves me???” She questioned to herself. “I’ll give him love…..I’ll be with him always….. I’ll never leave him alone, in this darkness anymore” she cried happily.

“I should find him!!” She gets up n wipes her tears.


She tightens her grip to console him, who was totally broken, shattered, n was crying continuously. She’ll never let him be alone from now. He cries all his heart out.

Thunderstorm roared n he hugged her tight.

Thank u so much for reading ?
Hope u liked it!! ??
Plzz plzz plzz do comment….???
Luv u all ❤

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  1. It’s really torturing me Vinni, i can’t bear living without your story…. 😉
    It’s awesome…the pain…the loneliness…the fear…the guilt…the darkness…
    Thanks for the happy ending, for the love and hug for our beloved bihaan… ♡♡ 🙂

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much dear ????

  2. Sulbi

    Vinni dear…how are you… happy to see you back… awsme OS…. but u r bad vinni dear… u made me to cry alot… i loved it darling… superb… come back soon with another ff or os… waiting for it… love you alods and tc dear 🙂

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks sulbi ?
      Aww sorry for making u cry ?
      N thank u so much for liking it ???

  3. Lovely…

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks meli ?

  4. amazing thahaan forever and as a bihaanian i become emotional u made me cry its amazing

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks Anu ??

  5. Manish ki deewani

    hello vinni ….hw r u dear….. i miss u soooooooo much dear …..my heart feel the the pain of bihaan …..really hw u write this amazing …..i feel this …..the pain the guilt of bihaan and hw thapki knows everything through his sketches ……u r great writer ….now bihaan got some one in his life who never leave him …love u vinni …… take care .

    1. Vinni7

      Hey dear ? I’m fine bae n hwz u?? I’m missing u too ?
      Thank u for liking it this much ?
      Luv u ?

  6. Nice concept…you has to give a well definition of darkness.a one persons support may help us to change our thoughts I mean negative thoughts.here we can see that Bihaans darkness melted by the support of Thapki.so…its a lightful wala ff.

    1. Vinni7

      Yeah Pooja? u can say it a lightful wala ff ?? on the basis of the way she supported him !! ?

  7. Oh vini what i said i didn’t find any word for you it so brilliant and awessome ff i just love it you are awessome and i request to come back with another ff.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks Garima ?? I’ll try to come back soon ?

  8. Wonderfully written its amazing dear

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks simi ?

  9. oh its too nice and emotional….i can feel it…poor bihan….u also write a tremendous story…..

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks sadia ?

  10. Di I missed u so much …❤❤❤
    Di how r u ?
    Di sorry again for commenting late ?

    Di … This os … Is again indescribable … If I describe it … I will cry … ? …
    It depicted all the emotions …. The guilt … The loneliness … The fear … And most importantly the DARKNESS …
    Being a manishian …??? … I was crying reading Bihaan’s condition …
    But the last part … And the flashback … ??? … THAHAAN FOREVER …. Their hug …

    I loved it di ???
    Plz come back soon with another os di … Can’t wait ….
    Love u di ?❤?
    Take care ??

    1. Vinni7

      I’m missing u too bae???
      Thank u so much dear
      Glad u liked it this much!! ??
      Luv u ❤

  11. Poor Bihaan suffering in silence, his insecurities portrayed beautifully. Only Thapki can be his savior. Love your concept.

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u mala??

  12. Awesome dear…

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks dear ?

  13. Vinni what else to say… I was living into the chapter dear…. I was feeling the pain of bihaan… and how his sketches helped her to know everything…that part was awesome dear…waiting eagerly for your next writing love you

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks Ritz?
      Thank u so much for liking it ??
      Will try to write something soon ?

  14. Juveria.ghalib

    Omg I got very passionate while reading it dear..loved each part of it..amazing.do come with another one

    1. Vinni7

      Aww thank u dear ??
      Will come soon

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