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All it was started a long time ago.The old deen of the college and my father was best friend.And Anamika was the daughter of deen.Like our parents,we also have became best friends.Today also I remembered everything,I was 13 year old and Anamika was 11years old.That one day has changed my life completely.We were at Anamika’s house,waiting for our father’s arrival.

It was already 10 pm and they never get this much late.Anamika’s mother has tried to call them but there were not any clue of them.When they’ve left home they’ve told us that they are going college as some emergency has came.!

Exactly at 11:30 pm,we got a call and news which we got from other side devastated our life.

Mr.Ahuja and Mr.Saxena are no more.Someone has murdered them.And there are so many things to tell,come and meet us at St.Steve”

Listening this news,Anamika’s mother broke down there.We both got so scared,I asked her what happened but she was numb for a moment.After a while she composed herself and told us to stay here and she’ll come back soon.But I insisted her that I’ll also accompany her.We left Anamika there with the maid and asked her not worry we’ll be back soon.

We reached St.Steve and the scenario there shaken us to the core.My father’s and Ahuja uncle’s body was laying there stabbed brutally with knife.And before I could understand how and why all this happen,other shocking news were awaiting us.

“”Mrs.Ahuja,we are really sorry,I know all this is very difficult for you but you need to know everything.Mr.Ahuja has informed us yesterday that he has a doubt that something weird is happening in the college though he has checked every place here carefully but he had a feeling something weird is going on here so he asked us for help.And today when he came to college with Mr.Saxena he must have found something shocking and the people who were behind that must have kill them.But when we came here we couldnt find anything but after some forensics report we came to know that some “KIDNAPPING AND MURDER RACKET” was going on here.But we dont have a single proof so there is no need of continuing this case.All proofs have been erased before we came here and that single forensic report cant proof anything.There must be some MASTERMIND behind all this.But you dont worry I’ll keep an eye on this college.And yeah one more thing since Mr.Ahuja was deen of this college,so you or any family member can take his place if you want to.!“”Inspector has explained everything about which he knew

Anty was completely devastated so was I.I’ve decided at that time only that I’ll find out the whole truth.

After few days,this case was completely closed.And now authority was asking Anty if there is someone in her family who want to take uncle’s post.After thinking a lot,Anty has decided that she’ll take the post after all she was highly educated women and she had to look after Anamika.She has dropped me to my home and told me that she hasnt told anyone about her decision but she’ll inform everyone tomorrow.

Next day,I was waiting for Anty but she didnt come so I thought to visit her.When I reached there I found that there was a big lock on the door and I got confused that why.!!I decided to enter the house from backdoor,I also had the extra key of their house.

And when I entered the house another series of shock was awaiting.A man wearing a black suit was sitting on the sofa,he’d a gun in his hand and Anamika was at gun point.I thougt of shouting but then I realised I shouldnt take any risk and was just seeing everything silently.
That man was asking Anty to sign a paper according to which He’ll be the new deen of the college.Anty was continuously denying but he wasnt in any mood of hearing anything.Atlast for the sake of Anamika she signed that paper according to which he’ll be the new deen of St.Steve in hope that her and her daughters life will get saved but…….

As he got the paper from Aunty’s hand,he shoot her on head and she died at the spot and then he injected something to Anamika and she fell on the ground and I screamed reluctantly which gathered all attention towards me and I just ran from there,saving my life.

I was completely underground for two days.And these days all the incidents were revolving in my head.Murder of my father and Ahuja uncle,that man,Aunty,Anamika..And then something struck my head,according to inspector the next deen must belong to Ahuja uncle’s family..It meant that man must be there relative..!!

After two days I decided to go to Anamika’s colony and collect some other information.
And what I come to know was unbelievable.According to people there last night

Anty has committed suicide and killed Anamika too as  she wasnt mentally stable after Uncle’s death.”

And I know all this was a lie,how can they even think so.But I didnt have any proof and all this has proven one thing that PERSON isnt really a mastermind.I should have to handle everything with patience.Four days and my life was upside down.I lost everyone whom I hold dear.But I wont let that man escape so easily,I’ll make his life hell.

Again something clicked my mind,that man hasnt killed Anamika,did he..?!

So I asked a person there if they saw their dead bodies and he said YES,so there must be something poisonous in that injection…..


Within a week,,my life was completely shattered…I lost my ANAMIKA.A layer of tear has formed in Shivaay eyes..From that day I’ve promised myself that I’ll find everything and culprits should be punished…!!

Listening Shivaay’s narration everything was standing numb,first Soumya’s death then this revelation..But there was someone whose tears were flowing uncontrollably..

“Annika,are you fine.?” asked Shivaay with concern

“Hmmm”” She just hummed in the response and hugged Shivaay tightly and this made every one there shocked including Shivaay..But soon she parted away,it was like for some nano seconds..

Mallika tried to divert everyone “Shivaay you’ve told us about this earlier too,then what happened .?You joined St.Steve then did some researches here but you havent shared the result with us…!!”

I’ll tell everything today””…..said Shivaay calmly
Shivaay’s narration will continue….

So heya guys,here is the update…!!
So found some clue or got more confused??
Do share your view in comment section inspite of just “good”,”awesome”….!!

Dont forget to vote and comment…..

And guys Thank you so much for nominating my book in “Reader’s choice Awards”…

There I came to know about my silent readers ..

Lots of love

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  1. Riana

    Aur confuse kardiya mujhe ???
    Ye kya hai kya…anamika, aunty sab margaye…and that bl**dy person..ufff !! ????
    But the narration was so superb more like a thriller film !!…
    One thing i understood that the mastermind behind all this is related this gang only !!
    Updt soon ???

    1. Kanfi

      Ooops or confuse hogyi??
      Wait till next part???
      Thank you so much dear….
      And thank you for hosting that award too…
      Lve you?

  2. Honey1993

    Nice update…. Like thriller….. I’m excited…. Update soon

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much dear…love you loadss…
      I’ll post next aftr my exams

  3. ItsmePrabha

    mujhe kuch samajh mein aayi par pata nahi ki woh kitna sach hai..woh yeh hai ki annika hi anamika hai.. just a wild guess….FB is Shocking…and that person Ufff..such a creepy person he is..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Kanfi

      Annika anamika confusion??
      Hmmm lets see.?
      I’ll post next prt aftr my exams..
      Love you soo much❤❤

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is become mysterious and scary… And risky….
    May be some kind of treasure they had hide so the culprit is committing murders

    1. Kanfi

      Treasure?? good going…keep guessing??
      Will post next soon

  5. amazing thriller…..luved it….yeah its confusing …….guessing Annika is Anamika….cant wait for next….pls post asap…..

    1. Kanfi

      Lets see if your guess is right??
      Thank you so much…
      Will post soon??

  6. Niriha

    Awesome …..I think anika is anamika interesting dear eagerly waiting for next part update soon

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much niriha….??
      Will post aftr my exams❤❤

  7. OK so according to this episode my mind has registered something
    1. Shivaay had a bad past and he is adamant to find the person responsible for it
    2. Anamita is not dead and it may be that annika is anamika
    And if so then it justifies annika strange behaviour due to that injection. Or maybe it may happen that the creepy person is using annika as a spy and want to know who all know his past ( just assumptions).
    3. This murdering of people is a very long case as also mentioned by inspector.

    Overall loved the episode and annika hugged shivayae was surprising..???

    1. Kanfi

      Ahaaaa aditi,you are giving spoilers to my story???
      Thank you so much dear….
      Thank you for commenting,,means a lot…
      Will post aftr my exam❤❤

  8. TUFriendsForever

    U confused me again aghhhhh Anika is Anamika but who is the deen??? Still thinks to be unfolded I just feel terrified what will happen next??? The past was a sad one all dead only Shivaay n u won in readers choice award congooooo keep writing all the best for your exams

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much rufi..

      I read all your comments…I’m so happy,my nitification box was filled with your commnts..I was so excited to read all???

      Thank you…
      Will post aftr my exam..
      Love you loads.??

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