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Daksh–You’ve done all this,,right????

His this statement made everyone shocked and now their focus shifted towards Annika…

Annika–Have you gone mad or what.?Why’ll I do this..!

Daksh–Everyone here know you are psycho..So dont act smart..!

Annika–Really..Then you need to know many more things about me..

She stared him with anger filled eyes and moved towards him with rage BUT stopped in between  as Shivaay held his hand….

As Shivaay held his hand,her anger disappear.She calmed down and after composing herself she left that place.

Here bhavya was completely broken,sitting lifeless beside Soumya’s body..Priyanka and Rudra were consoling her….

Daksh was also tensed after all this..Lots of questions were there in everyone’s head.

Shivaay was also standing there numb.History repeated itself and he couldnt do anything,he was  feeling helpless.Few years back,gauri’s body was laying like this and how can he forgot his love ANAMIKA,same has happened with her too.

But this time,he was determined to find the culprit….

Daksh–Guys,we need to inform Soumya’s family..!

Shivaay–No..No one should know about this..

Rudra–What are you saying..Its a murder and we need to inform police.

Shivay–No need of that..We’ve to find the truth..All this is not sudden.There are lots of things which you juniors dont know.But wait a minute,what you all were doing here?


Shivaay–Wo..we …what??

Priyanka explains her everything how they all have planned of stealing question papers…!

Shivay–How you all guys can do it..Like seriously..If deen will come to know about this,you all will be suspended..Its better that we keep all this to us only…

Just then Tia and Mallika came there followed by Ranveer and Om…And they all were shocked to see Soumya’s body.

Tai–Oh my god…Who’s she??Dead body..!

Shivaay–Stop screaming Tia..!

Mallika–But Shivaay..Whats this??I mean how all this happened??

Shivaay explains them everything…

Om–It means now juniors have also been targeted…!!

Ranveer–Ofcourse Om..They shouldnt have came here..Earlier it was only,now they too…

Tia–What’s next guys?

Rudra–What are you all talking??We are not getting anything..

Shivaay–We’ll explain to you guys…But everything should stay among us only..

Om–And soumya’s body??

Shivaay–I’ll send her body to his family without letting anyone know…Do you guys have her address??

Daksh–Bhavya should have..


Bhavya–Yes I’ve her address (sobbing in between)

Priyanka consoled her…

Shivaay–Ok so here’s plan..Where is Sid??

Mallika–Why do we need him??

Om–We’re a team Mallika..Dont forget..

Mallika–Yeah I know..Like seriously guys…You know what have he done..

Sid–What I did was needed at that time…Hii Shivaay..

Shivaay–Mallika please..We need to be together…So everyone in??


Shivaay–Where is that girl??What was her name?

Daksh–Annika?No ways,she cant join us.! Who knows she is behind all this..

Shivaay–Dont judge anyone until you’ve any proof..You guys meet me in my lab..I’m going to bring her..And dont worry about Soumya’s body,I’ll send her body to his family..

Hey,you….Yes you I’m talking to you..Lets go,we’ve to talk something..”

To blame me again?”

Calm down…”

He held her by his shoulder..And Annika’s expression completely changed..There was a twinkle in her eyes..Shivaay was feeling a known emotion..A strange feeling was there in between them..As if they’ve known each other for so long..
Their heart was beating in sync..There was a complete silence there,,It seem they want to say a lot of things but there isnt any word..

And soon their moment was disturbed by a voice

Everyone is waiting for you both”

Yeah..Coming Om..”

Annika lets go..He forwarded his hand towards her and he held it smilingly..Annika and smiling..!!

Shivaay–So guys,there are lots of things which you all dont know…So let me narrate you everything…!!
To be contd.

So here is the next update…
So SENIORS AND JUNIORS are together now..
Shivaay and Annika’s connection…
Lots of revelations are there in next chap..
Stay tuned to know everything..!!

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  1. Niriha

    Superb? update dear….
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    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much dear.????
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      If do so,check it out…I’m sure you’ll love it..

  2. I think anika is anamika

  3. I think anika is anamika and hi i was a silent reader but no worries

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Mind Blowing update Kanfi…It is intriguing..Will be waiting for the next..

  5. TUFriendsForever

    Hmm quiet interesting one so in next one truth will be outtt at least half will be out excitedddd to know it something sad and evil Anika n smiling realyyyyyyyyyyyy some truth is there behind Anika what’s the matter between sid n malli ???? Keep writing I am still biting my nails full of suspense

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