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Rudra–Guys are you ready?


Soumya–I’m so excited.For the first time I’m doing this kind of adventurous thing….(said excitedly)

Bhavya–We’re not going on picnic!!!!!?

Everyone chuckled on this

Daksh–Ok guys,Be serious.Lets go

Priyanka–First tell the plan,no..?

Rudra–Ohh yeah.As I’ve told you I’ve keys but I exactly dont know in which room has deen kept the question paper.But yeah I’ve clue i.e, that room’s keyhole is different not that typical one.So lets make two groups.I,soumya and bhavya will go together and Daksh,Priyanka and Annika together.Ok?

Annika–Ok.Are you sure that there wont be anyone there at this time.

Daksh–Yes.At this time no one visit there

Rudra–Ok guys,lets go.And yeah dont forget.last floor i.e. third floor.

Where are you Shivaay?We are waiting for you.It’s been so late,come fast.

Hey Ranveer.Sorry I wont be able to join you and Om.You guys please carry on.I’ve found some evidences,so working on it.So I dont think I’ll be able to come.

Ok then,Bye.Do tell us if you find something!

Shivaay’s POV

Finally I’ve found something.But according to this,all the culprits were caught when police found dead bodies at the control room of college.How can this be possible.Police had definately missed something.Then Gauri’s murder,shutting down of half of the college area,all this isnt normal.
Wait a min,two college student were also found indulge in this! Who were they.!I need to find out
Since everyone is here not for any good cause ? they are whispering to each other ..

Soumya–Why its so dark?

Rudra–So that we can play hide and seek


Bhavya–Soumya have you seen the time,,college time has been over.So its common sense


Rudra–Soumya you are cute or have some severe mental issue?

Rudra and Bhavya chuckled on this…

Soumya–Shut up guys.You both go.I’ll find that room by myself.huh….

Rudra–Are soumya,sorry sorry.Come back.!!

Bhavya–Dont worry.She’ll come back,Lets move…..

Daksh–Annika we are not here for any vacation.Will you be active and show some interest?..(said a bit a louder)

Annika–No I wont..What will you do??….(said ogling Daksh)

Daksh–Stop staring.I’m not afraid of you.!!

Annika–Then you should…….(her face became red due to anger,eyes full of rage)

Annika started moving towards Daksh.The vein in the middle of her forehead started to throb and her jaw started clenching.

Seeing this side of Annika,Priyanka remembered the medical room incident and that frightened her.She came between Daksh and Annika

Priyanka–Stop it guys.Focus,We are not in our class.Please Annika

Annika left from there banging the bench which was kept near her

Daksh–She’s impossible.Lets go Priyanka

Listening the banging sound,Shivaay came out of his lab

Who’s here.and that too this time!””

He thought of taking a round to check if everything is fine!

Soumya’s POV

How can they make fun if me like that.I’ve asked just a simple ques.You just wait and watch I’ll find that room,huh.Then you all will know how intelligent I’m.!
Rudra has told last floor is third floor then this stair.!Now see who is dumb.He doesnt even know that 3rd floor is not the last floor.Now only I can find that room.

And she climbed the stair to face the unknown problems.!

Rudra–Where is Soumya yr.We’ve almost searched the whole floor,neither we got the room nor her!

Bhavya–I think she has returned otherwise we would have find her.And about that room.I think only these two rooms are left.Lets go and check this too!

In the middle of the night,they were wandering on the floor;Rudra,Bhavya,Daksh and Priyanka searching for that room;Shivaay looking for clue of anyone’s presence;Annika wandering here and there in anger and Soumya,she wasnt even at that floor.The area where Soumya has found the stair is basically an out area,no one visits there.!

Rudra–Finallly we did it.Here’s that room.!

Daksh and Priyanka too joined them.

Bhavya–Come on open the door,Make it fast


Finally Rudra unlocked the door and it was followed by series of scream.

As the door opened,Soumya was seen lying in a pool of blood in the centre of the room.There was blood smeared on the floor.She was badly stabbed.Her eyes wide open as if the she has seen something shocking.

As Shivaay and Annika heard the voice,they ran in towards the source.
They reached that room together via two different ways.
Their eyes met,both felt some strange feeling but it didnt last for long…

Bhavya rushed towards Soumya and sat near her body,holding her head in her lap.

No,No….It cant happen…..

Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream.Her throat held back something between a sob and a shout.

Rudra come forward to console her.He embraced her and ran his fingers through her hair,in an attempt to calm her down.

The whole surrounding was numb for a while.Everyone has moist eyes.For Shivaay,it was like history is repeating itself.!He was confused,shocked.He wasnt able to understand whats happening here.Lots of questions were there in his head.

Except Annika,everyone was surrounding Soumya’s body and trying to register what has just happened.
Rudra reminisced his moments with Soumya in the canteen and a lone tear escaped his eyes.

Daksh noticed Annika standing near the door without any expression,just staring the body of Soumya.He stood from his place and came infront of her.

Daksh–You’ve done all this,right??

His this statement made everyone shocked and now their focus shifted towards Annika.
To be contd.

Precap— Senior and Junior__one team….Annika__culprit?

Stay tuned….

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    Diii I am so confused what will happen next?? So interestingggggg it is like watching a thrilling movies is Anika a vampire or what?? What person she is??? But I guess she has a dark pastry the stereo off funny but turned scaryyyy somoooo is ………… Uff can’t handle the suspense there is a connection with the truth what Shivaay is searching and Anika she knows something precap is also interestinggggg keep writing diii

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