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@XYZ place

“Finally you guys are here,I was waiting for you…”said Shivaay

“So,whats the plan..?”said Rudra making himself comfortable on the chair

Daksh,you have any idea about the chief of that group,I mean any clue or conversation which you’ve heard….?”asked Shivaay

“No,I dont remember any such things….But people there used to talk that there is someone in that gang who is against all this but he cant go against them…” said Daksh

“There are so many people involved in this,I just need one clue just one….Who must be that person…!!Guys I’ve an idea,we wont be able to find anything by just sitting idle ,we’ve to take some steps…And I am damn sure Soumya must have seen something related to all this and thats why they killed her….”Shivaay said connecting the dots

“May be….But there wasnt anyone except us..Annika..?”said Rudra

“No ,no it cant be her…”said Shivaay defending her

“Why are you taking her side??You dont even know her..!”asked Daksh

“I dont know but there is something…Forget it guys but I know she is innocent…And about that plan,I dont want to involve so many people so it’ll be you both,Om,Mallika and Sid….Okay…?”asked Shivaay

“Ok fine….But whats the plan..?”asked Rudra

“I’ll tell you guys,meet me @lab o mf research building at 11pm”said Shivaay and left from there

And this whole conversation was heard by two pair of ears…

“See,I’ve told you na they wont involve us in the plan..”shouted Annika in anger

“I really cant believe this….But why they didnt involve us….!!”said Bhavya being amazed

“How would I know…!But I’ll also follow them…After all I also want to know everything…Are you coming with me..?”said Annika

“Yeah sure…”replied Bhavya

“Fine….meet me @10:30 outside the hostel..”said Annika and left from there….

Tej uncle,have you arranged all equipments…?

“Yes,and I’ve kept in that lab room…..Tomorrow is a big day and we’ve to get that deal at any cost……”said Tej

Dont worry,everything will go according to our plan….They cant do anything….

BUT (that positive guy in the group)

Please….Now dont be an emotional fool….Go and do your work and dont you dare to come in between all this…I wont think twice before killing you…..


I know I have been supporting you all since beginning inspite of knowing all this is wrong…First there were old people but now you all have started harvesting children’s organs and this is it…I wont let this happen anymore..I’ve to talk to students….!

Tej uncle…..Do watch HIS actions….I dont want my plan to get ruined due to his idiotic behaviour..!

“Sure..”replied Tej



“So whats next Shivaay..?”asked Mallika

“See,first we’ve to check all rooms here…May be we’ll find any clue….And if that happens and anyone finds anything,do inform others by texting in group..And after that we’ll check that room together where we’ve found Soumya’s body…”explained Shivaay…

“But I and Daksh dont know all directions here as we’ve came here just once..”said Rudra

“Ok fine….Sid you accompany Rudra,Om and Daksh and Mallika you come with me….”said Shivaay

“Great….”everyone agreed and soon they dispersed

Annika and Bhavya too reached there…..There was complete darkness…..Annika turned on the flashlight of her mobile…..

“So where will go first..?I dont know where they’ve gone lost…”said Bhavya looking for the boys

“It doesnt matter…We dont need them….Come ,lets go to that lab where we’ve found Soumya’s body …”said Annika clearing the way

“Are you sure…”asked Bhavya being scared

“Yes…be quick…”said Annika

And soon they reached there and were standing outside that lab

I’m really scared Annika….We’ve lost her at the same place….What if something happens to us too….” said Bhavya

__no response__


__no response__


The whole floor was echoed by the scream,everyone ran in that direction

PRECAP–One more murder

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  1. Shanaya_rajput

    nice episode di….
    bt ab kaun mar gaya????
    post asap…

  2. Ananyagour

    Please….jaldi post kardena ?????and your magination is mind-blowing ❤❤❤

  3. Niriha

    Awesome update dear…eagerly waiting for next part update soon

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Kanfiiiiiiiii…Loved the Trust Billu has in his billi..Ofcourse yaha pe woh hamari Billu billi nahi hai..an kaun mar gaya…..Don’t tell me it’s Bhavya..kyunki ab agar bhavya ko kuch ho gaya toh Annika ko hi sab dosh denge na..Jo bhi hai..Will be waiting for the next..so eagerly….till then take care..Love you..

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is thrilling

  6. TUFriendsForever

    Totally thrilling Shivaay trusts aniii awwwwwww but ani knows something (my guess) may be because of the injection she is acting weird may be but why did they leave ani and bhavya?? In the plan but ani over smart????? another death I don’t need it to be bhavya plssss not her and all will doubt Ani but it’s was an awesome update
    Who is the black sheep????? Eagerly waiting to know and who is the one who is against them in their own group?? I think shwelana is the master mind and tej is just a computing her may be my guess
    Will be waiting for the next

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