Dark Woods- Vampire Series FF part 9

“Hi, welcome to Starbucks, your order please” the barista said in a monotone voice. Not to make her suspicious, we ordered the caramel latte chai and an espresso. She took our orders and fled the scene. “Which are the remaining places?” Rudra asked me, by the looks of it I wasn’t the only annoyed here. “We have yet to check the Nova Scotia and there’s a small town in China and….” “Enough, I know someone who may give clue to us” I raised my eyebrows at him. “He is my friend, we used to study here in New York, he is a witch” I tuned him off, as soon as the dark hooded man entered the place. He took the last single row table, which was abandoned. He made a quick call. He seemed to be tensed, so I quietly noticed his every move. “Om” Rudra snapped his fingers before me. “I know you are worried, but this is the only solution” before he could continue his rant I shushed him. He realized what I was trying to say him and nodded his head. “Shall we follow him?” he asked, and we did, when the man rushed outside after his call.
“How can she escape?” the bald man was pacing back and forth with rage. “Get your shit together, and go find her, I’ll be back in few minutes” he said. When he turned around we ducked behind the brick walls.
“Hey, watch out you….” I was cut off when someone pulled me towards the dark alley. “Can’t you f**king see, first you rashly push someone off there track like blind, and now taking me to the corner and do what…” again before I could finish the person put their hand on my mouth to shut me up, which surely not gonna happen. Their hand was kind of soft, like a girl—wait is this a girl? “God can’t you shut your mouth for a second” it was the familiar voice, my eyes widened at the realization, Oh God! What is Ishaana doing here? I mumbled her name and she couldn’t hear me out since she was blocking me out. “Eww, don’t put your dirty spit on me” she withdrew her hand and wiped it on her jeans. Since it was dark I couldn’t completely see her, but what left me puzzled was her hair, how did they turn from brown to red. “What? Why the hell are you gawking at me” she seemed pissed. “Ishaana, have you f**king lost your mind, what are you doing in New York, how did you escape?” “Whoa! Hold back there, I ain’t your Ishaana or whatever is that buddy, I am Kripi” How did she change her hair and name in one hell day. “Don’t play with me alright, you are my responsibility, come back home” I demanded. If she thinks I am here for game, then she is so wrong. She ignored me like a plague, and dialed some number, and soon a black van halted at the right end of the alley. “Okay, bye dude, and if you wonder why I pulled you here, is because you were causing the commotion which would make me get caught by that bald dude and for whoever you are confused me to—I hope you get her lover boy” she finished and jogged to the van, a tattooed guy welcomed her with the hug and drove off.
“Are you sure about that?” I glared at Rudra, for even questioning me. “I mean she could be….” His words died as soon as the door bell rung at our hotel room. Rudra made his way to the door to welcome our uninvited guest. “Oh hi, how’s everything going on?” I heard few greetings, maybe it was his old college friend. I was lost in my thoughts about that Kripi girl that I couldn’t notice someone standing before me, then Rudra coughed to claim my attention. I looked up to see a bearded tall man smiling, beside Rudra. “Bhai, yeh Michael Hai, aur Michael yeh Mera Bhai Omkara” I shook his hands. “Hi Om, okay if I call you that” he asked me, he smiled when I nodded my head. “Alright, I am basically a witch I can trace that girl, if you want” he said looking between Rudra and I.
“You are sure this is the place right?” I asked Mike, he nodded and guided me to turn left— to the more isolated place. “I can see few people, surrounding some place” announced Rudra as we neared the place. I slowly parked the car, at the start of the small hill. I climbed down the car and stood near the edge, took my binoculars which were inside my jacket and zoomed in. What I noticed startled me, I saw a similar red head making her way to the huge entrance door along with the tattooed guy. Mike has shown me his imagines, where Ishaana was blacked out, and few guards were guarding her, she hadn’t her hair dyed red. Does this means that—Ishaana have her double?
So finally Omkara here for the Ish’s rescue, but what is Kripi doing there and I want y’alls opinion. I am going to update two chapters in one update from next… and this series I am finishing off at 15th chapter, that means this only has 20 parts totally…. Thanks I hope you enjoyed???

  1. Amazing update…

  2. Samm

    interesting. with the double trouble drama in ishqbaaz, now it’s time for some clash between doppelganger heroines, isn’t that it? 😀 looks like some action and sleuth scenes are coming up next! excited to read more, so post next soon 🙂

  3. It is awesome dear… Eagerly waiting for the next update…

  4. Can you plz you update the next episode?

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