Those dark nights (RAGLAK OS)

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Hello my lovelies,
This is just something that stuck in my mind for a while! Reading Swaragini fanfics back to back may have led me to this! So do forgive this cheesy romantic OS.
Love you all a ton,
Sham. <3

P.S. Do comment your thoughts on this. And whether you wish to see any work from me in the future or not! 😉

'Oh no!! What's wrong with these lights? Why are they flickering??' thought Ragini.
Lakshya just got out of the washroom and sensed her fear.
She was frantically searching for candles in the drawers. Suddenly the lights went out and Ragini panicked.
It all seemed amusing to Lakshya till she stumbled towards him. She clutched at his t-shirt with both her hands and was close to a panic attack. This was the same girl who could fight for her rights all alone and show people their rightful place merely by words. Ragini the tigress was reduced to a little girl by darkness? That was her greatest fear?
Lakshya couldn't believe his eyes. The girl who he couldn't tolerate even for a second had such a soft side to herself??
His musings were cut short by the arrival of the electricity and Ragini left his side as though burned by his presence. Her shallow breaths were the only proof of her weakness as she walked over proudly to the couch to sleep.

The next morning as Lakshya woke up, he saw Ragini drying her hair near the dressing table. He thought of her tender moment the previous night. It made him look at Ragini in a completely different light. He felt a sudden urge to pacify her and assure her of her safety.
'Lakshya what are you thinking? And for whom are you getting these protective feelings?' he shook his head in disbelief and turned his eyes towards Ragini unconsciously.
She was unaware of his gaze and had a slight smile on her lips while arranging her sari. Her waist was exposed for a second and Lakshya was greeted by her milky white skin. He gulped and looked around. How could he ever unsee that??
He turned back to inquire whether she caught his wandering gaze and was delighted to find her blissfully unaware. He saw droplets of water on her back which rolled downwards slowly. He cursed those droplets as they had the opportunity to caress her pale, unmarked skin.
That was the moment Lakshya decided that he needed a cold shower and the reason was his wife!
'Yes wife! Ragini is my wife. Nothing wrong in thinking about her!' he assured himself. But his heart was singing another tune that day which he refused to heed to.

It was the day of their business party and it was Lakshya's idea to hold it at home for their international clients.
He wore a black sherwani and was looking around for his watch when he saw her.
Ragini was trying to tie the strings of her blouse and couldn't do it right. It had been weeks since he started noticing her. But he always felt like a peeping Tom for looking at his wife. This was the chance he'd been looking for and Lakshya Maheshwari doesn't waste opportunities, that was partly why he was such a good businessman.
He walked up to Ragini and asked, 'Mr. Whitman and his friends will be here any minute. I'm in charge of welcoming them and Dad wants you to be with me. Are you done?'
Ragini looked at him in annoyance, 'I'll be done in 2 mins. I hope that won't make you late!' she said sarcastically.

'Where is Pari bhabi? I had told her to help me! Now Lakshya might blame me if we get late. Should I ask him to help? No no!! He'll never help, he's such an arrogant brat.'
Lakshya waited for 3 full minutes and then smirking slightly he went up to her.
He saw her struggling with the strings. Ragini saw him in the mirror and stopped fidgeting with the strings. Lakshya looked into the mirror and stood behind her. He glanced at her back to find the right strings and looked back into the mirror. His fingertips and knuckles brushed against her buttery soft skin. Electric currents were shooting into his core from those points of contact. Ragini's breath hitched and her eyes lowered to the ground. He couldn't believe his luck to be able to touch the object of his fantasies. He dragged his fingertips on her back as though he was trying to hold the strings in place.
He thanked the designer of her outfit atleast half a million times in that moment and wished for all her blouses to have strings.

'Mr. Lakshya Maheshwari, your family is so friendly and your parties are really colourful! And your wife is such a beauty! You're a very lucky man, I must say!' said Mr. Whitman.
Lakshya felt a slight pang at the mention of his wife. He had noticed Ragini talking to his clients and entertaining them.
How can she talk to everyone around but him! It was starting to distract him as he kept looking towards her every few seconds.
He saw Mr. Whitman asking Ragini to the dance floor. And sensed her look his way. But he quickly glanced away before she could make eye contact. When he looked back he saw her walking to the dance floor with Mr. Whitman in tow.
Lakshya gnashed his teeth at the thought of another man touching his wife, his Ragini!
'His Ragini?? Who was he kidding! They both may be married but there has never been any love in that relationship ever. What about now?' he thought.
'Just because something didn't happen all this while doesn't prove that it can never happen, right?' he convinced himself.
He decided that it was high time he showed the world just whom that beauty belonged to and walked over to the dancing couple.
'Mr. Whitman, may I have a dance with my wife?' and without waiting for an answer pulled her close to him. The music changed to a slower melody and the lights dimmed. Ragini stepped closer to him and squeezed his shoulder and hand.
Lakshya placed both her arms on his shoulders and placed his hands on her bare back. She held on to his shoulders for dear life and Lakshya felt guilty lusting for this scared little girl. He moved his lips close to her ears and whispered, 'Ragini, we can go back to the hall if you don't want to be here. I don't want you to be uncomfortable.'
Ragini was slightly taken aback by his show of concern. She looked up into his eyes and found him looking back at her with genuine concern.
She felt a shiver run through her spine at such an intimate and caring gesture. Lakshya felt her shiver and pressed her close to himself and wrapped his arms protectively around her.
He placed his lips on her head and said, 'Ragini, I'm with you. I'm right next to you. Please don't be afraid.'
Ragini felt his words calming her nerves, that were brought by the dim lighting, and his heartbeat reassuring.

Several days passed that incident. Lakshya and Ragini began behaving civilly. It was a stormy evening and Ragini was unable to sleep. She kept tossing and turning on the couch. Lakshya hadn't yet reached home as he had a late night conference call.
Lakshya felt uneasy thinking about Ragini alone in their room on such a stormy night. He wondered what would happen if the electricity went out and that's when he cursed himself thinking about the electric generator that he forgot to get repaired. He left for home that instant. All throughout the drive home, he was thinking about Ragini's orbs glistening in fear and her short bursts of breath.
He drove carelessly as his only concern was reaching home.
After what felt like an eternity, Lakshya finally reached home. His worst fears had come true as the house was drenched in darkness. He switched on the flashlight on his phone and raced upstairs to his room.
'Ragini? Where are you?' he shone the light across the room and saw a little figure huddled in a corner on the floor.
His heart broke into a thousand pieces as he hurried across the room to her. He gathered her into his arms and kissed her head over and over.
'Ragini, please forgive me baby! I'm sorry I wasn't there to hold you when you needed me. I'm sorry my love! Please forgive me baby.' he felt tears running through his face unknown to him.
He carried the tormented girl and climbed on to the bed. Took off his shoes hastily and lay down, placing her gently on his chest.
Ragini was shivering in fear and freezing cold all over. He placed her head on his chest and covered her with his comforter. Lakshya slightly rocked her like a petulant child, rubbed his hands over her back and arms trying to get rid of the deathly cold and kissed her hair.
Ragini heard taps. They went on and on. She kept counting them and fell asleep.

Her body ached as though she was enveloped in an uncomfortable cocoon. She stirred awake and raised her head slightly. Ragini was shocked to see Lakshya. She realised that he was holding her tight and that was the uncomfortably hard envelope. He had tear tracks running down his eyes. She tried to recall the previous night and winced remembering the stormy darkness. Lakshya felt her stiffen suddenly and pressed her close to him. He kissed her hair and whispered drowsily, 'Ragini, I'm with you sweetheart. I promise I'll never leave you again. Forgive me bachha!'
He kissed her tenderly. Ragini's heart was beating on over drive at his words and kisses.
She pretended to be asleep because she needed time to process everything that happened.

Lakshya slowly disengaged himself from his wife and got up. He caressed her head and smoothed out the creases on her brow. A faint chaste kiss later, he walked into the washroom and freshened up.
Ragini waited for him to leave the room and then crept slowly out of bed.
She was lost deep in thought the rest of the day. And her thoughts gravitated towards calming heartbeats a few times.

When he reached home that evening, he found Ragini sitting by the edge of the bed and sipping a glass of water.
He never knew that such a mundane act of hers could evoke strong feelings of loving care in his heart.
Ragini jerked up as he shut the door and the glass fell from her hand. She was so shocked by her action that she stood up momentarily and stepped on a glass shard by mistake.
Lakshya dropped his phone and files and rushed to her side instantly. He made her sit on the bed and crouched down in front of her. He placed her bloodied foot on his knee and set to remove the glass piece.
She winced in pain and Lakshya looked up apologetically. Ragini saw his eyes well up with unshed years and forgot her pain.

'Why does he look like he's in pain when I'm the one who should cry? Does he feel guilty that I hurt myself out of shock?? Why am I feeling bad for him? Should I tell him that I'm fine?', a quarter million thoughts flashed through her mind.
'So much blood! My baby might be in so much pain right now! What do I do? How do I make her feel better?? What was the need for her to be so shocked when I entered? Should I have knocked before entering?? Was it my fault that she's hurt right now? It definitely was', he mused.
'No!', she said suddenly. 'Huh?', Lakshya looked up. 'You need not feel bad. It's not your fault. I was careless. I can continue my first aid', she said with an air of trying to liberate him of some tough responsibility.
'I hurt her. She probably wouldn't even be hurt today if it weren't for me! It's understandable that she doesn't want me around her', he thought remorsefuly. 'I'm done actually', he said aloud and got up.

After that night, Ragini noticed Lakshya stealing glances at her all the time. His protective hand would hover around her without touching, always ready to hold her steady.
Whenever a sigh left her lips, he would check up on her to ensure her safety. When she burnt her hand, he was ready with the ointment and when she stumbled, he was always around to hold her close.
Ragini looked forward to those moments of care and secretly wished for him to always be with her, even if it meant that she had to be hurt. But the grave pain in those eyes, almost as though he felt hurt too, stopped her from hurting herself.

Ragini and Lakshya were returning home from her house, when the car broke down right near their house. It was a little late at night, so they decided to walk home rather than call another car from home. Just when they reached the gate, it started pouring. Ragini and Lakshya ran indoors trying to avoid getting drenched.
'Ouch!', she cried in pain as her sandal slipped at the wet entrance and her ankle got sprained.
'Ragini, what happened?', Lakshya grabbed her elbow looking at her foot.
'I think I sprained my ankle when I slipped. Nothing to worry!', she added quickly.
'Wait a second! You shouldn't put your weight on the sprained foot. It will just hurt more. I'll take you upstairs', and lifted her as though she were a feather.
His painful gaze at her foot was enough to quieten any complaints from her side.
She just didn't want to see him in pain and it surprised her every time to see his concern and empathy.

Back in their room, Lakshya placed her gently on the bed and hurried to get a bandage.
'Lakshya, leave it I'll do it!', she said when he reached out to inspect her foot.
He looked at her and spoke calmly, 'Let me do it now, Ragini. You can do it when I'm not there', and he gently placed her foot on his lap.
'Where are you going?', asked Ragini with her innocent eyes widened.
'Erm.. Office.. Tomorrow..', he said uncertainly.
She nodded her head in understanding and her unusual heart beats slowed down at his reply.
'Does she want me to stay with her tomorrow? Why was she so worried as if I was going to leave her? Did she really think that I would leave her?? But does it even matter to her? Would she be affected if I wasn't around??' 'Probably not!', answered his mind.
And he continued bandaging her foot.
'Your clothes are wet, you should change', he said gesturing towards her wet sari. He picked up her home wear from the cupboard and left it on the bed near her. He then walked off into the washroom.
Ragini looked towards the washroom and waited until she heard the shower. She then took off her wet clothes and wore a pale pink sari. She had worn it but was unable to balance herself and make her pleats at the same time. The pleats wouldn't come right while seated.
Lakshya entered the room and saw her struggle.
He was tempted to offer help but promised himself to leave out any lustful thoughts in her time of need.
He would never take advantage of another situation like he'd done before. This was his Ragini, his wife, not a business deal and now that he love.. No no.. He just couldn't!
'Lakshya, would you help me wear this?', she asked sheepishly.
Lakshya smiled at her and said, 'I can help you but there's a condition!'
'What's that?', she asked apprehensive.
'You need to guide me as to how I should help you, because I have no idea how it's draped!', he said looking towards her with his hands rubbing the back of his head.
Ragini smiled sweetly and called him over.
His heart skipped a beat when he realised that it was the first time her genuine smile was directed towards him!
He felt ecstatic and just wanted to continue gazing at his love.
'I'm crazy! I love her!!', he thought to himself and felt his heart filling with tenderness.
He went up to her and helped her pleat her sari which she tucked close to her waist.
She was about to go to the couch but Lakshya insisted her to use the bed. Ragini didn't want him to sleep on the couch either as he wasn't used to it. She arranged for both of them to sleep on the bed.
Lakshya was more than happy to be close to her but wanted Ragini to choose for herself.

Ragini found herself splayed on his chest in the morning and a protective arm wrapped around her waist.
She felt goosebumps run through her body at their closeness. As she felt him stir, she slowly moved over to her side of the bed. Lakshya was still asleep but he felt a loss of warmth and called out to her.
'Ragini.. Don't leave m.. me.. Please..', he said drowsily.
Her breath caught at his innocent plea. And she felt a happy flower blooming in her heart.

When Lakshya awoke, he saw the bed empty and worried. He recalled Ragini's sprained ankle and got up hastily from bed.
Just then the door to the washroom opened and he saw the most beautiful girl in the world before him!!
Her limp made him get out of the daze of her beauty and he rushed to her side.
'Ragini, are you alright? Does your foot hurt too bad? Why didn't you wake me up?? I would've helped you take ba..', he caught himself before blurting out the indecency.
Ragini completely lost it. She had never seen the great Lakshya Maheshwari lost for words, ever in her life!! And she couldn't control herself. She held on to him and burst out laughing!
Lakshya felt like it was the best day of his life when he saw her laugh like a little kid. There was no pretence or ego. It was just Ragini and her true self, her bare self, in front of him. For this moment to repeat, Lakshya felt that he could do absolutely anything. He didn't mind being a laughing stock if it made his Ragini happy!
And then he smiled sheepishly as he realised that this girl had completely stolen his heart. And he belonged to her.

He called home 8 times that day in 12 hours! And Pari bhabi wasn't going to let him forget about it for the rest of his life. Yeah, it was kinda embarrassing but he didn't care! He never cared about what people thought of him anyway. But it was still a new feeling to show his care in front of the world.
It was 9.38pm. They may have gone to sleep. But he still called on Pari bhabi's phone.
'Yes yes! I was just waiting for your call! Ragini had dinner and I sat with her while she was eating. Before you ask, let me tell you that she ate everything well and I put her to sleep myself. I have kept the pain killer and her jug of water by the bed side table! Anything else, Sir?', she teased.
'Bhabi, please don't embarrass me! Thank you so much for taking care of Ragini', he said gratefully.
'As if I had plans to abandon her, and changed my mind after you asked me to! Devarji, we all love her. Maybe not as much as you, but we all do!', she smiled.
'I know Bhabi, I was probably feeling guilty and responsible for her state', he apologised.
'I understand your situation, Lakshya. It's just that I can't resist pulling your leg. Anyway, I tucked her into bed and turned off the lights before I left your room! Now concentrate on your American project and let us sleep!!' she assured him.
'Ok bhabi! Good night', he said and focussed on the briefing.
espite the conversation he had with Pari bhabi there was something bothering him. He wasn't able to concentrate a hundred percent on his work.
Finally he took a break to calm his mind before his meeting.
He walked to the restroom, switched on the lights and made a black coffee.
That was when he realised what it was that had been bothering him all this while! Pari bhabi had turned off the lights!! What if Ragini wakes up in the middle of the night!
It was 11.45pm now. He could call his mom, she probably wouldn't mind. He scrolled through the call log and was just about to place the call when he thought of Ragini.
'Would she mind if he told his mom about her fear of darkness? It seems like a silly thing to others but what if she doesn't want anyone to know!', Lakshya was confused.
'Sir, your clients will be ready for the conference call in 5 mins', his secretary informed.

'Lakshya Maheshwari, you're one hell of a crazy lover boy!', he thought to himself. The project that he had been working on for the past one year, all thrown away for the girl he met 4 months ago?
'She's not just any girl, she's his wife, and the love of his life!', he asserted.

He reached his room and found Ragini sleeping soundly hugging his pillow close to her. He felt a sense of relief wash over him.
He quickly washed up and came to bed. Disengaging his pillow from her arms, he placed it on his side. Ragini slowly stirred and Lakshya placed his palms on her face whispering, 'Ragini it's me. Do you want me to turn on the lights?' She signed no. And opened her eyes slowly, holding on to his arms.
'Lakshya, you came? What time is it??', she asked slightly disoriented.
'It's around 1am now. Why?? Do you have any appointments tonight?', he teased.
'No!', she smiled and said, 'Your conference call got over so soon? How was it?? Did you get the contract?'
He felt guilty looking at her excitement and lowered his eyes. 'I didn't attend the conference call', he mumbled.
'Why?', she exclaimed in a childish manner that was part curiosity and part concern, one that only Ragini could pull off.

'Actually, I left early from work. Because I was worried about you!', he added as an afterthought.
'Why were you worried?', she wondered out loud.
'Bhabi mentioned that she had switched off all the lights in the room. But when I realised it, almost 2 hours had passed. I thought of calling Maa and asking her to turn on the bedside lamp. But I wasn't sure if I could explain it to them. I just didn't want you to feel bad or embarrassed!', he ended clumsily.
'So you decided to come?', she asked.
'So I decided to come!', he replied sheepishly unable to meet her eyes. What seemed then as an emergency, started to feel more and more ridiculous with each passing minute.
'Is she angry? Or disappointed with me?? My behaviour? Have I made a mistake? Does she hate me now!!', his mind was churning out different possibilities ranging from bad to worse and he still couldn't look up to her face!
Ragini placed her delicate fingers under his chin and raised his face. When he met her eyes, he saw her hazel orbs glistening with tears.
'Ragini! I.. I'm.. I'm sorry.. Please don't cry! Please..', he pleaded her fervently.
'Sorry for what?? What are you apologising for?', she asked.
'For hurting you, for bringing these tears in your eyes!', he held her face between his palms and explained.
She shook her head in exasperation and closed her eyes. She brought her hands to his face and her forehead touched his. Tears flowed from her eyes and Lakshya couldn't stand it. He felt a burden settle over his chest. Ragini took a deep breath and composed herself. She then pulled herself slightly away from him and looked into his eyes, still holding his face.

He was confused and afraid. Lakshya couldn't understand what was going on.
Ragini brought her lips to his and shut her eyes gently. He was shocked then surprised and finally on cloud nine. The burden on his chest had also melted with her sweet kiss.
His love, his Ragini, his wife was passionately kissing him. She had broken the last few walls between them and was ready to accept him into her life!!
Her hands travelled to his head and neck but her lips never left his. She couldn't believe her luck. She couldn't believe that she was loved by her husband so deeply that he always thought not only for her safety but also cared about making her feel secure.
When they broke away, they were both breathless.
Ragini looked at him tenderly and kissed him all over his face. She moved her lips towards his ears and said in a whisper, ' Lakshya, I want to be with you, only you! And I.. I.. love you..'

She had just come into the room after a shower and Lakshya was waking up. He patted the bed and found cold sheets. He groaned in his half-awake state and she walked up to the bed.
She kissed his frowning brows and was about to leave when a strong tug at her hand brought her toppling over him.
'Lakshya!', she playfully admonished him.
'What? Now my wifey has no time for me!', he pouted.
She laughed heartily and her tinkling laughter caught him unawares. Ragini slipped past his arms and continued laughing.
Lakshya was officially the happiest human being that morning and wished for her tinkling laughter to brighten every morning of his life.

He walked up to her slyly. Ragini was kneading dough for chapati. Her hands were dipped in the flour and there were traces of it on her cheeks too. Her pallu had come undone and she tried in vain to tuck it near her waist.
Lakshya seized the opportunity and snaked his arms through her sari. His fingers touching and feeling her silky smooth skin.
'Ah.. Lakshya! Leave me. Please.' she said firmly.
'Arrey! I'm your husband. Why are you so shy? After all it's my right!', he said teasingly. And then added, 'And this right has been given to me by my wife! Not the society or the law. So if I don't exercise my rights every now and then, my wifey might take them away!'
'Nobody's going to take your rights away! Now please leave me and let me work', she smiled at his antics.
'Where am I stopping you? You can continue with your work and let me do mine!', he said and pinched her waist.
She sucked in a deep breath. He then moved her hair away from her shoulder with his nose and lips and started planting wet kisses on her neck! Ragini couldn't even stand on her feet steadily, she felt his kisses intoxicating her. He was so enamoured by her sweet taste that he sucked her neck a little too hard. She moaned his name and he kept sucking on that spot. He pulled her back into him and fondled her midriff.
Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching and asked Lakshya to leave her. He refused. She turned towards him and pleaded.
'Then I need a kiss!', he said with a wolfish glint in his eyes, almost proud of the love bite developing on her neck.

She kissed his cheeks but he pointed towards his lips. Ragini was getting desperate and kept looking towards the door. She then kissed him softly on the lips. But before she could move away, he tugged on them and sucked on her lower lip. She tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge. In the end, she sucked in his lower lip and bit hard.
'Ouch!', he fell back towards the kitchen cabinets.
'What happened, beta?', asked his mom.
'Wo.. kuch nahi Maa! I had just come to drink water', he said.
As he was going, he saw Ragini smiling silently and he couldn't resist himself.
He came back and asked, 'Maa! Have you ever seen a Jungli billi?', his eyes were fixed on his wife. Ragini suddenly looked up to him and he winked.
'No!', his mom said in confusion.
'Thank God! Because her bite is very powerful!', he licked his lower lip, 'Achhe achho ko ghaayal kar deti hai!', he smirked and left.
Ragini couldn't believe his audacity. And she smiled shyly. Just then a paper plane landed next to her. She read the message on it and blushed.
'I guess I'll have to wait 2 hours more to meet my Jungli billi! Too bad though, as she's not going to get any sleep tonight!', Lakshya had written.
'Are you done kneading the flour, beta?' Annapurna asked.
Ragini crumpled the paper plane and hid it in her pallu! And she hid her smile knowing that one pair of eyes would follow her around for the next 2 hours. Eyes full of love and concern, eyes full of lust and want!
P.P.S. Thanks everybody for reading this one-shot! Please leave your truthful comments below as I would love to know. I need your help to improve so thanks again in advance for your feedback. All love! <3

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  1. Aasthu

    I read it only now…..its nyc……..but I was kinda confused…..raglak married?

  2. Shambhavi

    Yes they’re married dear.

  3. Ria

    Hey, this one shot was amazing. Have you written anything before? Please do let me know. I’d surely love to try them out. As for this, I’m just spellbound. I just want to reminisce each and every word you put in over there. It was just majestic and it took away my heart in a blow. Hope to see you back, again with something even better.

    Loads of love?

    1. Shambhavi

      Thank you sweetheart for your kindness. I haven’t written anything before this. To tell the truth, I was deeply motivated by the numerous fanfics posted by other members. These ideas weren’t original as you can see, but I’ve tried to make the story mine!??

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