Dard e dill ki sifarish (Episode 9)

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No hello today m really sad with this responce.always when i go to start main story i get less respone..Plz tell me where m doing mistake..y all r just reading not comenting or tell na u all r skiping…. I want answar today
Sanskar hugged swara in pain
kavita comes there n tried to lose their hug sanskar jerks her n tighten his grip
sanskar:r u fine swara
Cuts by kavita

kavita:sanky i throwed that on that nerd y comes between
sanskar goes near kavita n glare her with anger
sanskar:what ha dont dare to harm swara.. Everything will come to me first got that
kavita:sanky trust me…
Before complet she gets a tight slap from sanskar
saying this he leaves from there..

sanskar was shirtlessly leeing on floor n swara on him
swara: its done
she gets up from him
sanskar turns… She was about o leave but her heels slipeed n she feels on sanskar
..ahati ye ahati chahu ajkal tej hua (m not undrstanding this word)
destakhe dastakhe qu ajnavi se hai dil basa
kuch to hai jo nend aye na
kuch to hai ko ankhe hai na
kuch to hai jo to keh de to

haas te haaste marjane
eeaaaaAaa AAaa ee aa hooo aaa…
They share a cute eyelock..sanska put her hair behind her ears so that no one can desturd there eyelock
…mujhse jada tere jaisa tu hi hai mujko
teri na jane dil dil mera qu
tujko na de sami
kuch to hai jo dil ghab rai
kuch to hai jo sanse na aye
kuch to hai jo hum hoto se kehte kehte
kehna paye
yee yaaa aaa Aaa hoo aaa…
Sanskar (unknownly):swara what is from heart
swara (unknownly):love
he statre her lovingly
…do hamare dil dil mera hai
isko kya hum kare

ishq kya hai ek leher hai
ao itni kare
kuch to hai jo hum hai khue
kuch to hai jo tum na soe
kuch to hai jo hum dono u haste haste itna roe
aaa Aaa hhaaa yyee hoo..^..
Love the sentence bring them in sence
swara:ah sorry
saying this she gets up from him

sanskar also stands up
but picked her in arm
swara was juming
swara:aaa sanskar whats this
he put her on bed
sanskar looks at her angarly
sanskar come on her
sanskar:y didnt u answred me that time
swara: oo m fine
sanskar becomes more angry
sanskar:u r not fine ok see ur hand is injured

swara:thats nothing
sanskar took aid box
swara:no no sanskar it burns
sanskar:it burns here (poiniting to his chest)

swara:at first wear shirt
sanskar:sorry..but i dont care
swara: ok ok dont need to wear shirt but plz dont put medicine
sanskar:u know what swara i was a nerd in school time
swara looks at him with shock
sanskar:n was very moto all used make fun of me n i was very shy person
swara:what really
sanskar:aree lemme complet na adi was our leder of football team
but he droped my name from football interschool match..
Swara:what then

sanskar: that time papa meet with an accident so we were having great problem
swara:then who r u
sanskar lough abit with pain
chashmish later i finished 12grade n enters papa’s clg like hero i was hearthobe from first i chainged myself first i used to scare but naver showed anyone later i really become comfortable
swara:now u r the leader of hole clg
sanskar smile
sanskar:its done
swara feels a water drop in hand
she tried to divert the topic
swara:haaaa u did that i didnt even felt hurt u r great sanskar
sanskar again back to flirty mood

sanskar:i know baby m great handsome
swara: oo mr handsome wear shirt warna i will make mms of this
sanskar comes closer to her
swara moves her head back
sanskar:what will u make that we r making love
he winks at her n runs out of room
swara shout:sanskaaarrr
“dont shout baabyyyy”

“haaa haaa haa”
swara:he is fully mad sanskar maheshwari i dont know how much shade u have
swara smile and leaves to washroom
@ night
sanskar was in tarrace in deep world
swara comes from behind and tap his shoulder
Swara bit loud:sanskaarrr
sanskar come back to sence
sanskar:h-ya w-what happend swara
swara:close ur eyes

sanskar close his eyes
air starts to blow swara’s hair was flying n was tuching his back
sanskar: today u asked what is from heart right
sansakar: plz tell na
swara:what is bothring u just ask to ur self which will deny that will brain n which will say yes that will be from heart
sanskar:if we dont find wgat the thing actually is which is bothring u
swara:that is love
sanskar frezze that time

sanskar opens his eyes and looks at her
swara:what..y r u staring me
sanskar:leave it
swara: ok
sanskar:this is ur farm house
swara look at down
sanskar: u drived today
sanskar:ms swara singhania

swara look at him wih sock

precape:answar to the question of sanskar…..

Guys m going to make it as ss
plz tell me y u all r not comenting….

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  1. Sorry for nothing commenting.so very dear. Coming to episode it was sweet. That way he slapped kavitha. So good.

    1. Thank u so much shona…its ok sometimes i become too senti

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      Thank u sus

  2. Simi

    Nice dear

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      Thank u soujanya

  4. Superb awesome

  5. Fabulous

  6. Nice..ur story is going good..

    1. Samaira

      Thank u… I hope will not disapoint u

  7. epi was superb. give nxt part soon. hi i am new here

  8. epi was nice. give nxt part soon. hi i am new here

    1. Samaira

      Hi aparna…welcame too here….and thank u….

  9. Awesome ??

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  11. Nice….dr..realy awesome

  12. Anu

    hey anika!! bby yr sry for not commenting!! actually i dont have phone! i get lappy in 4-5 days for some min nd that also sometime! so its become hard to comment ! maybe i will not comment daily ! because i will read 4-5 chapters together only!

    1. Samaira

      Its ok samaira di….i also suffered from this problem…thank u

  13. Awesome dear

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