Dard e dill ki sifarish (Episode 5)

Swara’s house
All was sitting in dinning table
Samrat:m very hungry m eating
He took one bite n was making a face that no one is understanding his expresion
Swa:what happend chachu
Swara take a tost n bite
Sanskar gives tensed look
San:what happend
Swa:its nice
Sanskar become happy
San:really ok lemme try
Swa:sanskar u (start to find something) ha u eat bread n batter
San:y now i will defently eat
Saying this he put hole tost on his mouth
“yuck yuck yucki its burned n u all r saying nice yuck”sanskar shout
Swa:who said u make these burned tost
San:the one n only me the great sanskar maheswari
All start to lough
But swara was silent
Swara to herself:he is maheswari how can i forget
San:yes maheswari which a surname
Swa:what did i say something
San:uff swara go n get ready we r getting late for clg
She leaves
San:uncle untie bye
Payal n samrat:ok beta come again
San:ok n…
Rag:sanskar i know u r telling lucky will come n will pick me
San:intelgent so wait for that dumbo bye
He leave to out

After 15 mintues
Swara comes out n sow sanskar in car wearing black jeans black tee n white lether jacket…
Swa:how u got car jacket
San:my driver comes n give that
Swa:y u chainged
San (brushing his hair with his and n looking at miror):simple m going to clg
Swa:ok m going to clg
Saying this swara start to walk
Sanskar who was in car comes out n hold her hand
San:u didnt remember i said a while ago WE R GOING TO CLG ok
swa:ya u r going m also going
san:aree idot we r going togther
swa:see m in no mood to fight
san:who said to fight
saying this he was about to took her on arm
swa:nooo ok m going
sanskar smirk
san:good chashmish
they both sit in car n leaves
swa:i have name
san:n dont know that
san:wow ur name is intresting but ur not
swa:i know
saying this she start to walk
suddenly she feels something hit her leg
its a ball
san:chashmish i m the leader of our group so i have practise will tease u later
swa:ok…wait what u said
sanskar give a nughty smile n leaves.

Swara was sitting in her class the lecturer just finished his lecture.She was reading her book
When 2 boy enters
“hello guys m Sanskar maheswari the chairman of student coucil”
swara feels the voice known so she shifted her eyes to him n find sanskar n laksh
lak:i have news after listining u all will die in happines
san:n the great news is the freshars party is on the tuesday
all the class jumgs in happines
lak:see we said na
san:guys let me complete there is a dress code
lak:n the dress code is
san:is desi
all class:whattt!!
san:sorry guys western so any qustion
ok so u (pointing toward swara) dress code
san:good so bye guys
after he leaves a group start to make fun of swara
a girl:see this nerd comes to hearthrobe eyes also
onther girl:but like nerd only
all starts to lough
“who said she come to my notice for she is nerd she come notice coz she loves books n i love book lovers” they hear a voice
It was sanskar who come back to take his pen saying this he leaves
All starts fume in jelousy

At lunch time
Swara was coming out from clg bulding
She ignored that voice
Sanskar start to follow her
“chasmish plz wait na” sanskar
She was not stoping
So he held her n pulls her.With this sudden action swara coudnt controll n both fell on floor
San:o god ji save me this 140kg ka bag ouch
Swa:what do u mean
San:i mean getup
Swara gets up from him sanskar also getup
Swa:what u said
Swa:idot maheswari
San:umm hmm chashmish m always in top ranking
Swa:u n top
San:its not fair yar m good student ha not like u but then too
Swa:what u want
San:wow u know that i want something(swara gives glare)ok i want u to chear me on my match
San:y cant u say yes plz plz plz (he gives pupy eyes)
Swa:ok ok dont give that look
San:yape tomorw ok
Swa:if i say no then will agree
Swa:i know
San:now m hungry lets eat something
Swara was about to say something but he pulls her to caintin

Precape:football match

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