Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 9)

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It is morning time and Laksh gets ready for his office. RP has gone for his meeting with Rajveer in Thailand for a week. Laksh thinks to go and see Ragini but then he thinks that it might be awkward for them again so he stops and decides that he will meet her at the office. Since RP is gone, Laksh and Ragini are incharge of the whole office. He goes to the office and sees Ragini’s office empty which brings a smile on his face.

Laksh thinks in his cabin: this girl is back to her habits of being late! Thank god she is becoming normal. But I need to teach her how to live wholeheartedly. But why am I thinking so much about her? For her? I have never felt anything like that for anyone! Never for Swara! She was not even half as important as Ragini is for me. I was never in love with Swara I guess! Yes, I was never! I don’t even feel like that phase was something in my life. It was just there to make me go in the practical world. Now that I am where I was meant to be, I feel like I should be there for other people. But why only Ragini? I am so confused! And that is where I hear a knock!

Knock knock…

Laksh: come in please
Receptionist: hi sir
Laksh: yes rosy?
Rosy: sir Ragini mam called to say that she is not feeling well so she can’t come in today.
Laksh: what? But!
Rosy: sir she said that she informed Ram sir and he gave her permission
Laksh: does she take off any other days
Rosy: no sir this is strange because Ragini mam usually never takes off
Laksh understood that she might be trying to avoid him but he knew she was injured too. This was confusing for him and he felt like something was stabbing him slowly.

The entire day, Laksh was very restless and all he wanted was to see the beautiful Ragini. He couldn’t deny that she was such a gorgeous and fragile doll. Now that he thinks about it, she is the most gorgeous girl he had seen. When he saw her closely yesterday, he was spellbound. She had such a beautiful face but more than that, her heart was beautiful and he was just falling for her kindness more than her looks.

Once the closing time came, Laksh dismissed everyone and rushed to his apartment but for his bad luck, there was so much traffic on the way.

Laksh: not now! I want to get home and see if Ragini is fine or she is just avoiding me! And so much traffic on the way… what to do! Oh yes!
Laksh: everyone! Attention please.
He stood on his bike making people look at him and hear him out.
Laksh: guys! My wife is at home she just gave birth and she needs medication that I just got her. If I don’t reach on time, my kid could be in danger.
He showed everyone a shopping bag with a box inside. People started to give him way so he could cut through traffic. Laksh giggled thinking about what was in the box. Actually, it was 4 innocent cupcakes that he bought on his way back for him, Ragini and Ansh. He knew that lying was bad but at this stage, he was really desperate to get to see her. He wanted so many answers and for that, he had to go to her and speak about it.

He went in there and was dressed in his office attire but he didn’t care. He rushed to the door and rand the bell. Ragini came to the door wearing a peach colour long skirt and a black full sleeves shirt. She was looking ravishing as always and her leg seemed to be fine. She got a shock when she saw him at the door.

Laksh: Ragini! Hi! Is your leg ok? I mean are you ok? Umm what am I even saying?
Ragini: I am fine and Ansh is not at home he went for a trip so he will come in three days in the evening.
Laksh: oh… that’s ok I wanted to speak to u
He forces himself in the house and Ragini is shocked to see his behaviour…
Ragini: excuse me? You can’t force yourself in my house!
Laksh: we are friends (he sits on her sofa and she has her mouth hung open)
Ragini: since when?
Laksh: arey! We have been working for so long together and oh it’s so hot in here (he removed his coat and was in his white collared shirt then loosened his tie)
Ragini: are you comfortable enough? (she said in a sarcastic tone)
Laksh: very comfortable thanks. I could do with a coffee
Ragini: I am not making coffee for you ever! (and she had an upset tone)

Laksh stood up and went towards her while she was looking away in this awkwardness. He came close to her and closer and closer. She hit the wall behind her and he was still close to her. She wasn’t looking at her but he was looking at her and he couldn’t really get his eyes off her.

Laksh: look Ragini (he said in a very sensuous voice making her shiver) I know I was a jerk that day… I really am…
Ragini was still not looking at him and because of this, he felt like she wanted to hear more.
Laksh: I am really sorry Ragini! I didn’t know about everything that happened. You know I felt so guilty.
Ragini looked straight into his eyes and then let out a sarcastic laugh. They still had proximity and Laksh’s hands were around her on the wall so she couldn’t escape. But this time, Ragini didn’t have anything for him at this point.
Ragini held his collar and said: so you are doing this all out of pity? I knew RP told you because he thought you were a nice man but again, I don’t need anyone’s pity! I can handle myself and my brother very well. You don’t need to pretend with us! Understood?
Laksh: Pity? You think this is out of pity? Then you should also have pity on me Ragini!
Ragini raised her eyebrow and tried to understand what he meant.
Laksh: you know who I am? I am Laksh Maheshwari
Ragini had her mouth hung in shock: you came here to destroy RP’s company?
Laksh looked at her with a funny face: you idiot! Are you ever going to listen to me?

He went and sat on the sofa while Ragini moved towards him. She knew he was going to say something so even she sat and they had some space between them (three seater sofa). There was some silence and Ragini finally broke the silence: sooo?

Laksh: why didn’t you come to the office today?
Ragini: this is not the point!
Laksh: what do u want to know?
Ragini: why are you here and what happened?
Laksh: leave it, it doesn’t matter!
Ragini: how could you not tell me? This is ridiculous! I told you everything and you are being so reserved!
Laksh: Wait you didn’t say anything!
Ragini: yes but RP did no? so same thing!
Laksh: don’t argue go to sleep!
Ragini: it’s only 7pm
Laksh: cartoons time?
Ragini: ok the don’t talk to me!
Laksh: you are so stubborn Ragini!
Ragini: I know I am
Laksh looks down: I was so close to my Nani and my parents were always busy in their business things. My dad never cared about me and my brother. Bhai was not really close to anyone anyways except his girlfriend. And then when I was 12, Nani passed away (his eyes started to water). Nani was my only support and the only thing I wanted was love. Maa and Papa were both so busy that they forgot me… I became too outgoing and then one day, bhai ran with his girlfriend and dad tried to get me married to a business deal. I left my house and now here I am. I wanted to make something amazing for myself this is when RP helped me out! Do you really think I will betray someone like that? I might be a jerk but I am very loyal Ragini. When I heard that you never got love from parents either, I thought that we had a similar story and I just wanted to see you live, smile, be happy and live for yourself too rather than just survive.
His tears were falling and even Ragini’s eyes were getting blurry…

Ragini: i… I never thought of being happy because my happiness was only with Ansh
Laksh: I know Ragini but with him, you also should live life
Ragini: but i…
Laksh looked at her, both were crying…
Laksh: won’t you give me a chance to be your friend. Two heartbroken people can be each other’s strength. I want to teach you how beautiful life could get! In these three days, we could explore so much!
Ragini: I am not sure if I…
Laksh: have some pity on me please?
Ragini had a slight smile on her face: I am sorry I misunderstood you
Laksh: it’s ok I can understand that people might be like this to you
Ragini: this is why I left my previous colony. You know RP has loads of things that he gave me. I can’t thank him enough.
Laksh: he is… it’s unbelievable that he is so different to my dad. Both are in the same profession but so different!
Ragini: maybe your dad loves you and cannot express it
Laksh: you don’t know him. He has always wanted his benefit. Since my nani passed away, I have nobody. I am alone!

Tears started again running down his cheeks and by seeing his pain, Ragini also had the same reaction. She didn’t know what was happening but she cupped his face and made him look up. Then she wiped his tears with her thumbs and they sat close to each other. They were both in the middle of the sofa. Laksh saw tears in her eyes and did the same. He cupped her face and both sat cupping each other’s face and feeling the warmth of each other’s hands. Laksh got closer to her and so did ragini. There was an unknown force pulling them together. Was that the law of attraction? Nobody knows. They got close and stopped. Then they looked into each other’s eyes which were full of pain and then they both lowered their eyes and looked at their lips. Both closed their eyes and finally, their lips met. It felt like coming home, it felt like two painful souls were at peace, it felt like love, it felt like… unable to describe. This kiss wasn’t a passionate one but just the feeling of having their lips pressed together so tightly was a bliss. They forgot the world and stayed there for two minutes and suddenly, the microwave started to beep. They came into their senses and parted. Both were too ashamed to look at each other and they moved away. Laksh stood, took his coat turned towards the door not facing Ragini.

Laksh: I am really sorry Ragini. I hope that we can still be friends. After office tomorrow, we can go out. Please do come tomorrow it feels odd without your presence. Saying this just as a friend.
Ragini is just standing there still and not being able to say anything while Laksh leaves to his flat leaving the door behind hi closed.
Ragini is still there and she can’t feel her legs. Screen freezes on a split screen of their faces.

Precap: Feelings… Will Ragini go out with Laksh?

Romance took time but it came heheh… Let me know how you found this episode and sorry my romance description wasn’t too good lol… wait for next part! Also, some people write rude comments… If you have nothing nice to say then don’t comment at all it’ll save your time and also mine!

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  7. Rooktima tirpathi

    Amazing yar you are fabulous I am Silent reader of your ff but your writing skills force me to comment please update soon ????

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