Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 7)

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Morning time in Laksh’s apartment:

He is in his bed and gets thinking about Ragini: I know you have suffered a lto but that doesn’t mean that you have to shut yourself down on other people. You do not have to hide and be lonely. You need to fight against everyone that tries to humiliate you! You are not doing anything wrong but you are a beautiful soul who loves her adopted brother more than her own child. If the world can see this then you need to make them see it! You need to smile Ragini you need to smile!

In Ragini’s apartment:

Ragini: Ansh! Have you taken water bottles?
Ansh: didi put the sandwiches in the basket please
Ragini: Anshu you don’t have your clothes on yet? Go get changed we are late
Ansh giggled: as usual
Ragini: RP will kill us if we get late
Ansh: is Laksh bhai always on time?
Ragini: since when did he become your bhai?
Ansh said innocently: we became friends yesterday
Ragini melted and said: get ready we can discuss about things later

After 25 minutes sharp, it was 10am! Beeeep Beeeep Beeeeeeep! There it was, the sound of RP’s jeep! He had a red floral t-shirt on with jeans and a blue cap (you can imagine how funny he looked lol)

Laksh peeped out of his window and he was looking really handsome! He was wearing a magenta colour Hollister shirt with some writing on it, jeans and amazing ray-ban sunglases hanging to his shirt. His shirt was perfectly embracing his body and his biceps were on display because it was half sleeves. He could make anyone drool over him.

Ansh tried to go downstairs with the heavy basket but when he reached Laksh’s floor, Laksh took the basket.

Laksh: hey champ! Looking good han! Blue shirt, black jeans and black GAP cap! This is what I call a handsome young boy!
Ansh: did chose my clothes! Oh my! Look at you! You have a body like superman!
Laksh: well not to show off but I do a lot of training (he said proudly)
Ansh: Laksh bhai will u teach me?
Laksh: bhai? No no if u call me bhai then I won’t!
Ansh: then?

Laksh: call me laksh!
Ansh: but did says I can’t call elders by their names
Laksh: but I am your friend na
Ansh: oh yah! Ok calling u Laksh from now on then but don’t tell didi! I will call u buddy in front of her! Baba would also like that
Laksh: that’s like my buddy! (he gives him a high five!) why are u carrying such a heavy basket? Let me get it!
Ansh: ok
Laksh: isn’t your didi carrying this?
Ansh: how can she carry this? She is fragile! My didi can’t lift this weight! I am here for her na!
Laksh laughs: ok big boy and Ragini’s protector
Ansh shows his teeth with a bright yet funny smile
Laksh’s eyes were looking for Ragini: by the way is your didi not joining us?
Ansh: she is she is just sorting out a few things! Let’s go down
Laksh was looking towards the stairs: huh? Oh yah let’s go
Ansh holds his hand and he carries the basket! They both go to the car and see Ram Prasad sitting. Both of them look at each other and then at him. They don’t say anything and move forward.

Laksh: boss?
RP: call me RP yaar
Laksh: why so colourful?
RP: style
Ansh: of which century?
He laughed and gave Laksh a high five
RP: ok ok don’t make fun of me now sit!
Ansh: I am sitting at the front like always baba!
Laksh was happy hearing that: ok fine champ go ahead. I will keep the basket here and me and Ragini can sit opposite each other.
RP smiled at this!

10 minutes later, when they were having their conversation, Ragini came out in a rush. Laksh saw her and his eyes were glued to her. He wasn’t able to move them even when he tried! Her hair were in a ponytail (the one she does with her night sarees), she was wearing a baby pink simple knee length dress which had flare. The sleeves came to her elbows and her makeup was minimal but she was looking like a doll. Laksh couldn’t express to himself the way he was feeling! He never felt that for anyone else! Nobody but this was so special!

She came and her eyes grew bigger and she busted out in a laugh! Laksh was just looking how beautiful she looked while laughing and smiling whole-heartedly. He had never seen her like that before.

Ragini: RP? Wh… hahahaha…. What…. Ahahahah…. What is this?
RP: don’t tell me you also don’t like what I’m wearing?
Ragini: no it’s amazing but
RP: but?
Ragini: hahahah no no nothing
RP smiled at her and he was successful in his plan! Make her laugh! He did these kind of fashion blunders so many times so he could see his daughter, his Ragini beti smile. Laksh noticed this and his heart was filled with emotions. How strange it is that these three have no blood relation but they are so close to each other! Doing so much for one another whereas his family never had this bond. Nobody here is after each other’s money but there is still so much love!

Ansh: didi come on! Site opposite my buddy and let’s go
Ragini looked back and her smile disappeared but she couldn’t create any scenes so she went and sat at the back!
Laksh: g… good… good morning Ragini
She didn’t even look at him and RP noticed it through his mirror
Ragini: RP put some songs on na! such a nice long journey why is this so boring?
Laksh looked at her lovingly and liked the way she was fond of songs.
Ansh: didi why don’t you sing for us?
Ragini: me? No no I can’t!
Ansh: come on na didi you are an amazing singer you always sing to me
RP: you sang to our way in the last picnic come on you have to!
Ansh: yesss for meeeee

She looked at Laksh and quite obviously he was looking at her and the eagerness for hearing her sing was visible in his eyes. She looked away quite immediately and started to sing and of couse, Laksh was mesmerised by such a melodious full of passion voice!

Ragini was singing Tum hi ho (female version)

Tere liye hi jiyi main
Khud ko jo yun
De diya hai teri wafaa ne mujhko sambhala
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikaala
Main jo mit bhi gaya to wajood mera
Sada tujh mein rahe zinda..

Kyun ki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho
Ki zindagi ab tum hi ho..
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Tum hi ho, tum hi ho
Karz bhi, mera marz bhi
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

She was looking at Ansh throughout the song with loving eyes because quite obvious that she was only living for her brother! She saw him being peaceful and RP has a smile on his face while Laksh was awestruck by her voice!

Laksh: wow Ragini you are so talented I didn’t know that you could sing so well
Ragini: RP when are we going to reach?
Laksh was a bit sad that she didn’t even want to speak to him. Of course it was justified for what he had said to her!
RP: here we are!

There was a beautiful scenery with a lake, a bench with a table in the middle of the nature and some birds chirping around. There were no people around them and RP had chosen this spot so they all could get together and have the best time. There was also enough space to play games together.

Come on Ragini let’s play Frisbee together? Said RP
Ragini: no, I will set up food for you guys! You play and anyways I am wearing sandals
Laksh: please na Ragini it will be fun
Ragini gave an angry glare to Laksh and he bit his tongue

Ragini was setting up the table when they stated to play. Ansh was having the time of his life. His buddy was active and he was being the best friend ever! Ragini stood there on the side of the beautiful table set up with flowers, napkins and a red cloth. She was standing there looking at the smile on her Anshu’s face and she was overjoyed by this. RP threw the Frisbee into Ragini’s direction by mistake and Laksh when to get it. Ragini was looking at Ansh while Laksh was looking at the fisbee and running when boom. Ragini lost her balance and Laksh fell on top of her. There was no space between them and Ragini was between his arms. Her big hazel eyes were just charming him and he was losing his control. He wished he could hear her speaking to him so at least they would be friends.

Ragini: you heavy person! Move
Laksh came back to his senses: wo… I… I am s… sorry…
Ragini: move will u?
Ansh: didi are you ok?
Laksh got up and forwarded his hand
Ragini got up without his help which was hurting Laksh a lot

Ragini: Anshu I am fine please stop playing this game ad have lunch then you can all go and play!
Ragini served RP and Ansh
RP: Ragini Laksh needs food too
Ragini: he is not a kid he can take it from his own hands
Laksh was really angry now: no need RP I don’t want food
RP and Ansh glared at Ragini
Ansh: didi bad manners! Give food to my buddy too!
Ragini had no other options so she served food to Laksh. He smiled as he succeeded! As he tasted the food, he had tears in his eyes.
RP: what happened Laksh?
Laksh: my nani (grandmother) used to make food like this. She loved me a lot and she was the only person to truly love me! Unfortunately I couldn’t get her love for too long.
Ansh wiped his tears with his small hands and even Ragini felt a bit bad.

Ansh: when you want good food, come to our house. Even my didi loves everyone.
Laksh smiled at his innocence and kissed his hands. They finish the meal in silence while everyone is enjoying. Ragini feels bad for Laksh and wonders where his family is. This is the first time Ragini wants to know what he feels and what is happening in his heart. Why did he cry? Then she remembers his words about her and her heart went stone again.

Screen freezes on Ragini’s confused face.

Precap: Lukka chuppi khelein aao 🙂 Picnic to continue…

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