Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 6)

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Thank you all for the comments and love. Let’s get straight into it!

RP was unable to speak! History was repeating itself! Ragini never wanted people to raise fingers at her or her brother. But whenever new people come, they don’t know and they question her. This is the exact reason why she keeps her distance from people!

RP: Laksh! Come in my office right now please!
Laksh glups and follows him in his office: listen sir I can bring her back
RP: she wouldn’t be in the state to come back. Take a seat
Laksh: sir I didn’t mean to be rude it was just out of anger
RP: Laksh I thought you were a sensible man and weren’t like your dad but you proved me wrong
Laksh got angry: I am nothing like my dad
RP: then why the hell couldn’t you take a joke?
Laksh was now ashamed
RP: do you want to know why she reacted like that?
Laksh nodded as he was unable to speak
RP narrated the entire story of Ragini’s life.
RP: after me, now you know everything about her! This is why I consider her more than my daughter. I don’t have any children and I spend some of my weekends with them since my wife passed away. Ragini is the purest of souls. She is just distant because of all this. She doesn’t want Anshu to find out about anything.
Laksh had tears in his eyes and was unable to face RP
RP: don’t tell her that u know of this because she would think you are having pity on her and she hates people who do that. My daughter is a self-made person
Laksh felt awful after that! He understood that whatever her behaviour was, it was because of this.
Laksh: sir can I go to see her?
RP: you won’t find her in her flat
Laksh: then?
RP: she would be somewhere else where she can fully cry without being answerable to anyone
Laksh closed his eyes due to the pain he felt… someone was shattered because of his misunderstanding and he felt like someone was stabbing his heart.

On the other side, Ragini was sitting but the sea and tears were rolling down her cheeks.

I shouldn’t have done anything to that guy! He doesn’t know what a prank is! I hate him! I absolutely hate him! I knew he would do something to hurt me! I just knew it she thought…
She was sobbing and the tears were falling in full speed!

She suddenly composed herself and wiped her tears to see the time.
Ragini: oh no! time for Anshu to come back home! Stop crying Ragini let’s go!
Ragini went home and prepared food for Anshu. She knew he was coming so she freshened up and put a smile on her face. Ansh knew his didi must be at work so he came in the flat but he got surprised that she welcomed him!

Ansh: didiiii? You came home?
Ragini: yes my little angel I came! I took half day off to see you and have food together.
Ansh: yay! Didi do you know I had a gold star in class today?
Ragini: huh? (ragini was a bit lost in her thoughts)
Ansh: didi are you listening?
Ragini: Anshu can I ask you something? Am I not a good didi? Am I raising you wrong? Do I not have any manners?
Ansh takes Ragini’s hand in his small hands: didi you are the best! You did so much for me for us! And you still keep prioritising me! Who said that you are bad?
Ragini pulls his cheeks: nobody said anything my baby brother but I was just wondering
Anshu takes a sigh of relief: I love you didi!

Ragini gives him a warm smile and thinks: I don’t need anybody else.

In the evening, it was around 8 when Ansh said: didi so many days and we haven’t watched cartoons
Ragini: not today Ansh I am very tired
Ansh: no excuses didi we have to watch cartoons
Ragini: fine but keep the volume down ok?

Ting tong!

Ansh: I’ll get it didi
Ragini wonders who it is.
Ansh: babaaaa
Ragini gets a smile on her face: RP? Always knows when I need to cheer up
RP comes out of the balloons and shopping bags: I came to see my kids!
Ansh is so happy to see him and all the gifts: thanks baba they are great
RP: Anshu aren’t we watching cartoons tonight?
Ansh: we are baba
He turns on the tv and suddenly another person rings the bell

Ansh: I’ll get it
Ragini and RP laugh. Ansh always goes to the door because he is protective over Ragini.
Ansh: yes?
Laksh: I heard you ran out of popcorn for cartoons?
Ansh: are you our new neighbour?
Laksh: yes and also your didi’s colleague
Ansh: so you know baba too?
Laksh: yes (he gives Ansh a very warm smile)
Ansh: come in then

Laksh comes in while Ragini is in her room getting changed. She comes out wearing a red knee length frock with black leggings. She has a ponytail and is looking stunning. Laksh is unable to take his eyes off her. He sees a spark in her eyes by seeing Ansh happy. She has a smile on her face and then she notices Laksh and that smile vanishes. She doesn’t even say a word to him and focusses on watching cartoons in the corner of her living room sitting on a chair while the three-seater couch is occupied by RP and Laksh with Ansh sitting in the middle. Everyone is looking at the tv while Laksh is just looking at Ragini. He almost forgets that he is here to ask for forgiveness. He just looks at her innocence. Her deep sorrows. He just wants to take them away and he doesn’t even know why.

He thinks that it is weird how he has parents but never got their love whereas Ragini has no parents but she needed them so badly to be her shield. She is alone to fight this world. To protect herself and Ansh.

Laksh looks at her from the corner of his eyes but he is noticing that she is not exchanging any gaze with him.

It hits 10 pm and Ragini is relieved that it is time for Ansh to sleep!
Ragini: come on Ansh! Time for bed now we have school tomorrow!
RP and Laksh look at her because they know why she is saying this. She wants Laksh to go away.
RP: Ragini which school is open on Saturday?
Ansh: yes didi tomorrow is Saturday
Ragini: oh yah
Laksh: maybe your didi had forgotten that even we have off tomorrow otherwise she would have come to the office to kill the flies
Everyone laughs except Ragini and she just looks away
RP: idea! Why don’t we go on a picnic tomorrow?
Laksh: perfect plan!
Ragini: RP we can’t
Ansh and RP: whyyyy?
Ragini: woh ummm Ansh has loads of homework
Ansh: didi I don’t have any work to do for Monday I told you I had golden star because I did everything before
Ragini can’t say no to Ansh so she agrees.
Ragini: fine but we need to sleep early then
RP: fine see you all tomorrow then! Be ready early in the morning ok?
Laksh: early?
Ansh: lazy
Laksh makes a funny face
Ragini: come on Anshu say bye to baba now

Ansh goes to hug RP and gives him a kiss.
Laksh forwards his hand to Ansh
Laksh: friends?
Ansh: ummm ok friends!
Laksh smiles at his cuteness
He gives Laksh a kiss too and Ragini gets a bit irritated that Laksh is trying to be friends with Ansh.

Laksh: good night Ragini
Ragini: See you tomorrow RP
Laksh is feeling very bad and also guilty but he is determined to talk to her and apologise no matter what he has to do!

Laksh and RP leave while Ragini is seen putting Ansh to bed. Laksh goes to bed in his house and gets thinking about Ragini. She looks nice while smiling and her dress today was making her look like a doll. I want her to be happy in her life but she is not even talking to me! I need to get to talk to her and become her friend and this is not out of pity but I don’t know. Picnic is a great idea for me to talk and be friends. Thanks RP he thinks

Ragini is thinking: I need to stay as much away from this stupid Laksh as I can. And keep him away from my Ansh. What does he want to do now? Hurt my brother too? I can’t let him do anything more now!

Precap: what will happen in the picnic???

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    Ragini’s tears filled my eyes too……RP is just amazing….he knows how to cheer Ragini and Anshu……Anshu is sooooooo cute…..his protectiveness for his sister…….Laksh staring Ragini was really good….Ansh-Laksh dialogues were also cute…..I liked his entry and dialogue…..eagerly waiting for the next….

    1. Shazi.Rajpoot

      This is such a cute comment thanks a lot for liking the work.

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    1. Devihaa

      And how come…rp told the truth to Laksh that easily…..

    2. Shazi.Rajpoot

      I am feeling much better thanks
      you will find out soon why RP told him
      Spoiler: RP actually thinks that Laksh is strong and he has faith that he is the right guy for her
      the way he is courageous and left his family, he could be the strength Ragini needs
      He sees him like that and this is why he told Laksh… U will see in upcoming episodes too

  9. A.xx

    Amazing and how come rp told lakshya ragini’s truth and i think there will be a raglak moment xx

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    1. Shazi.Rajpoot

      thanks a lot 😀

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    I actually binge-read your series today and I LOVE IT. I love how strong-headed Ragini is, i absolutely love the story line and Anshu is my favorite 😀
    Waiting eagerly for your next update 😀

    Lots of love

    1. Shazi.Rajpoot

      This comment means a lot to me! Thanks a lot Shruti for liking this ff. It makes me feel so happy 🙂

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