Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 5)

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Here you go guys! As you all guessed right… well let’s see how Laksh reacts to this situation! This part is a bit long and a lot happens…

Laksh’s expressions change into determination and he climbs the remaining stairs to tell his neighbours off!

Knock knock knock!!!

I was constantly knocking on this door but the sound was so loud that those neighbours couldn’t even hear.

Knock knock!

A little boy came out with his ice-cream! He was looking well cute but at this point, I didn’t want to face cute kids but all I needed was some peace. He started talking with a heavy voice:

Ansh: yes?

Me: can you please call someone elder than you? Actually I am your neighbour I just moved in and…

He looks at my face confused and runs inside without listening to my entire sentence. I hear him shouting Didiiii… didiiii…

Me: great! Now he’s gonna call his didi and then the 10 years old girl is going to call someone else and then family drama will start. I have no time for all this.

I hear someone coming. Well finally it’s more than time.

Me: helloooo? Is anybody home?

I hear a girl’s voice: coming coming!

That voice seems familiar but I don’t really want to focus on that, I want to get over and done with this crazy family it’s been 10 minutes since I have been standing here.

Ragini: you? What are you doing here? Are you following me because of the work I gave you?

I see her in her pyjamas. They are pink and she looks like a kid with her messy ponytail. She has ice-cream in her hand too. I can’t believe my eyes! Is she the one that kid was calling didi? How many devils are they? Oh god! I could see anger on top of her nose but I was too stunned to respond on the spot.

She waves her hand infront of me and I gain my senses. Well I wasn’t staring at her but at her childish nature. I mean who dresses up like this at the age of working?

Ragini: are you alive or what?

Me: uh… well… umm…

Ragini: goongey ho gaye ho kya? (aren’t you able to speak anymore?)

Me: you live here?

Ragini: no my ghost lives here

Me: and that child? Your brother?

Ragini: do u have a problem? And is that what you want to ask me at this time?

Now I was also annoyed! First work and then now I have to live with such neighbours!

Me: look! I have a lot of work to do! A LOT! And you and your brother are making so much noise that my head hurts!

Ragini: Oye mister! This is Anshu and my time to watch cartoons! And our previous neighbours never complained. You should have done your work before instead of doing it last minute.

Me: last minute? LAST MINUTE? If you remember I finished work late and then I had to find this apartment and?

Ragini: and? Shouldn’t have applied for the job then!

Me: oh god! GOD!

Ragini: are you gonna stop shouting? Anshu will get disturbed!

Me: oh! So Anshu will get disturbed! And what about me? I don’t get disturbed?

Ragini: oh god are you going to keep quiet?

Me: the worst part is that I can’t even move out from the house! I have already pais rent and Mr Bhalla is gone for months.

Ragini: great! Now is this my fault? I have to tolerate you for how long?

She had her hand on her forehead and even I was hell annoyed, I knew they wouldn’t do anything to reduce the volume.

Ragini: fine! I’ll put the volume down but don’t come to my house again ok?

Laksh: what will you do? Tell your parents huh?

Ragini sent quiet and her anger turned into a deep sorrow. I couldn’t understand why. The only thing she did was slam the door at my face and went in. I went back to my flat and started to do my work when the noises stop. I don’t know what happened but everything happened for good.

End of Laksh’s pov.

Ragini after slamming the door goes in and asks Ansh to turn the tv off and go to sleep.

Ansh: Ragini didi! Why? Why do we have to go bed early?

Ragini: I am not in the mood to watch cartoons tonight. Come let’s go to bed.

Ansh: diiiidiiii

Ragini: please Anshu look I have a headache

Ansh: ok let’s go

Ragini: brush your teeth and go to bed.

Ragini puts him to bed and is patting on his head but she is sleepless herself. She thinks about his words: call your parents!

She has tears in her eyes and thinks about her past: (Flashback starts)

Ragini was young, and playing in this ground with other children! She knew that she wanted to explore the world. Not because she wanted a wealthy life, but because she wanted freedom. She wanted to show the world that even a girl whose parents left her can make a world for herself.

She was living in the orphanage but when she turned 19, a baby came to the orphanage and they didn’t have enough money to keep the child. Ragini had been applying for jobs and she had finally got one at RP industries. She didn’t get the job as a pity but with her own skills. (just like Laksh got his job) Ragini was remembering how she decided to leave the orphanage and take the baby with her. Ansh, she decided to call him Ansh. She would live for him, for them. To make them a good future.

She remembers all the struggles that she had to go through. She remembers how she had to face the world who thought that he was her child and she was an unmarried woman. Ram Prasad then claimed to be the father of Ansh and Ragini and then only people stopped pointing fingers at her character. She was thankful but she didn’t want to take advantage of this situation so she decided to move to a flat in this building where everyone knew that her parents passed away in a car crash and her boss considered her as a daughter. She was very happy in this flat and she was doing what she had to! She was educating Ansh! Giving him all the love of a mother and a father. She was giving him all that she had only dreamed of.

End of flashback.

Ragini kissed his forehead and tried to stop her tears. She eventually fell asleep.

In the mornig, Ragini was quite calm and her eyes were swollen. Past can be very bitter at times. Ansh knew she had cried but he was thinking that her tears were because she was remembering her parents. The only person that knew about the entire truth of Ragini’s life was RP.

Ansh: didi? Are you ok?

Ragini: haan Anshu I am fine. Come one getting late for school again

Ansh: yes did. Oh by the way I made good friends so now…

Ragini looks at him and opens her mouth: badmaaash! (naughty boy) so you don’t want me to call you anymore

He gives the most innocent smile and Ragini’s heart melts.

Ragini: fine! Get ready then how will you meet your friends then?

Ansh: yes you are right

Ragini was happy that Ansh was finally accepting other people in his life

Ragini goes out of her building and sees a bike parked next to her scooter. She is in no mood to inspect anything. She goes to the office and as soon as she enters, everyone is stunned! They all know that there is something wrong. Nobody dares to ask her and she also doesn’t say a word. RP is not in office today because he had to go for a meeting outside of town.

Meanwhile Laksh wakes up in his flat. He is still tired for having worked the entire night.

Laksh: ohhhh no! I am late! That which will eat me alive! I need to do everything really quickly.

Laksh is rushing here and there and he finally manages to get there but is late. Everyone sees his messed up hair and he hears laughs. He knocks on Ragini’s cabin and she asks him to come in.

They have very minimal conversation and she sees his presentation but doesn’t say a word. Lunch time comes and he goes out. He sees Ragini going out and having lunch on her own. She doesn’t call anyone today and is seen a bit depressed. He doesn’t want to go to her because he thinks that she will again argue with him.

Naturally, she was just looking at her lunch and waiting for the time to be over. She didn’t use to talk much to others. She had jokes with them but if she got close to anyone she knew they would ask her about her parents and she didn’t want to see pity in other’s eyes for her.

As the days were going by, Ragini was just focussing on her work. The noise of her evening cartoons had also lowered down. Laksh was not able to understand that was it the same Ragini that he had seen the first day? Oh well he didn’t care much as he was just doing his work and earning. It was tough for him but that had made him forget about his previous life. He used to call Annapurna sometimes and never used to speak about DP.

It has been a month since Laksh was tired of this work but also trying to figure Ragini out and no luck. She was moving away from a lot of things since he had mentioned her parents. He had also never seen her parents in the building so he was even more curious. RP was now back and he asked Ragini for Laksh’s report. As he saw a positive graph, which Laksh was surprised of, he promoted him to Managing Director’s job (senior to Ragini). All three of them were in the office.

Laksh: thank you so much sir! Thank you!

RP: you earned it! You did a lot in the previous month! Ragini beta is everything ok?

Ragini: huh? Yes RP just

RP: do you need to talk about this?

Ragini: could we talk after I finish work today?

RP: I’ll drom you home beta I need to eat the ice cream with Anshu

Ragini gave him a broad smile and nodded

Laksh went out and sheld Ragini’s wrist to what she got shocked and gave him an angry look.

Laksh: thank you junior! Now I am your senior and I am allowed to give you work!

Ragini jerked his hand away

Laksh: go and bring me coffee

Ragini: that’s not my job!

Laksh: come on! I am your director now!

Ragini thought of something and went to get him coffee. RP knew what she was up to and he chuckled. She came out while everyone was observing to see Laksh’s state. She got him coffee and mixed salt instead of sugar. Laksh took a sip and made a face! Then he spat the coffee out in a tissue.

Ragini innocently: what happened? You didn’t enjoy it?

Everyone laughed as they knew Ragini didn’t like to follow orders like these.

Laksh was furious and pointed a finger at her: you! Ughh! You will never change! I knew it that this was all a drama. Not your fault! Your parents are never home anyways what could we expect! They never taught you any manners! How could they? They never take care of you! Such a nonsense girl you are…

He shouted this and suddenly, the entire office went silent and Ragini had tears in her eyes. She didn’t want him to ask anything about her parents and that was the reason for her being distant. But now, it was done, it was too much! Her tears came out and she ran out of the office. Laksh was shocked.

Precap: Revelations and guilt…

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