Danny to make tough choice between right and wrong

Danny had enough of Ghuman. He got in a state of shock when he was blamed of rape by Kalika. He was hit on his head and then he fainted, so he does not remember anything about that time. He has nothing to explain to Desai family. Kusum believed in him and did a act. She asks Kalika to go for medical tests and prove Danny guilty. Kalika got tensed knowing her lie will be out, and made many excuses to avoid it. Kusum and Yash insisted a lot, and Kalika had to tell the truth that Danny is innocent and he did not rape her. The Desai family was in shock, and more than them was Danny.

Danny could not believe that his mum has made his image of a rapist just to make his wife leave him. Danny was stunned knowing how low can Ghuman fall. Danny knows Ghuman changed the Desai house papers and tried to bring them on road, but she failed.

What will Danny do when he comes to know of the biggest sins of Ghuman? That she is responsible for Saraswati’s suicide, and also tried to kill her child. Also, that she tried to kill Kabir, Saras and Kumud in London. Danny still has many things hidden from him, as Saras feels he can’t bear the pain given by his mum. How will Danny react when Saras brings Kabir back and tells him the truth that Kabir is his long lost brother whom Ghuman tried to kill?

Poor Danny never got true love from his mum. But a mum is always a mum, such relation is bigger than any other. So what do you think, whom will Danny support, his wrong mum or his right brother? Danny is a smart and honest guy, supporting truth always, but this time the choice is tough. He has to stop his heart beat while deciding. Tell us your opinion about this.

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