Dadi Amma Maan Jao 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Dhruv gets beaten

Dadi Amma Maan Jao 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rekha says if anyone finds the bag of money they will reach me, and I will be in trouble. Rekha hears two police man find a bag and gets scared, but they find another bag, Rekha starts looking for hers. Shraddha in police station giving details of the ladies. Dhruv gets call from Shlok to get Shraddha home for funeral rituals. Dhruv says to Sketch artist let us go, she has to attend her fathers funeral, Sketch artist says please give us some time, she is only witness, Dhruv says enough of it, she has to go, her fathers funeral rituals are to be taken place. Police stop Dhruv from taking Shraddha away, he gets in fight with the police. Inspector angry walks to Dhruv and says want to be a hero, I told you so many times to keep away, don’t you understand, just wait and watch,you trying to shove a police man, and asks for a stick and starts hitting Dhruv.
Prabhas, Shlok and Sunderlal at Pradhans prepping for funeral rituals along with Anjali. Rekha tensed for her money bag. Vikas funeral rituals begin, Rekha sits beside Anjali. Anjali hugs her and starts crying. Dhruv is beaten in police station. Anjali walks to Vikas dead body hugs it and starts crying. Sunderlal says to Rekha, Anjali takes you as her mother she needs you, Rekha says I think we should leave her alone and let her have time with her father, Sunderlal says no its not time to leave her alone go near her and pushes Rekha near Anjali, Rekha walks to Anjali.
Anjali hugs Rekha and starts crying, Rekha says control yourself, Vikas wouldn’t have liked to see you this way. Ajooba wakes up restless, thinking about Vikas. Rekha says Anjali its not your fault sit down, control yourself, Panditji says we must cremate before sunset, Anjali says wait sometime Shraddha must be on her way, Shraddha pleads to Inspector to spare him and he wont come back and will apologise, Inspector says madam you can go but he will stay here, he will be taught a good lesson.
Ajooba leaves the hospital in auto for house.

Pre cap: Shraddha informs Anjali that Ajooba has left for home and he shouldn’t learn about baba.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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