Dadi Amma Maan Jao 18th February 2020 Written Episode UpdateDhruv apologises to Aaji

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Dadi Amma Maan Jao 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaji walks in, Rekha says welcome, come sit, and calls kids, Anjali Shraddha get scared, Everyone walks to Aaji, Rekha says now you kids go and complete your photo shoot. Rekha purposely faces mirror in a way that Aaji sees Anjali’s back lace gown. Aaji gets upset, Anjali gets scared seeing Aaji, Aaji says Anjali, Shlok quickly gives Anjali his jacket. Anjali starts crying, Rekha says why get upset, Aaji says can’t you Rekha she is so uncomfortable, Rekha says look at her she is looking so pretty, and we need to go with people trend, I have no issue with my daughter in law these clothes. Aaji says she still is my grand daughter, my Anjali will wear what she is comfortable in.

Aaji shows Rekha wedding card, Rekha says here Shloks name is first, but it’s your card, Aaji says it must be your fault, Dhruv says this must the person who printed the card, Aaji says Shraddha gave details but printer person said after Shraddha, a women in Burkha went and asked to make theses changes, he also told that in Burkha it was a boy, Aaji scolds Rekha, says you have a pity thought, Aaji says I don’t want a relation to start with a lie, you can have someone else who can suit your needs, I want answer to this joke.

Rekha says you are elder to me so I’m quite, and what proof you have that I was related to this card issue, Aaji hands her a paper, which printer had handed her, the letter head has SJ on it same paper Rekha had once handed to Aaji. Aaji says I will wait for your answer and takes Anjali away with her, Dhruv standing confused and guilty.

Dhruv rushes to Aaji and goes on his feet and apologises to Aaji, please don’t go, This was done by me, Shraddha had made lot of fun of me during engagement so I wanted to take revenge, I didn’t know it would turn so bad, I’m sorry please accept my apology, please stop.

Rekha stands infront of Dhruv and goes hugs Aaji, says now it’s our turn to say little fun allowed during functions, Dhruv says mom don’t do this to save me please, Dhruv says I wanted to make Shraddha cry, I didn’t want to hurt you, please Aaji, Dhruv apologise to Anjali, says sorry please don’t go, bhaiya loves you a lot, if you accept my apology, everyone will, if you leave today, I will never forgive myself. Anjali looks at Shlok, Aaji signs Anjali.

Anjali smiles and says shall we begin mehndi. Dhruv gets very happy, Dhruv goes Aaji his glasses. Dhruv takes Anjali and Aaji inside. Sunday walks to Rekha says come let’s begin mehndi function.

Dhruv apologise to Shlok. Rekha applies Anjali mehndi. Sunday says to Aaji, when two different culture meet, things are sure to clash, please don’t be upset, just keep guiding and blessing us. Aaji sees Rekha is upset and walks to her, and offers her to apply mehndi.

Namrata informs Rekha, that Shlok said he didn’t like back lace dress issue and wants us to show all clothes we have designed for Anjali and if Anjali isn’t comfortable in those she won’t wear them.

Rekha goes to her cupboard and says take these approved from Anjali, Namrata says calm down Didi, Rekha says Shlok is talking because of Aaji, let her play her game, once this wedding take place, then Anjali will be my game.

Pre cap : Sundar and Rekha dance on Marathi song. Aaji and Ajooba, Shraddha and Dhruv perform too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Verma4

    Rekha is such a b*t*h. She will make Anjali’s life hell after marriage.

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