So ..I knew,fathers day …one week later. Still ,I thought that no one reads my stories normally why would anyone do it on fathers better to post now.


Scene shows Vansh getting free from wire ropes,,and slowly laying by ground,it was green all around,he was at the mid of perhaps the most dense forest,with greenery all around,which might have given peace to any viewer's eyes,but he had to lay and close his eyelids,it was just a moment,when he heard the rustle against the leaves,and held his gun and took the position,his expressions,they were so bold,not even the slightest fear,just his as usual smirk,with patience,calmness,
he sneaked from behind a huge trunk,when heard the bang sound of shots,his fingers,didn't take a moment to press the trigger,

Vansh :Ahh..these rascals,just survived the plane crash,but they will not let me stay in peace for a moment,
He was just battling,with full enthusiasm,and courage,he seemed to be different,even the attackers might be thinking that what soil has created him,Vansh Rai Sighania,Flying Squadron commander, who has just saved himself from his fighter plane crash,and according to protocols had to lay down on ground till help arrives,but as he knew,instead of help,these attackers have arrived.
They were not the normal attackers,terrorists,as they called themselves. But for vansh,there was no terror inside him ,even after knowing that the area in which he is at the moment,is under their control,but he was still fighting,like a king.
After shooting them all down,
and suffering nine bullet shots.
he tried to move,but couldn't.
Slowly,telling himself,
that it is needed,he reached a cave.
When he saw inside the cave,nine shots sufferer,could not make his heart understand to move on,and just smiled and moved inside,he laid down here,his eyes were wet,from the sweat and rain,
his chest,he couldn't feel it now,hands were almost dead,only little beats and some feeling of uncontrolled flow of blood,was making him feel his own presence.He closed his eyes,but then again felt a rustle,his hands had no courage to lift up the gun,his expressions changed,not of fear,but as if a king is being disturbed in his sleep.But then agan,he smiled,

Vansh: Dad
He opened his eyes,and from the white sheathof fog and mist,he saw his dad coming inside the cave.
Same tallness and posture as his,same pride in his eyes as his,same feeling of patriotism as his.It was none other than his dad.
He came closer to Vansh,
Vansh was just looking at him ,if it would have been any else day,Vansh would have gotten up and hugged him tight,But today,these bullets were not allowing to.
Ajay RS: Having rest?
Vansh: Not at all dad,a soldier ,never rests.Trying to figure out the right time to get out of here.
Ajay: How your plane crashed?
Vansh: Its war dad,making 5 plane of enemis down,costs your plane to be down .But thats okay,I ould have ,got out earlier in the safe zone,but you know dad,that would have caused the plane to be dropped on people,I ..could not permit that.
Ajay: Full of patriotism
Vansh smirked.
Vansh: Same as you.
Ajay also laid down besides him,it was getting darker ,due to the thick clouds that were gathering,rain was getting more and more that water was rushing inside the cave and Vansh could feel water beneath him.
Vansh: You may get up dad,it is getting wet.
Ajay: If you are not.How can I?
Vansh looked at other side and smiled.
Ajay: How is your mom
Vansh:Same as,whn you saw her.
Ajay:Tell me the truth
Vansh: Amm...from where do I start
Ajay:She will die,seeing you in this condition.
Vansh:I know,but there was no option left,you know dad,from the day ,you left,she was just,changed,totally changed,she was strong.But I know her fears,actually I was cleared abut her fear when she didn't permit me to join forces,when she saw me in uniform,she was proud,but her fears,overcome her pride.
Ajay: what will she do now,have you thought? How will she manage without her son?
Vansh smiled,
Vansh:Have you thought about it? 
Ajay looked above on the roof of cave,not being able to answer vansh,Vansh also looked towards the roof.
Vansh:Dad,you know,sometimes I used to hate you..When I saw ,other children with their father,mom was there for both roles,but still,I used to miss you,but when,mmy strong mom,I know she used to hide her pain from m,but I had seen her,crying,at nights,and that was the time,when I hated you,that why are you not here.Why you chose nation before us,
Vansh then looked straight in ajay's eyes.
vansh: But today,I know dad.That ,why you did that.
Ajay's face brightened with a proud smile,he could see ,his reflections,actually much more,in his son.
Ajay: And why I did that?
Vansh and Ajay both said together,: Because duty is duty.
Ajay:Its the thing son,we can not ,let thousands of children suffer due to our child,its our duty,to snatch our child's childhood,and share it among others.
Vansh:Its our duty,to save thousand of mothers and wives from these sort of enemies,even if our mother and wife suffer.

Ajay :Married?
Vansh smiled and nodded.
Vansh: Chemist,Riddhima Thakur.She is a chemist by proffesion,you know dad,she is mad.
And then he got lost in Riddhima's and his emmories,
Vansh:Riddhima listen to me yaar...I am sorry na.I promised you to return and see I did.
Riddhima got inside her lab,and was taking out chemicals bottles,
Vansh was continously saying sory,while she was mixin some chemicals on her tripod stand and burner.
Riddhima then gazed at him angrily,and mixed the final chemical,which created a huge and thick film of smoke,in which vansh could see nothing but was just shouting Riddhima's name.
After a while smoke got cleared,
Vansh opened eyes and hugged Riddhima tight,
Riddhima: Fear? Of losing me?
Vansh nodded.
Riddhima smiled.
Riddhima: Same do I have,when you speak of leaving me.
Vansh smiled .
Flashback ended.
Vansh: You know dad,before meeting me,she used to believe,that love is just some chemicals inside our mind,triggering some hormonal actions,and when she met me,although she knew,that it is a game of chemicals inside her,she,just couldn't make her mind understand that there is no heart.And...

Vansh smiled and rememberd,Riddhima ,beautifully adorned,as a bengali bride,with green leaves in her red heena adorned hands,from which,she was sneaking him in the mandap.
Vansh opened eyes,he was getting more breathless,
Vansh: Dad,I used to think from my childhood,that soldiers should not fall in love.They have no right.But when i met her,her ...I just fell.In love wih her.I used to think that why you married mom,when you could't fulfill responsibilties towrds herbut then I realised that ,no,it was none of your fault. You know dad,I just,had one fear ,of mom,hat wha will,happen with her,if I had to go to war,but when I met Riddhima,I am assured,that she will be fine,she will become ,mom's son.I just have one fear left now,
Ajay:What's that?
Vansh breathed deeply.
Vansh:Riddhima,she was,she loved colours.Thats' why she chose chemistry,I knew,that if something ,happens with me,her coulours will be snatched dad.
This created a deep pain inside Vansh's dead chest.
Ajay also got wet eyes.
Vansh:You know dad,
when I was four years old,I saw others,getting n their dad's shoulders,although mom lifted me,still i missed ,that feeling,

ineed at evenings,not a single evening passed when i didn't miss you dad.When I was seven,I heard that theives have come in our locality,I used to wake up whole nights,mom had no idea that I was waking up for her safety,but ,although I was trying t be strong,I missed your strength.I missed you dad,when it was my passing parade,I needed you,to pat on my shoulders.I hated you,when i saw mom struggling in my childhood,when i saw her,,needing your hand.Even still two years back,I used to hate you sometimes,but Riddhima,when i saw her love for her dad,you know dad,her real father has left her on road when she was 3 years old,a man ,an old man raised her up.And dad now,Riddhima's real father,just met her five years back,he is paralysed and mentally suffering,still the way ,Riddhima accepted him back ,the way Riddhima is fulfilling his every responsibility,forgetting that he abandoned her,that goodness in her,just melted my hatred,and today at this moment,I am feeling proud on your decision dad.I am sorry dad,I never tried to understand you much,but you know,my questions inside me,that why you were not in my childhood,my patriotism,motivated me to join forces.
Vansh then remembered,his mom,how she struggled and raised as a strong women,and made his son so capable ,that whole nation is proud of.

Ajay:Now ,will you keep taliking or what?See,your family,your force,is coming to take you,,just wait.
Vansh:No dad,now ..I can not wait more,when I have realised ,that I got ,world's best dad,who made my childhood,such that yes I can feel proud that I made it for nation too...thanks dad,for being the best son of nation and best father of nation's children.
Ajay tried to held vansh's hand but Vansh just smiled,and he felt a breeze,he hardly touched his forehead from his forefinger and remembered his mother's feet,then touched his lips and remembered Ridhima's face,then touched his heart and remembered his dad,and then made salute and remembered mother nation.
His eyes closed,there was uttermost silence.

Next scnee shows Riddhima sitting in garden ,pampering her slight baby bump,which was hardly three-four months,
she then saw Angre,in uniform arriving,
she moved to him but he didn't meet his eyes with hers.Riddhima felt him strange.
Vansh's mother(Uma) Arived,
Uma:Angre,what happened?So early ?Is everything fine,
From the last night both Riddhima and uma were feeling restless,Angre slowly moved towards the bird feding potwhich was kept there,and made all the birds fly,,
Riddhima felt a jerk seeing this,she shouted,
Riddhima:Angre..what you did,those are Vansh's birds,
Angre didn't stop.He moved towards the chair on which vansh used to sit,and covered that with a cloth,
Her mother became extremely shocked.
Then song played in bg,
Aii guzarne wali hawa jara,
mera itna kaam karegi kya...
mere gaaon ja mere doston ko salaam de

mere gaaon mein hai jo woh gali
jaahan rehti hai meri dilruba
use mere pyaar ka jaam de
use mere pyar ka jaam de
wahin thori door hai ghar mera
mere ghar mein hai meri budi maa
mere maa ke pairon ko choo tu
use uske bete ka naam de
aye guzarne wali hawa zara
mere doston mere dilruba
meri maa ko mera paigam de
unhe jaake tu yeh paigam de
mai wapas aaonga mai wapas aaonga
And Riddhima moved towards the breeze ,holding her marriage pendant tightly,
Then Vansh's coffin arrived,all covered in tricolor.
Next scene showed Riddhima sitting in front of matyred Flying squadron vansh Rai Sighania 
And Ex.Colonel Ajay Rai Singhania's photographs and changing their flowers.
She then looked towards vansh's mom who was sitting there,
Uma slightly smiled,as if trying to throw a tantrum,
Uma: Afterall,he chose his dad.Not me
Riddhima bowed down her head,and then looked up at Vansh's photo.She kept hand over her baby bump,
"I wished to give you this gift on father's dad,but you chose yoursel."

After 3 years,
Scene showed two parallel scenes,
One with Riansh crying and asking for daddy,another with vansh crying in childhood and asking for daddy
One with Riansh crying and feeling scared ,desiring to hold his father's hand,another of Vansh in his childhood,trying to do the same.
Final scene showed Riansh seeing a boy giving father's day gift to his dad,Riddhima came and sat besides him,
Riansh smiled,
Riddhima: My child,your dad is with you,what he did,is just so that all these children can stay safe and give their fathers these gifts.Are you not proud?
Riansh with wet eyes nodded and kept saying i am..I am.
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    I watched a father try to hold back his tears,
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    And what was there left for a father to say?
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    I stood and watched as a little boy cried.
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