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p-so,today my heera beta is giving me a valuable gift.
sh-which gift when I told u mom.
p-ohho shakthi ji hamari beta is just like u.
sh-mom say straight.
p-today u r going to get my dil na that’s the gift.
shivaay is blushing
p-shivaay u r blushing.
sh-mom plse.ok I have urgent work so i will go & come before lunch.
after lunch we can plan about party.
all-he again forget about special decoration for confessing.
sh-guys plse I didn’t forget that .I talking about that preparation only.
all in unison-ohhhhooo
sh-okk plse om ru u have clg move fast.I will drop both on the way
sh/om/ru-say bye unison and went out.

girls side:
an-guari bhavya r u guys ready its already late fast.
gu-we r coming di.
at the same time mrs malhotra entered room
Mrs.Malhotra-annika I want to talk to you r u free.
an-yes mom tell me
at that time guari and bhavya alsao came.

Mrs.Malhotra-today we r going to oberoi mansion for dinner.at that time me & ur dad wants to talk about ur alliance with them.
an-ok mom.
Mrs Malhotra-u dont have any problem.
an-no mom.
suddenly annika got a doubt
an-mom can I ask u something.
Mrs.Malhotra-ask me
an-I want to know who is that.
annika’s happiness have no bounds . she is flying inside&dancing.
gu& bh-also very happy.
and they r looking at each other.
Mrs.Malhotra-come home fast & get ready girls.we have to reach oberoi mansion at 6.
an/gu/bh in unison-ok mom
and they jump at happiness.

And They went out.
girls r going in one car , boys r going in one car
at one point they all meet &exchange cars.
omri/ruvya in one car . shivika in another car.
omri & ruvya’s car:
om-girls we r going to meet in om for dinner.our family also gathering.did u guys know about it.
rivya in unison-we know they said in loud voice.
om/ru r shock with that sound.
om-guari can I ask something.
gu-ya sure.
om feel tensed and said I will ask u in the party
gu-ok, no problem.
at that time they reach there college and went in.
in shivika’s car:
sh-annika I have a surprise for u.
an-also have a surprise for u.
sh- tell me what is that.
an -first,u tell me what is that.
sh-today night a small party on the om .at that time I will give u surprise
an-I will also give at that time only.

precap-party night.

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