Daayan 9th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi Is Dead?

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Daayan 9th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Brijesh chachu returns to family and informs that Aakarsh denied to help as he has lost his memory. Narendra asks how will they save Jahnvi now. Brijesh says they have to get back Aakarsh’s memory somehow. Prachi suggests if they can find out procedure of sacrifice, they can save Jahnvi by ruining it. Brijesh says they have to enter daayan lok and for that he has to read tantrik baba’s book who has gone to daayan lok many times with his tantra/magic. He explains they should perform pooja with closed eyes to reach daayan lok. Pritvhi opposes and says Brijesh chachu always uses heavy words which they cannot understand, better they kidnap Aakarsh and force Daayan to free Jahnvi. Taimaa scolds that Aakarsh is also daayan and he can kill them in one go. Prithvi walks away saying he does not want to be part of their mad drama. Chandrika notices that and thinks of ruining their pooja. Aakarsh in his room wakes up and finds Satroopa lying next to him, thinks if he is married to Satroopa then why he is remembering Jahnvi. Satroopa wakes up. he informs her what he is feeling. Satroopa says Jahnvi with her black magic is misleading him. Aakarsh believes her, but hears Jahnvi calling him.

Asha Daayan starts destroying Jahnvi’s 5 senses. First she destroys her touch sense, then hearing sense and asks now she knows how she felt trapped in mirror. Brijesh performs pooja with family members sitting around havan and asks them to chant mantras with closed eyes. Protective barrier forms around Jahnvi with pooja’s power. Asha daayan is shocked to see that and via black magic sees Jahnvi’s family trying to protect Jahnvi. Once they start, Chandrika enters and burns a circle around them to fail their pooja. Prithvi enters shouting he will not let her fail pooja for her sister’s life and hits her. She falls unconscious. He sets off fire with fire extinguisher and joins family in pooja. Daayan fails their pooja via storm and destroys Jahnvi’s remaining senses. Brijesh becomes paralytic after failed pooja. Aakarsh senses Jahnvi in trouble and feels uneasy. Satroopa asks what happened to him. He says he feels he knows Jahnvi from ages and walks away from room. Prachi sees Aakarsh leaving his room and excitedly informs family that Aakarsh must have gone save Jahnvi; though he lost his memory, he still loves Jahnvi subconsciously.

Aakarsh reaches daayan lok and asks Daayan what is she doing. Daayan says she is sacrificing Jahnvi as Jahnvi had captured her in a mirror. She ends Jahnvi’s all 5 senses and sacrifices her completely. She then calls Patalini and submits her Jahnvi’s soul. Patalini accepts her soul and gives her boon of immportality. Aakarsh stands sad seeing Jahnvi dead. Daayan jumps in happiness and informs she is immortal now, if Aakarsh is not happy. Aakarsh says he is, but does not know why he is feeling sad seeing Jahnvi dead. Daayan thinks Jahnvi’s love did not leave Aakarsh in memory loss. Jahnvi’s family tensely waits for Aakarsh to return with Jahnvvi and seeing inauspicious signs get worried for Jahnvi. Satroopa walks to them and says looks like her dream came true, Jahnvi must have died. Family pleads not to say that. Satroopa returns to her room. Aakarsh brings Jahnvi’s deadbody. Family shatters seeing that. Prithvi trashes Aakarsh saying his mother killed Jahnvi and he is also responsible. Satroopa walks in and punishes Prithvi. Narendra pleads her to spare her son as he does not want any more mishaps after losing Jahnvi. Satroopa returns to her room and angrily breaks things thinking even after Jahnvi died, she is not getting out of Aakarsh’s life. Aakarsh imagines Jahnvi who asks him to remember their past and disappears.

Family mourns Jahnvi’s death. Narendra says he will perform Jahnvi’s last rights. Pritvhi says c chachaji is right. Taimaa says Aakarsh is Jahnvi’s husband and he should perform her last rights. Brijesh also signals same. Pritvhi walks to Aakarsh and requests him to perform Jahnvi’s last rights as per Jahnvi’s wishes. He asks how can he. He emotionally plead him. He agrees. Satrupa tries to stop him, but he convinces even her. Family then take Jahnvi’s body for last rights. Panditji asks Aakarsh to perform Jahnvi’s last rights as he is her husband. He sets fire on Jahnvi’s body and looking at fire his memory returns where he marries Jahnvi and spends time with her. He shouts Jahnvi is his wife and tries to jump into fire, but Veer and Harsh hold him.

Precap: Prachi sees Satroopa showibng a flower to Chandrika and telling made Aakarsh lose his memory via this flower. She shows flower to Aakarsh and informs he lost memory because of this flower. Aakarsh reaches Daayan lok and confronts Daayan for playing with her own son’s life. Daayan punishes him and says is kicking him out of daayan lok forever.

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