Daayan 7th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi’s Family Decides To Abort Jahnvi’s Baby

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Harsh consoles Veer after Prachi alleges him of kidnapping her. Veer asks Harsh why will he harm Prachi when he loves her so much. Harsh thinks how to tell him that Dayan has hypnotized Prachi and he wants to get Jananta alive via Daayan. He asks Veer to have patience and leaves. Daayan notices that and thinks she wanted senapati like Harsh. Jahnvi walks in corridor thinking if Satrupa’s words were right and why Prachi alleged Veer wrongly. Brijesh tells her that he feels Prachi is possessed by evil spirit. Jahnvi with Brijesh walks to Prachi and badmouths about Veer. Jahnvi attacks Brijesh. Jahnvi holds her and asks who is controlling her. Prachi says no one. Jahnvi insists. Prachi says she will inform. Jahnvi says she will get water for her and gets up, but falls unconscious. Prachi rushes to bring family. Family enters worried for Jahnvi. Aakarsh enters and says he warned them not to trouble Jahnvi. Family says they did not. Prithvi alleges Aakarsh that he is risking Jahnvi’s life by letting Satrupa’s killer baby in Jahnvi’s womb. Aakarsh says it is his and Jahnvi’s child and not Satrupa’s. Satrupa tries to lure Veer and tries to provoke him, but he warns her to get away from him.

Family decides to abort Jahnvi’s baby. Vrishaka says it is wrong to abort a baby. Prithvi says a mother is speaking and she should suppress mother’s feelings if she wants to see Jahnvi alive. Veer packs his bags and tries to leave. Prachi runs behind him and asks where is he going. He says he is tired of her allegations and misbehavior, so he is going away from here. Prachi then gets hypnotized and shouts at Veer to go away and divorce her. Veer angrily walks again. Dipnank stops him and informs that Prachi is possessed by Daayan, so she is misbehaving. He reminisces incidents where his wife Manvi behaves similarly to Prachi and requests Veer not to leave Prachi alone as he could not save Manvi but Veer can save Prachi. He pleads to follow his promise made to Prachi and get her out of daayan’s spell. Brijesh speaks to Prithvi over phone and tells Taiji and Narendra that they are doing wrong by thinking of aborting Jahnvi’s baby. Narendra says he does not mind to go to any extent to save Jahnvi. Prithvi and Vishaka return and inform that all doctors denied to abort Jahnvi’s baby except one who said she will do sonography first and only if they baby has any defect she will perform abortion. Brijesh asks how will they go ahead without Aakarsh’s knowledge. Prithvi says they will send Aakarsh away from Jahnvi and Brijesh will do that according to Prithvi’s plan.

Aakarsh takes Jahnvi to kitchen and prepares sandwich and juice for her. Jahnvi gets impressed and says he needs some more practice. He says he will and prepares milkshake for her. Jahnvi feels drowsy and weak. Aakarsh holds her and asks her to take rest and have nuts. Jahnvi says baby is luck to have such a caring father. Brijesh watching them hiding thinks he cannot do this, returns to Prithvi and says he cannot as they are very excited about their child. Prithvi says he has to do it if he has to see Jhanvi alive. Brijesh walks to Jahnvi and Aakarsh and nervously says he needs to speak, but don’t know how to. Aakarsh asks to go ahead. Brijesh says he found out about baba whose forefathers were Raja’s priests and he can help them. Aakarsh asks to bring him here. Brijesh says baba is egoistic and will not come here, so Aakarsh should go there. Jahnvi also insists Aakarsh to go if he has to protect baby from Satrupa.

Prachi tries to suicide thinking she cannot live without Veer. Veer reaches on time and stops her. Daayan emerges and tortures Veer. Veer crawls towards Prachi and says he loves her and their love will win over Daayan. Daayan hypnotizes Prachi who hits Veer. Daayan thinks she will trouble Veer and Prachi and take revenge from Jahnvi as she snatched Aakarsh from her, once her grandson comes is born, she will kill Jahnvi. Taiji and Vishaka walks to Jahnvi and asks if Aakarsh has gone out. Jahnvi says yes. Vishaka says they wanted Aakarsh to accompany Jahnvi for sonography as Jahnvi’s baby is growing fast and she needs sonography once a week at least. Jahnvi says if they can wait for a day as she wants Aakarsh to see their baby moving. Vishakha says they got world renowned doctor’s appointment with great difficulty, so she should get sono done today itself. Taiji also insists. Jahnvi asks to handle Aakarsh if he gets angry and walks along.

Daayan takes Veer to daayan loak and ties her to a pole. Veer shouts to leave her. Daayan says she will make him daayan and he himself will kill Jahnvi. Veer says even after becoming Daayan, he will love Prachi and will never harm her; when she could not control her son, how will she control him. Daayan says once Harsh comes, she will make them both daayan and finish whole family. Brijesh takes Aakarsh far away and keeps him busy.

Precap: Jahnvi asks doctor why she needs injection when she just came for sonography. Satrupa thinks once baby is aborted, she will get back Aakarsh from Jahnvi. Daayan prays evil and requests mani. Evil says she does not deserve mani.

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