Daayan 29th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Satrupa Tricks Jahnvi

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Daayan 29th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jahnvi is amazed to see Prachi changed behavior and thinks the way she was rudely speaking to Veer, there is something wrong, she needs to speak to Aakarsh. She walks into Aakarsh’s room and not finding him there thinks where he must have gone, something is happening for sure and he is hiding it from her, she needs to find out. Aakarsh sees Satrupa’s shadow and picks rope to catch her, but hides it seeing Jahnvi coming and asks what is she doing here. She asks what is he doing here, he is hiding something. Brijesh holding rope searches Satrupa. Satrupa from behind catches him and strangulating his neck asks what is Akarsh’s plan and where he has hidden her other 3 forms. Brijesh says he will not reveal anything. She uses black magic. He reveals Aakarsh created a device to capture Satrupa’s all 7 forms and it is in a room where Raja’s dead body was kept. Satrupa thinks Akarsh cannot catch her further and walks towards king’s room. Jahhnvi insists Aakarsh what is he hiding and seeing his hand injury what happened to him. He reveals that he is capturing Satrupa’s all 7 forms and got injured while doing so. Jahnvi nurses his wound and says Satrupa is always a troublesome for her. Satrupa hears their conversation and seeing them busy walks into king’s room. She sees her 3 forms pleading to free them and feels sad. Aakarsh emerges there and reveals he had planned all this to trap her and, reminiscing whole incident where he uses magic and makes Jahnvi sleep, grasps her powers into device and says now he will send her to her world. Satrupa pleads not to and collapses. Aakarsh tries to wake her up and seeing she is really unconscious takes her hotel and calls doctor who treats her. She wakes up and asks who is she. Aakarsh returns, and Satrupa acts as unconscious again. Aakarsh thinks he cannot send her back in this condition.

Veer walks in corridor reminiscing Prachi’s rude behavior when he hears Harsh chanting daayan mantras and calling her by hitting her head on stone. He stops Harsh. Harsh shouts nobody can stop him for calling Daayan and reliving Jananta, he cannot live without Jananita. Veer says if he can get back Jananta bhabhi, he can do anything he wants. Satrupa wakes up and emotionally blackmails Aakarsh apologizing him for interfering between Aakarsh and Jahnvi and not sending her to her world seeing her condition, she promises not to interfere between Aakarsh and Jahnvi. Aakrsh walks away. He thinks how can Satrupa be so weak, something is wrong. Jahnvi meets hi and confronts why he used magic on her last night. He finally reveals how he captured Satrupa another 3 forms and was about to capture 7th form when Satrupa fells unconscious and now feels weak. Jahnvi says Satrupa is very strong and must be acting. Aakarsh assures her not to worry, he will handle everything.

Veer fumes in anger reminiscing Prachi’s rude behavior. Prachi walks in and apologizes him for her misbehavior and says she does not know what is happening to her. Angry Veer shouts at her to get out. Daayan watching this hypnotizes Prachi again. Prachi walks and shouts he wants to sleep with her before marriage, so came to her room last night, etc. Veer gets more angry and shouts to get out. She walks out shouting he cannot shout at her. Aakarsh walks into Satrupa’s room thinking Jahnvi is right, Satrupa must be acting. Satrupa asks him to return her 6 forms to make her feel better. Aakarsh says he is not a fool and asks her not to come out of room as today is Veer and Prachi’s wedding. Satrupa reaches king’s room again and tries to free her 6 forms, but fails. She calls Daayan for help. Daayan emerges and praises her son Aakarsh’s skills. Satrupa says she called her for help and not praise Aakarsh. Daayan says Aakarsh made the device via tantra book and she should get those papers from Aakarsh. Jahnvi on the other side thinks Satrupa cannot lose her powers so easily, she needs to find out what she is up to. She meets Brijesh and insists him to tell where device is and how to use it. Brijesh says only Aakarsh can use device and they should get tantra papers from Aakarsh to find out what mantra he uses. Jahnvi’s family decorates palace for Jahnvi and Veer’s wedding. Satrupa scans Aakarsh and finds out papers in his coat pocket. She sends Harsh to steal them. Harsh in lieu of helping family drops juice on Aakarsh’s coat and forcefully takes it to wash it and steals papers. Jahnvi reaches and says she will clean coat and walks away. Harsh hands over papers to Satrupa. She thanks him and promises to help him. Jahnvi checks coat and does not find papers in coat.

Veer thinks looking at Prachi’s changed behavior, looks like she does not want to marry him so easily, so it is better to convince family to postpone wedding for a few more months. He walks towards Taiji and Narendra and stops hearing Taiji that Prachi is immature and she created mess last night, but Veer is a mature boy and will handle Prachi’s immaturity well. He changes his mind. Jahnvi sees him and asks to help them in wedding preparations. He agrees. Jahnvi then sees Satrupa holding papers and follows her. Satrupa thinks fool Jahnvi will follow her. Jahnvi thinks those must be same papers. Vishakha stops Jahnvi and insists her to go and get Prachi ready as she cannot handle Prachi alone. Jahnvi walks with her. Satrupa fumes thinking she would have killed Jahnvi if Vishakha had not interfered, she will free her 6 forms first.

Precap: Doctor informs family that Jahnvi is prengant.
Satrupa says that child is hers and Aakarsh which she implanted in Jahnvi’s womb.

Update Credit to: MA

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