Daayan 27th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Aakarsh and Jahnvi Get Half Mani

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Jahnvi and Aakarsh hide in Pisach lok. Pisach follows them. Aakarsh makes Jahnvi sitattacks Pisach and asks to give him mani. Pisach attacks Aakarsh. Aakarh counterattacks Pisach who calls his team and they take Aakarsh and Jahnvi to their boss Khaja who asks who are they. Aakarsh lies that they came here by mistake. Khaja says daayan and human’s jodi is unique, they definitely came here with a reason. Aakarsh continues lying that they came here by mistake. In palace, Veer sees even his hand turning stone after touching Jahnvi’s family and realizes Daayan’s warning to stay away from protective barrier is right. He thinks until he is alive, he will try to help family. Prachi sees him tensed and questions. He hides his hands and says it is not time for romance but to save family and walks away from there. In Pisach lok, Khaja orders to kill Aakarsh and Jahnvi. Aakarsh pleads not to kill his wife as she is pregnant. Khaja says then they will sacrifice 3 lives. Jahnvi asks Aakarsh to call Patalini maa. Aakarsh asks her to wait. Jahnvi asks him to free her, she will take mani from pisach. He does with his black magic and she snatches mani from pisach. Pisachs try to attack her, but she attacks them with mani power. Aaakrsh calls Patalini maa for help. She gets them back on earth via magical device, but Betalini’s aides snatch device and run away. Patalini runs behind them and warns to return device. Mani Daitya emerges there and killing Betalini’s aides takes back device and returns it to Patalini. Patalini gets back Jahnvi and Aakarsh on earth, then goes to Betalini and punishes her for trying to harm mani and takes her to his cave.

Jahnvi decides to give half mani to daayan to save her family, calls Asha daayan, and demands to free her 2 family members if Asha wants half mani. Asha denies and tries to attack Jahnvi. Jahnvi warns she can harm her with mani. Asha asks whom to free. Brijesh says elders, Jahnvi says Taiji and papaji. Daayan frees them both and asks mani. Jahnvi gives her mani. Daayan takes mani to mani Daitya. Mani daitya says he knows how Aakarsh and Jahnvi brought this mani part cleverly, but also saw Daayan’s cleverness. Daayan tries to give him mani, but daiya warns her to stay away from him and only return after getting both parts. She sees Betalini there and asks why is she here. Daitya says she tried to harm Jahnvi’s family with monster scorpions and lizards and she does not want Daayan to get back her powers, so he punished her. Daayan requests him to free Betalini and reaching daayan lok thinks why mani daitya didn’t even touch mani when he is so desperate to get it, she needs to find out his weakness. Betalini thinks at least Daayan is afraid of someone. Jahnvi asks Aakarsh where is mani’s another part. Aakarsh says in Anaam lok where pari/angels stay, which is kinda secluded. They both reach Anaam lok and are mesmerized with its beauty, amazed to see Satroopa there who is parilok king and queen’s close friend and has come to attend princess wedding. Queen thanks her for coming and asks where are her 6 forms. Satroopa lies that they are searching different worlds and angrily thinks she lost her 6 lives because of Jahnvi and her child. She smells them and thinks why they are here. Aakarsh finds mani part which Satroopa takes before them and asks what are they doing here. King with his guards catches them and asks what are they doing here. Aakarsh says they came here by mistake. King orders to throw them in jail till his daughter’s wedding. Satroopa says she knows them well, they are from pritvhi lok and helped her a lot during her trip there, so she will take assurance that they will not reeal about Anaam lok after returning to Prithvi lok. King orders to take them both to guest rooms.

Taiji and Papaji hope Jahnvi and Aakarsh bring 2nd part of mani and free Prithvi, Vishakha, and others. Papaji sees Veer and asks to come and sit. He says he is feeling unwell. Papaji asks him to go and rest then. Brijesh throws holy ash on Veer thinking he is possessed by evil spirit. Prachi tries to touch Veer, but he warns to stay away from him. She insists. He shows his stone turning hand and says he held Prithvi when he was falling and even his hand turned into stone, he cannot see Prachi in trouble until he is alive and so she should not touch him. Prachi angrily confronts Daayan and requests to free her husband. Daayan emerges and denies. Prachi tries to attack Daayan. Daayan punishes her. Family call Patalini and request to cure Prachi. Patalini says she cannot help her as only Daayan knows how to cure her. They then call mani Daitya who also denies to help Prachi as he cannot anger either Jahnvi or Daayan. Family hopes Jahnvi and Aakarsh return with mani soon. Jahnvi walks into Satroopa’s room disguised as pari with beautiful flowers. Aakarsh follows next, ties Satroopa, and asks to return mani. She asks to free her first. He frees her and she says she gifted that mani to princess which she fixed it in her crown and her life is attached to that mani now, if they try to take mani from crown, princess will die. Jahnvi gets tensed. Satroopa taunts Aakarsh that he is daayan and can kill princess to get mani, but if he leaves Jahnvi and returns to her, she will give him money. Betalini researches about mani Daitya and informs that his name is Kushabahu who was serving a rishi and they both found powerful mani deep in the earth, Kushabahu knowing about mani’s powers betrayed rishi and got it, rishi cursed Kushabahu to live in mani and if he even touches it, he will burst into fire. Daayan says that is why mani daitya does not touch mani pieces.

Precap: Patalini informs Jahnvi that devic is destroyed and Aakarsh cannot come back again. Mani daitya warns Jahnvi to either fix both parts of mani or return it to Asha daayan, he will burst soon otherwise.

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