Daayan 20th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Nandini Pushes Jahnvi From Terrace

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Aakarsh waits for Jahnvi, but Nandini walks into his hotel room. He nervously asks what is she doing here. She says she wanted to surprise him, she was feeling bored in a small room. He says mom does not want them to meet before marriage. She says she knows, blindfolds him and asks to wait for her surprise. Jahnvi enters shooting set in hotel and hears spot boys discussing this place is weird, sometimes, people fall down and die and sometimes something else happens. Jahnvi removes Aakarsh’s blindfold and shows him his favorites dishes. He excitedly asks if she prepared them. She says she got them prepared by chef and feeds him sensuously and asks him to feed her. Tina walks near door and walks away and why she is feeling jealous seeing Aakarsh and Nandini together. Nandini gets intimate with Aakarsh and tries to kiss him. He nervously stops her and says they should before marriage. She says they are in modern age and wedding is just a formality for him, tries to get intimate again when Aakarsh gets call and walks out. Jahnvi makes hotel employee call Aakarsh out and thanks him for help. Aakarsh walks down to check when Jahnvi says she called him here and says she loves him and wants to marry him. He says really and tries to kiss her. She backs off. He says she wants to marry him for his wealth and got mesmerized with wedding jewelry and dresses. She slaps him and says she rejected him 10 years ago for the same reason, he is so selfish and loves himself. She continues that she loves him truly and wants to put mangulsutra in her neck, she does not care about his wealth. He asks to prove it then in 30 minutes. Nandini comes and takes him away. Jahnvi thinks she wants to marry Aakarsh for his mangalsutra and has to do something.

Aakarsh returns to his room with Nandini. Nandini closes room door and switches off emergency alarm, etc.. She gets intimate with him. Jahnvi asks security officer how he makes emergency announcement. He takes her to emergency announcement room where over microphone confesses that she loves Aakarsh and wants to marry him. Whole hotel hears except Akarash as Nandini switches off emergency alarm. She waits for Aakarsh in living room thinking she did as Akash told. Everyone discuss she is the desperate girl who wants to marry Aakarsh. Aakarsh walks to Jahnvi and expresses his love for her and proposes to marry her. Jahnvi realizes it is her imagination when Aakarsh snaps fingers. Aakarsh says he gave her 30 minutes and she could not prove her love for him. Jahnvi says she expressed her love in front of everyone and whole hotel heard it. Aakarsh reminisces Nandini switching off emergency alarm. He says even then she lost her chance and he has already moved on with Nandini and will marry her. Jahnvi leaves hotel sadly and meeting Veer cries loudly saying she could not convince Aarkarsh to marry her and failed, now they cannot get mangalsutra. Veer suggests her to inform Aakarsh about Nandini real intentions to marry him.

Jahnvi returns home and informs Taiji that she will sleep with her today and leave some space for Nandini. Taiji agrees. She sleeps in Taiji’s room when Nandini walks in and says she came here by mistake and is not daayan, walks away from there. Menaka applies mehandi on Aakarsh and says she has to send same mehandi to Menaka. Aakarsh reminisces Tina rejecting him 10 years ago and today proposing to marry him and walks to his room. After sometime, Madhav with Vaidehi from new serial Meri Ardhangini meets Aakarsh and reminds him that they met in some exhibition and says he came to Ujjain for some important work and congratulates him for his wedding. He asks if he is marrying the girl he loves. Aakarsh says he does not believe in love now. Madhav and Vaidehi explain him value of love and suggest him to marry the girl he loves. Jahnvi returns to her room and sees Madhav’s expired wife Vaidehi emerging on mirror and telling only Jahnvi can see her as she is pure hearted and is trying to end evil. She suggests her to be strong and not back off with any hurdle.

Jahnvi sees Nandini walking out suspiciously and follows her. She is shocked to see Prarthana giving a bag to Nandini and return back. She stops and asks what did she give to Nandini. Prarthana walks to her room. Jahnvi follows her and asks her what did she give to Nandini. Prarthana turns into dayan and warns that she should not have seen that and will die not. Jahnvi pleads to spare her. Prarthana laughs and says she was just acting, she gave liquor bottle to Nandini as she wants to enjoy bachelorette party after sangeet. Nandini tells Taiji that she is going to beauty parlor. Taiji asks to take Jahnvi along, but Nandini says she will manage and leaves. Jahnvi calls Veer and asks him to follow Nandini. He follows her and sees her going somewhere else instead of beauty parlor, so he follows her in auto. A speeding bike crashes with auto. Jahnvi eagerly waits for Veer’s call. Once he calls, she asks if he followed Nandini. Nandini speaks and says she did wrong by sending her frient to follow her, if she wants her friend alive, then she should come to her said address. Jahnvi rushes to underconstruction building and calls Nandini. Nandini calls her to terrace and shouts she should not have come between her and Aakarsh. Jahnvi confronts that she knows she wants to marry Aakarsh for mangalsutra. Nandini says she will pay for this and pushes her from terrace. Jahnvi falls down severely injured and loses consciousness.

Precap: Doctor informs Aakarsh and Tina’s family that they tried their best but could not save Jahnvi. Aakarsh lifts Nandini’s body emotionally and cries.

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