Daayan 19th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Nandini is Daayan?

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Daayan 19th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer sees stone falling towards her and Jahnvi and takes Jahnvi out of temple saying Daayan found out about their plan. Jahnvi says there was no mangalsutra in temple. Daadi calls Jahnvi and asks where is she, it is already 5 a.m. Jahnvi says she had night shift shooting and is coming home. She asks Veer where is he staying. He says at a friend’s house and tells details. Jahnvi returns home, and Daadi informs her that Nandini will share Jahnvi’s room til marriage. Menaka informs that in their culture, brides don’t stay in groom’s house before marriage, but since Nandini is orphan, she will stay in Jahnvi’s room till marriage. Daadi says wedding is in palace. Youngsters get excited hearing that. Daadi asks Jahnvi to go and check Nandini in her room.

Jahnvi then walks into her room and sees Nandini there. Nandini says she used to hate joint families, but now she does not mind and asks where to keep her clothes. Jahvni shares her wardrobe. Nandini picks her and Aakarsh’s pic and says they are looking so cute. Aakarsh video calls Nandini, and she asks if he was missing her. Aakarsh says of course mom told they cannot stay in same room till marriage, it is very difficult to stay without her even for a second, looking at Jahnvi. Nandini asks Jahnvi to go out as it is personal call. Jahnvi walks out, but realizes she forgot her mobile near cupboard and Veer must be calling her anytime. She returns and sees Aakarsh showing Nandini mangalsutra and insists to get his family’s generation old antique mangalsutra. She reminiscies Veer telling there is Aditya vansh/clan’s antique mangalsutra with which they can call dayaan and destroy her. She picks mobile and walks out, reads Aakarsh’s wedding card and is surprised to see Aakarsh is from Aditya vansh. She reads Veer’s given book and thinks Aakarsh must be having generations’ old jewelry then and even devimaa’s blessed mangalsutra. She calls Veer and informs him whole story. Veer asks her to go and speak to Aakarsh directly as he is her childhood friend.

Maid informs Jahnvi that Aakarsh has sent car for her to reach hotel and select bride’s dresses and jewelry. She angrily fumes if she does not have any work, then reminisces Veer’s words and agrees. She reaches hotel where designer shows wedding dresses and mistaking her as bride says this will look very pretty on her. Aakarsh says she is not his bride, but can take this dress as gift. Jahnvi says no. Designer insists to try. She walks into changing room and panics seeing Daayan there, pleads Daayan to spare her and somehow opens door and runs out. Aakash holds her, and she says Daayan was there. Aakarsh says she is acting as he is marrying Nandini, she should stop as he cannot come to help her after marriage. Jahnvi stands afraid looking at wall. Aakarsh joins designer and selects dress. Designer asks Jahnvi if she did not try dress. Jahnvi says it did not fit her. Aakarsh tells Jahnvi that jeweler is coming soon and she has to select jewelry for Nandini. Jeweler shows diamond, emeraland and other previous stone jewelry. Jahnvi says Nandini is insisting to wear Aakarsh’s generations’ old family mangalsutra and he has to select other matching jewelry with it. Aakarsh says Nandini will not mind it. Jahnvi calls Nandini and asks if she needs matching jewelry with mangalsutra. NBandini says yes and asks Akash to let Jahnvi select matching jewelry. Aakarsh agrees and gets romantic with Nandini to make Jahnvi jealous. Jahnvi says she will go home and pick his family mangalsutra. Aakarsh asks her to be careful as it is very precious and speical.

Jahnvi returns home and sees family excitedly looking at mangalsutra. Nandini says it is so pretty and must be heavy. Jahnvi picks it and imagines same design in daayan book. Taiji takes it from her to keep it in locker. Jahnvi walks behind her and asks her to make place for mangalsutra. While Taiji clears space, she silently clicks mangalsutra’s pics. She then walks to her room and checking pic in book calls Veer and informs that it is same mangalsutra and asks to prepare replica of it and once their work is done, she will return it to Nandini. Nandini walks in and asks whom she is speaking to. Jahnvi says she fought with her friend. Nandini says she never forgives if someone misbehaves with her. Jahnvi walks out and youngters forcefully drag her for dance rehearsal. She gets Veer’s call and walks aside. Veer says he sent mangalsutra’s duplicate in a sweet box via a boy. Boy enters asking if this is Jahnvi didi’s house. Taiji says yes and takes sweet box and is about to open it when Jahnvi sees her and hurriedly stops and takes box to get sweets on plate. She goes aside and is surprised to see real mangalsutra’s replica and thinks how to exchange it with real one. She sees Taiji passing by and drops juice on her an dsending her to change her sari picks locker key and takes out mangalsuutra. She checks both and thinks if it is so powerful that daayan will burn holding it. Seyash walks in playing and drops mangalsutra, then picks it and returns to her. She is surprised and asks if he is fine. He says yes and walks away. Jahnvi thinks nothing happened to Seyanash, that means it is not powerful. Veer calls her and informs that nothing will happen to Seyanash, that does not mean mangalsutra is not powerful, it has mandir’s same shlok engraved on mangalsutra. Jahnvi checks and says he is right. Veer says his friend read sanskrit and says it has sun and moon on it and wil get activated only if someone marries Aditya vanshi and wears it. Jahnvi says she will seek Nandini’s help after informing whole story. She sees Taiji returning, exchanges mangalsutra and keeps it back in locker and walks away silently.

Jahnvi walks to Nandi and sees her speaking to someone and telling there is no use of mangalsutra tills he marries Aakarsh and asks to make a duplicate soon. Once Nandini leaves, she thinks whom she was speaking to. Taiji calls Jahnvi, but she walks away searching Nandini. She then saari which lady wore who spoke to Nandini. She then thinks Nandini is marrying Aakarsh for mangalsutra and thinks she is daayan, but why she needs mangalsutra, maybe she will become immortal once Aditya vanshi Aakarsh fixes mangalsutra in her neck. She reminisces Bablu telling her that in his dream, she comes as Vishaka with sindoor and bangles. She thinks according to Bablu’s dream, she has to marry Aakarsh. He father meets her and says he wants to get her married soon. Jahnvi thinks if Bablu’s dream has this meaning, how to save Bablu. Bablu hides in cave. Daayan calls him tt come out. He comes out afraid and pleads for help. Daayan holds him and says once she captures him on poorna maasi, all his pain will be gone. Jahnvi thinks she has to do something and save kids from daayan. She goes to Taiji and says she got a call and has to go for photos shoot. Taiji agrees.

Jahnvi goes hot Aakarsh’s hotel and asks receptionist where is Aakarsh. Receptionist says he is in library. She walks to library and does not find him, then reminisces Nandini and Aakarsh’s romantic dance and Veer’s warning and thinks she has to do something..

Precap: Jahnvi tells Aakarsh that she loves him and wants to marry him.

Update Credit to: MA

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