Daayan 16th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Daayan Kills Mainka and Mamaji

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Aakarsh waits for Jahnvi to perform maha shiv aarti. Taiji says Brijesh has gone to bring her, he can perform aarti. Pandit ji says only males can perform aarti. Aakarsh followed by Narendra and other male members perform aarti. In secret room, Jahnvi with Veer sees thali carried by Mainka and realizes that Daayan wants to relive king by sacrificing 7 kids, she has got 3 and needs 4 more, they have to destroy king’s dead body and then they can fight with daayan. Daayan in her den thinks Jahnvi found out her secret room and she needs to stop her somehow. Brijesh chacha suggests Jahnvi to go and bring everyone here and expose Daayan’s truth. Veer says he will stay here outside till Jahnvi returns. Jahnvi walks to everyone and informs Aakarsh that there is a secret chamber in palace with

a deadbody and there is daayan in this haveli. Aakarsh asks how can there be any dead body in this palace. Aakarsh asks how can it be. Jahnvi takes them towards secret chamber. Veer says he is hearing weird sounds from inside. Jahnvi opens door and sees room empty. She panics that there was a king’s dead body in this room. Nandini asks where is it then. They see Mamaji’s dead body there and Jahnvi panics more and asks how can king’s body disappear and mamaji’s dead body emerge, daayan has done all this. She asks Mainka to reveal that she knew about his this room and she is the daayan who has killed her brother. Mainka runs from there. Jahnvi runs behind her followed by others. Mainka reaches terrace and warns Jahnvi not to come near her, else she will jump. Jahnvi asks to accept she is daayan. Mainka says she is not daayan. Jahnvi insists to tell who is daayan then as she wants to save 7 chldren. Mainka says if she reveals, Daayan will kill even her like her brother. Jahnvi assures to protect her and walking near her asks if daayan is staying with them, who she is.

Mainka is about to reveal daayan’s name when daayan emerges and pushes Mainkna from tererace. Mainka falls down shouting for help. Jahnvi runs down and holding her says she will save her. Mainka says she does not have much time and says she is doing right by trying to save children and asks her to not let king relive. Jahnvi asks again who is daayan. Mainka writes A and passes away. Whole family reaches there and are shocked to see Mainka dead. Aakarsh carries Mainka’s body inside. Jahnvi says Mainka was about to reveal daayan’s name. Nindini says only Jahnvi had room’s key, so she knows who killed mamaji. Aakarsh shouts at her to shut up and alleges her for his mother’s death. Jahnvi says it is daayan who killed mummyji. Aakarsh angrily tries to slap her. Viraaj enters and holding his hand warn to dare not touch his wife. Pritvhi warns to stay away from his sister. Viraaj says he came with court orders and shows Jahnvi and Narendra’s DNA report saying they don’t match. Aakarsh checks and says it is negative. Jahnvi panics and asks how is it possible. Inpector checks report and says Jahnvi is Kundini and has to go with Viraaj. Jhahnvi pleads family to trust her that she is Jahnvi. Family does not believe her. Viraaj asks her to not make any drama and come along him to Mumbai, they can sort out their issues at their place. Jahnvi thinks she has no other choice to save children and says she will pack her bags and come back.

Daayan gets king’s deadbody to her den and frightens Amrith that she will sacrifice him tomorrow on amavasya as her powers will be at peak then. Jahnvi in her room thinks whose name Mainka was trying to reveal with A initial. Rimpi walks in and says she is her Jahnvi maasi and asks not to leave her alone. Aakarsh enters and sending her out alleges Jaahnvi that his mother and uncle died because of her. Viraaj enters and asks what is he discussing with his wife. Aakarsh gives him medicine given by psychiatrist and asks to give it to Jahnvi as she gets delusions. Once he leaves, Viraaj scolds Jahnvi for not packing her bags yet. Jahnvi shouts to leave her alone, she is not Kundini Roy. He hands over her medicine and walks away locking her from outside. Chachaji and Veer search secret room again to find a clue to save children and finds kaal chakra nivaran yantra circle on floor. Chachaji says daaya will sacrifice Amrith on amavasya tomorrow then. They call over phone and inform Jahnvi about it.

Precap: Jahnvi informs Veer and Brijesh that they need to spy on Aakarsh and Asha as Mainka wrote A before passing away. She hears Aakarsh speaking to someone over phone and telling today it is not possible as it is amavasya today. She then finds a note that daayan will be found near some bridge

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