Daayan 16th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aakarsh gets Jahnvi’s Soul From Betal lok

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Prachi brings Jahnvi’s ash pot/mortal remains and gives it to Aakarsh. Aakarsh thanks her, and family asks how did she get it. She remembers hitting Chandrika with a night lamp and once she collapses getting ash pot from her room. Satrupa hears their conversation hiding and thinks Aakarsh betrayed her. Jahnvi finds herself in a glass globe and asks Betalini why she has hidden here. Betalini says she cannot get out of here forever. Jahnvi says her husband Aakarsh will rescue her. Aakarsh explains Jahnvi’s family that his mother daayan divided Jahnvi’s 5 senses into 5 circles/chakras, he needs to unite those 5 chakras to relive Jahnvi. Brijesh says Betalini gave many powers to Daayan, so she is more powerful than daayan and it is like committing suicide to fight with her. Aakarsh says

though Betalini and Daayan are powerful, they cannot win over love, he will take any risk to save Jahnvi. He reaches patal lok and tells Patalini that he will rescue her. She says his mother is very powerful and will kill her. He says he is also Daayan’s son and gets her out of ground. She thanks him and says she knows what he wants as she saw everything on mirror; evil powers like humans praying them and can give anything in return, so he has to ask someone to pray Betalini and keep her busy while he enters Betal lok and get Jahniv’s soul.

Aakarsh returns back to earth and asks Brijesh chachu to pray Betlini and call her here while he goes and gets Jahnvi’s soul from Betal lok. Brijesh says he prayed only god till now, but starts praying Betalini. Aakarsh sees signal and leaves from there with Veer. Veer meets Prachi and getting romantic praises her qualities when Satrupa catches them and insists to tell what is Aakarsh’s plan. They both deny. Satrupa kidnaps Prachi and threatens Veer to reveal Aakarsh’s plan, else lose Prachi. Prachi asks him not to, but he helplessly informs Aakarsh’s plan. Betalini emerges hearing Brijesh’s prayers and asks what he needs. He acting as happy seeing her says he prayed god till now, but Betalini maa heard his prayers. Betalini says she will give him powers to enter Betal lok. He thanks her and requests to relive Jahnvi as he considers h er as his daughter. Aakarsh reaches Betal lok and searches Jahnvi’s soul. He finds her soul’s 5 chakras/stones in a glass globe, gets them in a jar, and disappears from there. He reaches Patal lok and showing Jahnvi’s soul’s 5 chakras says he will relive Jahnvi here as this is the safe place and Daayan or Betalini will not doubt he is here. Betalini tells Brijesh that she will not relive Jahnvi as she is her enemy and even takes back her powers given to Brijesh. She disappears, and Brijesh thinks Aakarsh must have got Jahnvi’s soul by now. Betalini reaches Betal lok and finds Jahnvi’s soul missing. Satrupa enters next and informs Betalini that Aakarsh took away Jahnvi’s soul, she should find him take back Jahnvi’s soul. She then reaches Daayan and informs her that Aakarsh took away Jahnvi’s soul and she should find Aakarsh and get soul back. Daayan says she boasted about her super powers, so she herself should find Aakarsh.

On earth, Jahnvi’s family act as praying Daayan, but pray god instead. Daayan’s aide informs her and she orders him to punish them till they pray her. Aide does same. Betalini reaches there and asks Brijesh to come to her. He does not and family says they are praying daayan and are under her protection. Betalini says she is daayan’s guru and she gave powers to Daayan. She drags Brijesh out and asks why did he act as calling her and sent Aakarsh to Betal lok, where is Aakarsh now. Brijesh says he does not know. She punishes him and via his eyes sees Aakarsh telling him that he is going to Patal lok to relive Jahnvi. Aakarsh in Patal lok tries to relive Jahnvi. Betalini reaches there and tries to stop him, but Patalini interferes. She throws Patalini away and asks who will save him now. Satrupa reaches there and tries to save him, but fails. Daayan enters next and fights with Betalini trying to protect Aakarsh.

Precap: Jahnvi confronts Aakarsh that he lied everyone regarding Asha that she is his mother. Satrupa provokes Daayan that if Jahnvi is not there, Aakarsh would have been in Daayan’s control, so they should find Jahynvi and kill her. Daayan finds Jahnvi and asks Aakarsh to handover Jahnvi. Aakarsh denies. Daayan attacks Jahnvi and she falls unconscious.

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