Daayan 15th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aakarsh To Relive Jahnvi?

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Asha Daayan celebrates after sacrificing Jahnvi and becoming immortal. Patalini says she will give her all immense powers of booth, chudail, pisach, etc.. Satroopa fumes in anger saying Jahnvi died, now her family is troubling her, she still lives in Aakarsh’s memories. Chandrika asks her to calm down as Jahnvi will not return back. She sees a dry flower and asks what is this. Satrupa says she used this flower to erase Aakarsh’s memory. Chandrika says Aakarsh’s memory is back. Satrupa says his memory will be gone again and turns flower into scorpion which crawls towards Aakarsh. Prachi watching them hiding thinks she will not let Satrupa control Aakarsh again and just when scorpion is about to bite Aakarsh, she stamps it with her foot and kills it. Scorpion turns back into flower.

Prachi says Satrupa erased his memory with his flower last time, she wanted to snatch him from Jahnvi and Jahnvi suffered a lot during her last time. Aakarsh angrily shouts he will not spare Satrupa. Satrupa attacks Prachi. Aakarsh pulls Prachi aside and counterattacks Satrupa. Satrupa says whatever she did is for Aakarsh. Aakarsh shouts she snatched his Jahnvi from him, he will not spare her. Satrupa disappears. Aakarsh shouts at her to come back. Prithvi confronts him that his mother daayan killed Jahnvi. Aakarsh reminisces his mother daayan killing Jahnvi and angrily reaches Daayan lok. Daayan gets happy seeing him and says good he came, she is celebrating after becoming immortal. Aakarsh says he came to kill her for taking Jahnvi away from him. Daayan warns her to calm down, but he attacks her. She counterattacks her and says he broke daayan lok’s rules by attacking daayan lok’s queen, so he is kicked out of Daayan lok forever and he will lead his rest of life with human. Aakarsh returns back to his hotel weak and still under daayan’s attack. Prachi and Veer rush to him seeing him in pain. Aakarsh shouts he will not spare his mother for killing Jahnvi. Veer asks him to relax as daayan is very powerful now and asks to go his room. Aakarsh says he will not go where Satrupa is, he hates her. Veer drops him into another room where he imagines Jahnvi there and feels happy, but then gets sad seeing her disappearing.

Jahnvi’s family decides to leave Aakarsh’s hotel while Veer tries to stop them. They say when Jahnvi herself is not alive, what will they do staying here. Veer reminds them of Jahnvi’s sacrifice and how she fought many evil forces, etc. Paralysed Brijesh chachu signals and falls down from wheelchair. Veer asks if he wants to say something. Aakarsh cures Brijesh’s paralysis and asks what he wants to say. Brijesh says they could relive raja with his ashes, so if they can relive Jahnvi with her ashes. Aakarsh says it is possible and he will get Jahnvi’s ashes from samshan ghat. He disappears from there. Satrupa hearing their conversation thinks she will not let him relive Jahnvi. Aakarsh reaches samshan ghat. Satrupa also reaches and stops him. Aakarsh warns her to move away, but Satrupa multiples her 7 forms/colors and asks other 6 to stop Aakarsh while she gets ashes. She asks samshan ghat man to give her Jahnvi’s ashes. He denies and says he will only give them to family members. Satrupa hypnotizes him via black magic and orders to bring ashes. Aakarsh reaches her and tries to snatch ashes, but Satrupa escapes with ashes. Aakarsh captures red color Satrupa and disappears warning he will release her only if he gets Jahnvi’s ashes. Blue Satrupa rejoices holding Jahnvi’s ashes and tries to unite with other 6 forms/colors, but cannot. One of her says Aakarsh captured red color and warned to return her only if he gets Jahnvi’s ashes.

Patalini guru gives Daayan immense powers. Daayan says she will control humans now and make them pray her. She reaches earth and orders humans to pray her, else she will kill them. She orders even Jahnvi’s family. Harsh denies to pray her as she killed his wife Janinta. Taiji asks him to obey Daayan, else daayan will kill him. He runs into temple and asks Daayan how will she attack him. Daayan wears protective cover and walks into temple and then brutally assaults him. Taiji pleads Daayan to spare Harsh, she will make Harsh pray Daayan. Daayan disappears. Satrupa walks to Aakarsh and agrees to return Jahnvi’s ashes in exchange of red Satrupa. Aakarsh asks her to meet him tonight in jungle. She meets him and he brings red daayan. Dipen says ash pot is empty. Aakarsh calls Prithvi, Veer, and others with multiple red Satrupas. Satrupa says he is true Daayan’s intelligent son and gives ash pot. Veer checks and says it is fake ash. Aakarsh says he knows she has kept real ashes with Chandrika and over phone asks Prachi to take it from Chandrika’s room. She enters Chandrika’s room and is about to pick ash pot when Chandrika attacks her.

Precap: Aakarsh tells family that maa/Daayan divided Jahnvi’s soul into 5 senses, he will have to get those 5 senses to relive Jahnvi. Satrupa tortures Veer and asks how will Aakarsh relive Jahnvi. Aakarsh relives Jahnvi in Paataal lok.

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