Daayan 14th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mani Daitya Punishes Daayan, Aakarsh, and Jahnvi

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Daayan Asha tortures Jahnvi’s family. Veer gets magical dagger to attack dagger, but Daayan attacks and throws him far away. Daayan then attacks Jahnvi, but Aakarsh as daayan shields Jahnvi. Aakarsh falls down injured. Jahnvi says Daayan will be punished today. Daayan throws Aakrsh far away and sayus her son cannot even touch her now, attacks Jahnvi repeatedly saying she will see who will save her. Harsh finds magical dagger and picks it. Narendra pleads Daayan to kill him and spare Jahnvi. Aakarsh also pleads to spare Jahnvi. Harsh attacks Daayan from behind and injures her. Daayan strangulates Harsh and throws him away. Narendra asks how is daayan injured when she is immortal. Aakarsh shows mani on floor and says because of this mani, maa was immortal. He breaks mani into 2 halves while Daayan pleads not to as she got mani after 500 years of intense meditation. An evil emerges out of mani and warns that they did wrong by breaking 1000-year-old mani and they all will die. Aakarsh picks mani and tells Daayan that she has to leave this world. Daayan disappears. Harsh breaths last. Family surrounds him and pleads not to go. He says he made a mistake and should die, asks Jahnvi to take care of family and Prithvi/Vishaka to take care of his baby and passes away. Family cries holding him.

Asha returns to her den injured and thinks why she is not healing even after being immortal, who was the evil who emerged after mani was broken, only Betalini can help her. Evil flies in sky and thinks world has changed a lot in 1000 years. He reaches a safe place and thinks mani broke because of Daayan, Aakarsh, and Jahnvi, so he should punish them. Daayan walks into Betalini’s den and tying her with black magic insists to tell how to get back her mani and who was the evil who emerged wheen mani was broken. Betalini says he was mani daitya and only he can help her, so she should pray daitya and get back her powers from him. Daayan believes her. Betalini thinks Daayan troubled her, so she lied. Once she returns to her den, daitya emerges and attacks her saying because of her, Aakarsh, and Jahnvi, mani broke into 2 pieces. Daayan says Jahnvi is main culprit, so he should go and kill her. Daitya disappears. Daayan smirks thinking nobody can save Jahnvi now.

Family cries reminiscing Harsh’s sacrifice to save them. Aakarsh chats with his baby, pampers Jahnvi, and they both fall asleep. Daitya appears there and seeing Jahnvi pregnant throws some black magic on Jahnvi and Aakarsh and walks away thinking he punished them both. In corridor, Prachi emotionally tells Veer how Harsh used to give her best gifts on rakhsha bandhan. Veer sees daitya and follows him. Daitya disappears and appearing from behind asks if he is searching him and disappears again. Daayan prays Daitya. Daitya emerges and says he is not a daayan or chudail to give her superpowers and disappears. Daayan continues praying thinking he will help her for sure. Jahnvi gets labor pain and is rushed to hospital. Family waits outside while Aakarsh accompanies Jahnvi into ultrasonography room. Doctor does her ultrasonography and says baby is split into two halves and surprisingly is still breathing normally, but they need to get baby aborted soon. Aakarsh says his baby is normal as he is also….Jahnvi stops him. Doctor insists, but Aakarsh denies.

Precap: No precap.

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