Daayan 13th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Daayan And Aakarsh End Satrupa

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Prachi searches family at home and thins of checking with Vishaka. While passing via Harsh’s room, she hears Harsh speaking to his toddler daughter and telling Jananta will be back soon and for that he has to obey Asha and become daayan. She prays god to help her stop Harsh from getting Daayan’s grip. She wears rudraksh mala thinking daayan cannot touch her if she wears rudraksh. Aakarsh with Brijesh asks people where is shiv temple and its poojari. Everyone denies except one who says there is temple but no poojari. Brijesh says poojari meditates behind temple, so they should go there. Jahnvi family takes her to hospital for abortion in lieu of sonography. Doctor asks to change her clothes. Jahnvi asks why to change clothes for sonography. Family insists her and once in room she sees no sonography machine. Doctor picks injection. Jahnvi gets suspicious and asks why injection for sonography. Taiji insists and once doctor gives injection, Jahnvi falls unconscious. Taiji apologizes her. Satrupa watches hiding. Doctor sees Jahnvi’s stomach black and does sonography. She walks out and informs family that Jahnvi and her baby are healthy, so there is no need for abortion. Family insists, but she denies. Satrupa hypnotizes her and sends her to perform abortion. Brijesh takes Aakarsh to 2-3 temples. Aakarsh gets suspicious and asks to tell truth. Brijesh apologizes him and agrees that family is getting Jahnvi’s abortion and does not want Aakarsh to stop it. Satrupa reaches there to stop Aakarsh. Aakarsh overpowers her with his magic and reaching hospital stops doctor. Doctor gets back to her senses and says she did not want to perform this abortion. Aakarsh says he know and takes Jahnvi from there. Jahnvi confronts family. Family apologizes and says they wanted to end Aakarsh and Satrupa’s evil child. Aakarsh says child is his and Jahnvi and if they don’t believe, they can follow him. He makes Jahnvi drink holy Gangajal saying any evil cannot withstand it. Nothing happens to Jahnvi. Family apologizes Jahnvi and Aakarsh.

Prachi follows Harsh to Daayan’s den. Daayan asks Harsh to sit for ritual. Veer tied to a pole by Daayan pleads Harsh not to do that. Prachi slips and falls in. Daayan says Prachi came to save her love. Veer asks her to go away. Prachi says he saved her many times and now she will save him. Daayan tortures Prachi and makes even her and Aakarsh sit for ritual saying they also will drink daayan blood and become daayan. She then senses her dear one is in trouble. Harsh requests her not to go before reliving Jananta. Daayan says dead people never come back, she was just using him. She kicks him and disappears, injuring Harsh badly. Veer and Prachi free themselves and take Harsh from there. Daayan finds out that baby is Aakarsh and Jahnvi’s and gets tensed that she will be bullied when daayans find out that her grandson is a mix of human and daayan breed. She catches Satrupa and punishes her for lying. Satrupa denies at first, but then accepts it. Daayan kills Satrupa’s 6 forms and sparing one orders to kill Jahnvi and her baby if she wants to be alive. Satrupa agrees. Veer and Prachi take Harsh back home and inform family what happened. Family treats Harsh first and then scolds him for trusting Daayan as dead people never come back. Veer and Prachi return to their room and their romance starts.

Aakarsh takes Jahnvi to their room and says still there is risk around her, so she should be careful. Satrupa waits outside their room. Jahnvi goes out for something. Satrupa attacks Jahnvi shouting because of Jahnvi her 6 forms are dead and now she will kill Jahnvi and her baby. Aakrsh senses something is wrong and walks out. He sees Satrupa attacking Jahnvi and turning to daayan attacks Satrupa saying she does not deserve to stay here. Satrupa pleads not to send her back to her world. Aakarsh sends her. Jahnvi asks if Satrupa will return again. Aakarsh says she will never return again. Family relaxes after some of their problems solve. Daayan emerges and attacks Jahnvi’s family. Aakarsh tries to stop her. She says by sending Satrupa back to her place, he proved he is not her son but Jahnvi’s family’s dear one. Harsh wakes up hearing sounds. Prachi informs that Daayan is attacking family and will kill them all. Daayan continues attacking Jahnvi’s family and leaves after creating havoc. Jahnvi returns calling family members.

Precap: Veer tells family that Daayn will try her best to get back mani. Aakarsh says if maa comes here, she has to fight with him. Doctor informs Jahnvi that her child is split into half, so it is better she aborts it.

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