Daayan 13th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Aakarsh Proposes Nandini

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Daayan 13th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aakarsh sees Jahnvi entering hotel and reminisces requesting to come to hotel to hand over his phone. He thinks phone was just an excuse, he wanted to call her here. Vishakha walks out of house via back door. Chachaji follows her. In hotel, Jahnvi gets ready for shooting. Spot boy says hotel’s owner asked to stop shooting for sometime and asked everyone to gather in hall. Aakarsh’s family also waits in hall and asks Jahnvi why did Aakarsh called everyone here. Aakarsh gives a long speech and says he has decided to marry a special person and wants to ask her if she will marry her. He takes out diamond ring and walks to Jahnvi. Jahnvi stands nervously. Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga…song..plays in the background. He asks will she marry him. Nandini standing in front of him excitedly says yes, she will. Jahnvi realizes he was addressing Tanya. Suman says she thought he wants to marry someone else, he surprised them. He says he likes surprises. On the other side, Chachaji sees Vishakha meeting man who gives her black bag and chat with her. Back in hotel, Aakarsh dances with Nandini around Jahnvi looking at her. Jahnvi nervously walks away from there.

Vishakha returns home. Chachaji thinks he has to find her truth. Jahnvi walks in hotel’s corridor thinking why she is feeling weird when Aakarsh is proposing someone else. Aakarsh walks behind her and asks why is she running away. Jahnvi confronts that he was proposing her a week ago and now is proposing Nandini, he is a chameleon who changes color. She continues confronting him and he tries to convince her. She says she will not let him fool Nandini and walks away. Aakarsh thinks he will make her realize her love for him. Jahnvi rejoins shooting and hears light men discussing today is full moon night and daayan will be in full powers tonight. One says he is telling as if daayan will come and harm them. Jahnvi rushes home hearing that.

Jahnvi returns home and Chachaji tells her that Vishhakha went into store room and someone else is with her. She enters store room and hears Vishakha asking what happened to him. Man says he buried him. Jahnvi is shocked to see her brother Prithvi and asks if they killed Bablu and buried him. Prithvi scolds Vishakha that he told her to check before coming here and to see if Vishakha is following her. Vishakha pleads to tell where did they bury Bablu. Vishakha says she does not know where bablu is, she wants to become mother via black magic as Pritvhi calls her infertile, so she used tantrik’s help and used to walk out of house wearing mother-in-law’s shawl when Jahnvi noticed her. She was doing black magic when Bablu entered her room and ran, but he clashed with Jananta and collapsed after falling, so she hid him in a room and don’t know where he went. Prithvi yells and walks away. Vishakha cries that she wants to become mother and not to inform family.

In jungle, Seyansh meets daayan who scolds him for letting Bablu go. Seyansh tells Dayan that he had done black magic on Bablu and hostaged him in a room, but he does not know how he escaped. Daayan punishes him. Jahnvi reaches back jungle and sees Bablu pleading him save her. Many Bablu’s emerge and say they are real Bablu and to save them. Jahnvi stands confused. Daayan emerges there and takes Bablu away. Jahnvi collapses. Vishakha comes running for her help followed by Prithvi who yells Jahnvi has gone mad and needs psychiatric help, he will ask chachaji/Narendra to take her to a psychiatrist. They take her home. Vishakha asks Jahnvi if she really saw daayan. Jahnvi says yes. Vishakha says Daayan must be Manvi as everyone used to think she was Daayan, she ran away from house to marry someone and when she returned, she was getting black magical powers slowly, one day she went missing, family fearing defamation announced she is dead and garlanded her photo. Prithvi enters and shouts at Vishakha for spreading wrong news about her sister and says her sister was innocent and went missing, nobody should are talk bad about her and if Vishakha once again badmouths about his sister, he will break up with her. Vishakha tensely runs behind him.

Next day, Aakarsh comes to meet Jahnvi’s house and invites her family for his wedding after one week. Suman says he got engaged just yesterday and is marrying so soon. Aakarsh looking at Jahnvi says when they have decided to marry, they should not delay. He tells Narendra that he wants his wedding suits from Narendra’s shop and giving him advance money asks if he can make arrangements in 1 week. Narendra thanks him for trusting him. He requeusts Jahnvi to help him in selecting Nandini’s dresses and wedding card. Harsh says Jahnvi helped them in all shopping. In hotel, Bandini over phone excitedly informs her friend about her wedding with Aakarsh after one week and enters her room. She gets tensed seeing a girl and asks her not to go out till she says, she will get her new dresses tomorrow.

Dayan hostages Bablu again and laughs that in Jahnvi’s house, someone is there who is helping her and during wedding her task will be complete. In hotel, Nandini sees girl coming out of hotel and tensely takes her back in and scolds not to come out. She walks into Aakarsh’s room and tells Asha to change all the curtains and bed covers and change to teel blue color as she wants everything changed according to her taste. Asha says Aakarsh changed them just a few days ago. Nandini says from hereon, her orders and choices will work. She comes out of room and seeing Jahnvi asks what is she doing here. Jahnvi says she is going to her shooting room. Nandini says it is on the other side and asks her to help her select her dress for tonight’s party. Jahnvi sees someone behind curtain and walks towards it. She sees Veer and taking him aside asks what is he doing here. He says he wants to know what happened to him that night, so he wants to help Jahnvi to find secret about Daayan and brought Daayan’s book for her. Jahnvi reads book and reminisces same incidents happened recently. They both walk into jungle. Veer says they need to find clue. Jahnvi reminisces hanging on cliff holding tree bark and Lakshmi ji helping her via white lizard. She takes him to cave and says white lizard helped her here. Lizard is seen on wall. They don’t notice it and walk further into cave and seeing light walk towards it nd sees Devi maa’s idol. Jahnvi says Veer told there would be jewels on Devimaa’s idol, but there is nothing here. Veer says someone must hhave stolen it. Jahnvi sees shlok written on stone and hears someone calling her.

Precap: Someone attacks Jahnvi and Veer with stone boulders and they escape.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. First time ever they put daayan at the side

  2. Arfatun nessa

    Thank you for update??
    Kon hai jo attack ki

  3. Fenil

    Awesome episode.
    Who is that person who attacked

  4. Nice series after so many worst supernatural series

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