D4 Get up and Dance 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nehtra stands in shock watching Mikhail and Baby close to each other, Tarun controls himself with much difficulty. All at once, Baby parts away from Mikhail, turns to face the audience and runs inside. Sonam stops Tarun from following Baby as she went to change, and begins the clapping.
Baby cries in the room, thinking about herself and Mikhail. Mikhail enters behind her. Baby says yes, I love you. Mikhail was shocked. She tells him she loves him more than her life, she has always done. She said it, is he happy now? But it doesn’t matter at all, her father has already decided her future, she is helpless. She won’t do anything against him, as she can’t break his heart. This love will always stay in his heart, they will never be able to become one. Whenever he is there is front of her, it’s a torture for her; but it his love or hate. Sometimes he tells her he loves her, then he is found near Nehtra. At one moment he hates her, the other he kiss her. It pinches her hard. She informs she can’t take this anymore, she is engaged and is about to get married to him. It’s the reality that can’t change, it will be better they stay away from each other now. She requests him crying. Mikhail’s eyes were red, filled in tears as he backs up to leave the room.
Harry stops Mikhail but he doesn’t hear, Nehtra comes to his room. She says she wants to say something to him, she wanted from him what she has seen today on his face. But she now realize that love was never hers, Baby’s name was written there. He is aware she can’t never come second, she also wants to be some Mikhail’s baby. Mikhail turns to look at her, then forbids her say so. She can’t bear the pain of being Mikhail and Baby. Nehtra says yes, but she knows that Mikhail is never afraid of pain. He never gives up on anything, he achieve what he wants. She says he has fought so many time, and this is the most important fight of his life. Mikhail wonders what’s the need to fight, when the result has already been decided. Nehtra tells Mikhail he loves Baby dearly, they all can see this. It’s the once in a lifetime love, and he would be the biggest fool to let go of it. Mikhail says it’s better to hurt her more, than to be a dumb.
In the room, Baby curses herself for lying to her Papa. She was determined to forget Mikhail now, as if he doesn’t exist in his life. Amar comes there, Baby inquires where he had been. Amar asks why she is crying, and tells her there is a surprise for her. Baby inquires about Sonam. Amar says he made her sleep in his mummy’s room, so that no one can interfere in the surprise. He takes Baby to terrace.
On the terrace, Baby complains there isn’t any surprise, she doesn’t want to bear his stupid jokes. Amar asks her to concentrate and look there, he runs from behind. Baby shouts at him, Mikhail hushes her up else surprise would have to run away. Baby turns to face Mikhail, standing with his arms wide open for her. Baby runs to hug him tight as she cries. Mikhail asks if she disliked the surprise so much. Baby keeps on crying. Mikhail says he doesn’t understand her crying language, holds her face, wiping her tears and tells her to stop crying. With tears in her eyes, he is unable to think. Baby inquires why he came. Mikhail says he came to tell her; her nose is just like parrots, and eyes blinking like headlights. Baby laughs and hugs him again. Mikhail kiss her forehead.

PRECAP: Mikhail informs Baby he came to say a bye to her, he isn’t angry with her. She must listen to her Papa and go with Tarun. No one can change the truth that he loves her. They hug each other again. Baby’s papa inquires why she didn’t inform him about doing this all. Baby says she couldn’t tell him, else he wouldn’t have let her do it. And she wanted to do the show. Dilip instructs Tarun to bring Baby to airport as soon as the show ends.

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