D4 Get up and Dance 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

D4 Get up and Dance 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tarun was about to beat Mikhail, Baby gets a cough at once. Tarun goes to help her and calls for water. Tara announces a break to ten minutes before starting over again. They all go inside. Baby looks towards Nehtra, thinking about her words, then Tarun’s. She comes to drag her to a side, and asks if she told her Papa. Nehtra poses clueless. Baby forbids her create a drama, she is aware she told her Papa about Mikhail. Nehtra says Baby is jealous watching her with Mikhail, but now not ever she can part her and Mikhail away. She must not go to her fiancé. Baby says she feels sorry for her, if by creating problems in her life she thinks about getting Mikhail; she challenge her. She might get happy by hurting her, but she will never get Mikhail.
At night, Baby sat in her room upset, thinking about herself with Mikhail. There, Mikhail was also thinking about Baby. Baby finally cries in her bed.
The next morning, Harry comes to cheer his team for Soul Mates Premiere. They would rehearse few scenes from the show today, and announces the first show to be Rohan and Aneri. Everyone head to work, Baby comes to Mikhail’s room but he leaves the room without listening to her. Sonam and Amar come to academy, Sonam shares her excitement for the show Baby was so tensed for. Baby shares herself to be nervous, what if she makes a mistake in front of audience. Amar assures this what her dream forever. Baby calls them both as her support system, and hug each other. Tarun calls if they have forgotten him, after the show ends they will get back to reality. Baby hugs Amar and Sonam and leave. Tarun says a Hi to Nehtra, but she doesn’t respond.
Harry reads the dialogues, asking Aneri to forget all the hurdles today, just remember the hearts that don’t beat without one another. Mikhail and Baby dance together, Tara reads Aneri’s line where she tells Rohan she won’t go against her father. Harry reads, Rohan assures Aneri they will make her father up together. Aneri was upset for Rohan, her Baba can take Rohan’s life as well. Tara reads, I can’t do this, I can part away from you but can’t lose you. Harry reads, we must go away from this all, where there is only their love. Aneri confirms if this is possible. Rohan says yes, if she assures her side with him, impossible can be turned to possible. Rohan and Aneri share an eye lock in the last step, kissing each other. Tara search for the dialogues while Harry laugh. Tarun stands up enraged, Sonam makes him sit down. Both Nehtra and Tarun were upset.

PRECAP: Baby cries confessing her love to Mikhail. She says I love you more than my life and have always done, if he is happy now. But it doesn’t matter, because her father has already designed her future. They can never be one, he must stay away from her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. so nice epi….#hate tarun n nehtra

  2. Gopika....gopu..

    amazing episode….
    precap was super as mikhali came to know that baby loves him…
    now most probably..mikhali will make baby’s father as….””.Rohan assures Aneri that they will make her father up together. “”…
    goiing to miss mikhali, baby, amar, sonam, harry, tara, dia…….and whole ” d4 get up and dance “…family…….

  3. Y going to miss all??

  4. It’s becoz the channel is going back to a complete music channel due to which the shows are going to an end

  5. Achuz

    The latest news says that the show will end on an happy note baby will break her engagement with tarun

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